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  1. I will add score soon. I hope you will like it. Edit= score uploaded
  2. I'm sorry :) I said that my english is very bad .. I would like compose like Debussy or Ravel . I hear tonal melody in my had . I compose only paper and pencil. But I cant ear whole tone melody in my head . may be I must listen more Debussy and Ravel . This is my composition and my first orchestral composition : http://www.youngcomposers.com/music/listen/7246/War%20and%20after I want to improve my style . I want mix impressionist style and my style . I'm sorry my english so bad :D
  3. Fistly my english is very bad ım sorry . you can examine Turkish modes . Exmp. = Hüseyni modes , hüzzan modes , hicaz modes . And Turkish rhythm . Turkish rhythm is very interesting . ( 13/8 , 9/8 ... ) You can listen this songs , 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcxXf2lfm6E 2.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuQY-LjlS_8 (7/8 rhythm ) 3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvFJ3foaX3k ( very interesting ) If you want ı can send book but its turkish .
  4. Hi everyone , I have any question :) . Firstly my English is very bad. So I'm sorry . I'm composition student at university and I have scholarship but my class is preparation . My Professor and my friend says my compositions very good but I'm writing tonal music but I cant write contemporary music . example : I cant write Whole tone music or I cant write like Stravinsky . What can I do ? I want to write contemporary music , whole tone and like stravinsky . My Professor said that so early but my other Professor said that you can start contemporary . What can I do ? :) Thak you . I'm sorry for my english is very bad.
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