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  1. Merry Christmas Everyone

    Ah, i gotcha. Good on you then! Part of the difficulty of arrangements is doing it in a way that makes it seem natural. Needles to say, you've got a hard ensemble transfer!
  2. "Gone" by Karisa L. Clark

    The use of -> i - i <- as a phrase builder is tension-diminishing, as it settles from one place, only to grow from a decayed place. I teach that it's like trying to grow plants on a nuclear wasteland. It's very effective in very specific circumstances, but I think it's used too much here. The countermelody in the cello was effective in use, comparatively, but could feel like its own thing more. The section at 2:25 feels like a buildup to a big final section, rather than what it's actually used for which is the big section. This is why the Nolan Batman movie scores are, at times, ineffective.
  3. But what does it mean to you? Is it just a piece of random music that came up from a computerized process? What was that process? Why does it matter?
  4. Merry Christmas Everyone

    I'm confused by this. It doesn't really have the same feeling as the original in the slightest, harmonically and stylistically. Why are the cellos in treble clef? Why are there no markings? Why is it in a different key? What's with the weird instrumentation? I just don't really get what you're going for here.
  5. 1. Deleting threads is no longer instant, instead sending them into this dumb hidden waiting period before actually deleting. 2. The Works With Few Reviews section is inconsistent and leaves pieces in there that in fact do have plenty.
  6. Dance of the Dragon

    I think your self criticism isn't as warranted as you think. The entire "fast" section was, to me, a huge cresc/dim and felt rewarding to the end, with really good instrumentational and tone changes. The ending section around 3:00 after it is much more awkward than the beginning. Your IV V chord progression in the end of every phrase is really weird with some altered tones, along with everything until the end. The section failed to capture me like the beginning did. I also found the ending pretty abrupt.
  7. Carnival (marimba & percussion)

    Charming with a good atmosphere. The setup is going to be annoying, but I'm sure they thought of that. There are a couple spots where the natural/sharp switches with two hands - mostly just the ones with straight eighths, but you planned it out very well. The main thing is that it's annoying to read sometimes. Two staves with cross voiced notation is more standard, but probably easier to read.
  8. Adrift

    In your desire to get in a lot of extensions and 7ths to create the lofty effect, you lose the tone of the music sometimes, changing something that was once originally subtly ambivalent to something confusing and muddy. Cross relations are kind of an issue in all of the sections, for example C naturals in your A chords in the second section. I do like your chord progressions generally, but if everything is an altered chord with cross relations, it's hard to get a grasp on what we're listening to, making it hard to analyze. Good work.
  9. Dawn

    Taking a generic chord progression and altering it with a new timbre doesn't necessarily make something interesting. As far as I can tell this is almost the same thing repeated over and over again; even the melody.
  10. Awesome job, but the piece feels a little sectionalized as a result of the extended technique consistency (something I struggle with too). Your writing is great and the performance was good; so many interesting things here. Fantastic!
  11. irises - electric guitar baroque trio

    Interesting fusion of styles. I'm tired at the moment so I can't really analyze it for correct part writing unless you upload a score. Moving away from the F# and doing a section in C# would be a very baroque move to do, and making the lines ore horizontal should help with the style blend, since it currently leans on the electronic side.
  12. New Track

    I like how this one develops a lot; kind of minimalist, but with a groove that expands. 1:06/1:15/3:03: F∆7/E was awkward. 2:45/2:52: Gm7/E was also strange. Ending on the IV was confusing, especially since there was a final beat on the dominant.
  13. Church Bells

    The 3 bar phrase was a cool idea, but I really wish there was more to this. The soprano line could change, and you never change the progression: You could easily tell a story with this, but it just seems like an introductory scene...
  14. Your third chord could have been more jazzy if you played IV then the altered iv... a staple in jazz harmony. The G7 to Gb13 was a little weird but you recovered decently. Same comments for the ending chords. Overall, pretty nice.