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  1. I haven't written much for quite a while but was messing around on the piano and decided to work on a simple idea and add a jazzy variation. Probably could use some polishing. Comments and critiques always appreciated.
  2. Thanks Luis. Edited.
  3. Song for children's story, harp and voices.
  4. Thanks for the responses! Score/Mp3 updated. I haven't written anything for quite a while and seems I need to relearn a great deal.
  5. Brief lullaby section of a children's story with music.
  6. Lovely variations on a wonderful theme. Yet another impressive competition entry.
  7. Per Danishali's suggestion, a piece for solo Viola. Short and in the manner of a dance.
  8. Great theme selection, and wonderful variations. Considering the season I especially enjoyed the 3rd which has a lovely Christmas/Holiday sound. For me anyway.
  9. I think this is nice. Short but effective. As an aside I must confess that during those rare times when I am laid my mood tends to be somewhat less somber.
  10. Thanks very much for your responses and critiques. Greatly appreciated!
  11. Final movement of a four part piece. Since I am not a string player I am especially interested in any advice regarding the notation, which hopefully is not too far off the mark.
  12. These are all very nice. I especially like the Crane.
  13. 3rd part of an intended 4 movement piece.
  14. Nice story, and beautiful piece. I would have come back with a blanket to listen as well. And a bottle of good wine.
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