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    Hi, I'm Omar!

    Important facts about me...

    I'm a Talent Manager
    I'm a Music Executive (Owner of an indie label and distribution company)
    I'm an audio engineer (Mixing and Mastering)
    I'm a GRAMMYs Member (NARAS) and ASCAP Member
    I'm a new Age recording artist with my music sold worldwide.
    Last time I was on here was around 2008 or 2009....
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    Music Executive
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    Music & Paranormal
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    New Age/Contemporary Instrumental
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    Logic Pro
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    Clarinet, Piano, Bass Clarinet, Trumpet & Flute
  1. ....off to review, critique and find new artists for my label. Au revoir, YCers!

  2. What's funny is that on "Rising Star" Kesha said her first BMI check was only $1.15. I don't report performances, mostly because my music is recorded, rather than written....I can make it into actual sheet music, but I kind of just got lazy of writing out my music....Plus, most of your money is coming from sales, anyway....and most music educators don't pay licensing to perform anyway when it comes to band and orchestra directors as well as choir directors.
  3. Vienna Symphony orchestra but they're pricey. I use a mixture of SampleTank and Philharmonik which I purchased a year ago. I haven't yet used Sonik Synth but I have that.
  4. It seems it's more of a self publishing thing. You can do that without paying someone to help you self publish.
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