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  1. Farewell

    Hey everyone! This is a piece I wrote back in 2013 and I now recorded the piece for my debut album "Ballerina" which you can listen to or buy here https://oliverbohovic.bandcamp.com/album/ballerina I hope you guys like it!
  2. 80's pop song contemporary classical re-make

    Hey everyone! This piece is something unusual to me, as I was always writing my original music, but this time I made a re-make of a 80's pop song which was a major hit in Slovak radios back then. I have been asked by the artist himself-Peter Nagy, to do a different version, something in the romantic/movie piano style of my other compositions from the album that I gifted to him, and so I gladly agreed and here's the result. You can also listen to the original 80's version by Peter Nagy here. On the top there's the original version and down below there's my version. I hope you'll like it! P.S. my version is also included on my debut piano album which you can listen to or buy here https://oliverbohovic.bandcamp.com/album/ballerina
  3. Reminiscence

    Hey everyone! Please let me introduce you my new composition which will be included on my debut album "Ballerina", coming out in October, it's called "Reminiscence" and I composed the main theme a couple of years ago, but It felt incomplete to me and so I added more pieces to the puzzle and I hope you'll like it!
  4. Piano for Mother

    Thank you for your opinion, it matters to me. 😊
  5. Piano for Mother

    Thank you! Glad you like it!😊
  6. Morning

    Hey everyone! Here's another one of my instrumental pieces, this time it's a solo guitar instrumental. I composed it when I was 18 and I re-recorded the piece 1 year ago for my solo EP album. I performed it by myself. I intend to make another version with some additional instruments to it sometime in the future, but I guess it's also good just for a solo instrument. Let me know how you like it please!
  7. Piano for Mother

    Hello everyone! This is another one of my piano pieces. I wrote it for my Mother, that's why it's called Piano for Mother. It's a very simple one though. It will be included on my upcoming piano album "Ballerina" which will be released in September 19th 2017. I hope you'll enjoy!
  8. Rosetango

    Thanks for your very detailed review, I appreciate it! I see what you mean by the F# in the melody, but that was just intentional, I wanted the melody to be that way. It's nice to see a different view on the parts you pointed out, thanks!
  9. Rosetango

    Thank you for the detailed review! I'll think about the 2:09 part...You are right, I was going for a modulation there and this one seemed fine to me. It's nice to hear a different opinion though :-) Thank you for the compliments too!
  10. Rosetango

    Thank you very much for the kind review!👍😊
  11. Rosetango

    Hello everyone! This is my first take on Tango music. I wrote this one for an upcoming movie which is set in the 2nd world war timeline. The director wanted a tango so this is what I did. I wrote it for a 47 piece orchestra and althought this is a demo, it will be played live on a film music festival in Bratislava, Slovakia in october. Please let me know how you guys like it! :)
  12. Russian Waltz

    Hi everyone! This is an orchestral waltz that I've composed a few years ago, but it was only now when I got back to the piece again and I re-arranged it for a 35 piece orchestra which will play it on a film music festival in Bratislava in October. Hopefully, you'll like it, let me know please! :)
  13. Dážď(Rain)

    Thank you so much! :)
  14. Dážď(Rain)

    Thank you very much for your very constructive comment! :) is there anywhere i can listen to your piece in the similiar style that you've mentioned? :)
  15. Dážď(Rain)

    Hi everyone! This is a kind of a minimalist piano piece of mine. It§ s called "Rain" because of the free form and due to the fact that except for the recurring theme, it is heavily improvised and it is supposed to remind of raindrops. I hope you will like it!