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  1. Hello all! This is an old-ish string piece I have been working on, but have fallen to composer's block (as has happened for the past 2 years ) - I'd love to hear any ideas about how I could develop the piece, as my development skills are extremely poor! Thank you ever so much
  2. Luis and Monarcheon, thank you for your feedback! First of all, I never create a score for my improvisations because I always consider them incomplete - in general as soon as I start notating I lose pace and start to feel restricted, before I eventually come to a halt, haha... I suppose I always treat them as a palette for a different selection of sounds to be used later, which is why my structure is often loose, or nonexistent. I do totally agree that I need to work on this in order to create a listenable experience, Monarcheon! And, haha, are you talking about the tiny irrelevant bit that sounds like Golliwog's Cakewalk...? :') Anyway, regarding the second one, the stopping here was mostly due to my technique - I haven't really delved into the realm of fast piano pieces so am more new to this type of playing! Thus, I tried to cover this up with sudden leaps, which of course were totally effective Finally, with endings, I never plan to end! Mostly my Improvs are about ~40 mins long, it's a relatively new thing for me to come up with an ending, and it certainly shows! I thought about an ambitious epic ending for the second, but had never done such an ending and probably wouldn't have the technique... Anyway, thank you so much for putting in the time to comment for me! I really appreciate it
  3. Two improvisations I recorded yesterday. They are contrasting (in my opinion) - let me know what you think! I recommend listening to the "Soft" one first. Soft.MP3 Hard.MP3
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