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  1. Recorder Sonata No.1

    That's strange. The problem with the 6th chord voicing is that Baroque period wouldn't call that a sixth chord, rather a 7th chord in 1st inversion. I'll defer to you.
  2. Recorder Sonata No.1

    I'll look to this more properly later, but what does the figured bass "8" mean? I've never seen that before.
  3. School assignment

    I think you misunderstood me, but what I meant was the idea is prewriting helps actual writing. Explain what you want to say and how you'll musically do it. Why G minor, why Eb locrian? It's like writing a very theoretical set of program notes.
  4. School assignment

    I'm assuming you've written an essay before. Teachers here at least always encourage prewriting your essays, or planning it out so writing becomes a lot more fluid and easy when you go to do it. It's the same kind of thing they're expecting if you here, though I'm not sure if that really carries over as well.
  5. Sonata for Solo Flute

    A sonata for flute a wrote about a year and a half ago. I still consider it pretty good which is rare for me and my "hating pieces I've written" track record. Hopefully y'all agree!
  6. Advice for Contemporary music

    It's contemporary in that you wrote it in a modern time, but, no, it doesn't really follow the conventions on the 20th or 21st century harmonic techniques.
  7. Advice for Contemporary music

    That's a little bit too broad a question. Do you know what you're looking for? What period? What kinds of sounds?
  8. Piano Music - Remembrance Pain

    I just find this confusing. It has a pretty clear AABB form, but harmonically and rhythmically it just kind of jumps around, with kind of an odd regard to nonfunctional harmony. Perhaps without all the leaps in your "melody" in the A section would be a little more coherent. The B section made more sense.
  9. Boss Theme Idea

    The chromatic ending in your first runs up I found a little bit out of character. You could have also used a couple more borrowed tones to build up more intensity. I found the whole thing's arc more like that of a final level before the boss, actually. Boss themes I feel are more memorable and either high energy or intentionally drawling. This wasn't really either of those. That being said, good job on the whole.
  10. This is great! I especially liked the short intro; dramatic but the use of open intervals was really cleverly integrated. Couple things; leaving the Gb tonic a little bit more in the main melody would have been nice, even if it was just a reharm of the melody. A C section could have been added, though I don't know the limitations of the Gamecube's rendering hardware. You also had an F∆7/G chord in the intro which was little bit nonfunctional compared to the other ones. But really well done.
  11. Who has Perfect Pitch? Does it help you?

    Yeah, even though tone deafness is technically even rarer than perfect pitch (also thought to be nonexistent) hearing no tones is the exact opposite of all of them.
  12. Who has Perfect Pitch? Does it help you?

    The opposite of perfect pitch is tone deafness, which I seriously doubt you are.
  13. Who has Perfect Pitch? Does it help you?

    I have it. And it personally helps me, since I basically can compose wherever I want hearing timbres and keys in my head and write it down later. It's also very helpful for aleatoric music because you can hear pitches in the world's sound.
  14. String Notation

    If you want something specific it never hurts to write it in. Sometimes it's not as obvious.
  15. Fall Competition Poll