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  1. You have created exactly the atmosphere you describe in the poem. The music, but also the orchestration works perfectly for this. Never boring, but a strong sense of unity throughout.
  2. Thanks for your response! I agree with your criticism. The strings are sometimes a bit too much of an accompaniment for the winds. I am not too sure as well about the key, was thinking about transposing it to b flat. Still, the middle part would be in g flat. That is a tough one. ;) Lijkt me heel leuk! Ik stuur je wel even een berichtje.
  3. Works fine for me, and seems to work for Maarten as well. Try again. ;) Thanks for your reaction. Too bad the piece was boring!
  4. Here's a scherzo for orchestra. Let me know what you think!
  5. Here's a variation, a tad late maybe, sorry! Variatie o kom er eens kijken.mid
  6. #8 Mozart / Arr. Niels Bijl - String Quartet No.15 in D minor, Kv. 421a Another beautiful compositions, this time an arrangement of one of Mozart's String Quartets. Note that the sounds and timbres of the four instruments blend extremely well. At some places the ensemble sounds like a pipe organ and sometimes it really sounds like string instruments. This arrangement caused my to leave my aversion for the sax. I have yet to write for it, but I certainly will! Mozart / Arr. Niels Bijl - String Quartet No.15 in D minor, Kv. 421a
  7. You may be right. In that case, the title humoreske is also less important than the first impression. ;) Thank you for listening! The score is indeed a mess, I apologize. With regards to the slurs, I made those to benefit the digital performance, so to make sure all lines were connected. The rolling sound is what I intended, partly because the bigger chords sound better in those places, and partly because I want to avoid a purely 'vertical' sounding piece. So the piece is intended for playing. I might make a recording of it sometime. See reaction above. :)
  8. Thanks for listening! I should explain, the humor lies more or less in the ostinated note. First B, then F#, then A and so on. It's a humoreske, but a name better fitting would be burlesque. ;)
  9. Excellent music! Very engaging. The dance is my favourite movement! As for the digital performance, I think it would be more realistic to put increase the reverb.
  10. These are the next two out of x humoreskes I plan to write. Please comment and tell me what you think!
  11. Rolling it would be okay! So no large hands needed.
  12. Thank you! I am aware of the rolling hand, but I don't agree with your solution. ;) A good pianist will be able to cover it up nicely I think. Thanks for listening and commenting!
  13. Thanks! It is quite difficult, and I am aware of the notation. Thank you for listening and commenting!
  14. Dankjewel voor je reactie!;) I am very glad you enjoyed the piece. Concerning the fast triplets; in m.46 the right hand takes the upper line of the bass cleff(wich I forgot to notate); m.47 is extremely difficult, I might make thirds out of them instead of sixths. Good point on the tempo. Nogmaals bedankt! :)
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