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  1. Thank you very much! Please, can you tell me how many parts can you dintinguish in this piece? I really appreciate your feedback!
  2. Hi People! this is my most recent work, for percussion, electric guitar, tape and live electronics. It envolves improvisation, graphic notation and tradicional notation, in four channels (quadripohonic sound). This is a stereo mix, so we loose some details! Was permiered in Brazil, August 24th, 2017. Enjoy!
  3. Hey people! I just want to share my recent work for percussion, electric guitar, electronic sounds and live electronics! Hope you like it! thanks!
  4. Hi guys, I recorded this video improvising on 7/8, over stella by starlight. thanks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPoahVuXXHI
  5. Hi guys, This is a home recording of my interpretation of a Brazilian Choro called "só pra mim" (just for me) belong to Pixinguinha, I hope you enjoy it! https://soundcloud.com/paul-wegmann/so-pra-mim