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  1. Thank you for the response. That's all I really needed wanted to hear. I'd rather understand each topic in theory previously mentioned rather than play around. I can never make anything good out of thin air. Do you think you could point me to some links that discuss these topics?
  2. All I know is that whatever he is doing cannot be explained by common practice theory. I have only taken theory I so far and I don't have perfect pitch so I'd like you guys to enlighten me on what's going on here. I'd also like to know the following: Type of harmony, what types of chords are used Beat structure or time signature Whether it's tonal or something else completely Most of all I want to know what sets this apart from other music, unless of course I'm just really stupid and there are lots of people who make songs in this style. This song is called "Modernisierungs III" http://youtu.be/kMDSH5tckkc This song is called "Impromptu furioso" http://youtu.be/k-K2dxk7Ljo Both are composed by Masashi Hamauzu Another question: Am I posting in the wrong section?
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