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  1. Waltz in B minor

    Hello everyone! I have yet another piece here for you, from my debut piano album "Ballerina". It´s a waltz this time and it´s a kind of minimalist waltz given the simplicity and the emphasis put on the melodies. Please give it a listen and feel free to let me know how you like it, I´ll be very glad to read your opinions. You can find the full album here https://oliverbohovic.bandcamp.com/album/ballerina
  2. Debut piano album

    Wow, thank you once again for such a detailed review, I appreciate very much that you took time to listen to it in full! Haha you´re right with the Ode to joy, there´s actually a funny story behind this. This song is a re-make of a 80´s pop hit in my home country Slovakia. I was asked by the artist himself to do this re-make and actually his song had this Ode to joy melody in it, so that´s why it´s on my re-make too :)
  3. Thirteenth

    Hey everyone! I've been recently posting some of my piano pieces from my new album and this is yet another one of them. It's actually a very old musical idea of mine, I think it was one of my first piano pieces, but it seemed unfinished so I made some changes and additions to the original and the result is here. Feel free to let me know how you like it! If anyone's interested, you can listen/buy the full album here 💿https://oliverbohovic.bandcamp.com/album/ballerina💿 Or here 📀http://store.cdbaby.com/cd/olivernosaczynskibohovic📀
  4. Neo-baroque suite

    I like this a lot! The counterpoint is excellent here and I like how is really leads somewhere, it doesn't bore me one bit. Well done!
  5. With You

    Thank you very much Louis!😊
  6. After Rain (Original Piano Composition)

    I like this, it has a good vibe to my ears. I agree with your friend, your style seems to be very much into neo-classicism, especially until the chorus comes in, and I can definitely hear Yiruma influence in the chorus. Good job :)
  7. With You

    Hi everyone! This is yet another piece from my debut piano album "Ballerina", the piece is called "With You" and I wrote it back in 2014. This piece differs from other pieces on the album by it's structure. It's heavily based on chordal harmonies accompanied by slight melody, it's more of a moody piece I'd say while most of the other pieces are more melodic. Please take a listen and let me know! If anyone would be interested here you can listen/buy my album 💿https://oliverbohovic.bandcamp.com/album/ballerina💿
  8. Debut piano album

    Thank you so much! I'm very happy it has such effect on you, it's very important for me to know :) i will keep them coming in the future! You can find more of my music on my website if you want http://bohovic.org/en/ have a great day!
  9. Debut piano album

    Hi everyone! I just released my debut piano album on 25th of October, so it´s still very fresh. It contains 10 of my original compositions and 1 re-make of an 80´s pop song which I´ve made on a request of the artist himself. Please take a listen to the full album here and let me know how you like it! If anyone would be interested, you can buy the album here: https://oliverbohovic.bandcamp.com/album/ballerina
  10. Farewell

    Thank you very much! I will keep in mind all your suggestions, I appreciate your opinion very much, thank you for taking time to listen and analyze! :)
  11. Farewell

    Thank you very much!
  12. Farewell

    Hey everyone! This is a piece I wrote back in 2013 and I now recorded the piece for my debut album "Ballerina" which you can listen to or buy here https://oliverbohovic.bandcamp.com/album/ballerina I hope you guys like it!
  13. 80's pop song contemporary classical re-make

    Hey everyone! This piece is something unusual to me, as I was always writing my original music, but this time I made a re-make of a 80's pop song which was a major hit in Slovak radios back then. I have been asked by the artist himself-Peter Nagy, to do a different version, something in the romantic/movie piano style of my other compositions from the album that I gifted to him, and so I gladly agreed and here's the result. You can also listen to the original 80's version by Peter Nagy here. On the top there's the original version and down below there's my version. I hope you'll like it! P.S. my version is also included on my debut piano album which you can listen to or buy here https://oliverbohovic.bandcamp.com/album/ballerina
  14. Reminiscence

    Hey everyone! Please let me introduce you my new composition which will be included on my debut album "Ballerina", coming out in October, it's called "Reminiscence" and I composed the main theme a couple of years ago, but It felt incomplete to me and so I added more pieces to the puzzle and I hope you'll like it!
  15. Piano for Mother

    Thank you for your opinion, it matters to me. 😊