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    https://myspace.com/danilolamas https://soundcloud.com/dhslamas

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    I am a brazilian composer, I live and a small town in espirito santo state. I can't live without the music composition. I hope find in this web page people that want to play music by contemporary composers.

    My compositions:

    Choral and voice works:

    -Pai Nosso - (chorus)

    -Ave Maria – chorus)

    -Pegadas ( alto voice and guitar)

    solo works:

    -Paisagens sonoras nº1 (guitar) –

    - Paisagens sonoras nº2 (bass flute) in progress

    -Sonatina for guitar

    -ten preludes for guitar- in progress

    Chôro meditação (guitar)

    Valsa para Amanda (guitar)

    Guingueando (guitar)

    valsa chôro nº2 (guitar)

    Toccatina (guitar)

    Valsa Jobiniana (guitar)

    -Five studies for guitar

    Nocturnal study (piano)

    -Five miniatures for piano (piano)

    -sonatina for piano nº1

    Chamber music:

    -Chôro nº1 (flute and guitar)

    -Valsa chôro nº1 (flute and guitar)

    -Valseando ( cello and guitar)

    -Devaneio impressionista ( violin and Guitar)

    -3 peças para Clarinete e Piano

    -Sonatina for flute and piano

    -Quase passacalia (cello and piano)

    Sonatina for two guitars- in progress

    -String quartet º1

    Imagens I, II and III (saxofone and piano)

    -Variações seresteiras ( wind quintet)

    Sonatina for trumpet and piano- in progress

    Orchestral works:

    -Concerto for guitar and chamber orchestra

    - Maracatu for piano percussion and wind orchestra

    Certeza Humana- (Soprano, alto and bass voice, chorus and orchestra)

    Variações sobre um tema da Folias de Reis- in progress
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    chess, culinary, yoga, travel and others.
  • Favorite Composers
    Debussy, Stravinsky, Villa-Lobos, Batok, Alban Berg, Camargo Guarnieri, Guerra-Peixe, Francisco Mignone, Edino Krieger, Marlos Nobre and others.
  • My Compositional Styles
    Neo-classic, neo-romantic, nationalism.
  • Notation Software/Sequencers
  • Instruments Played
    Classical Guitar, Piano (a little).

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  1. Piece for viola and piano, I wrote this last year after of a meditation practice. It just a long melody who pass for some sound landscapes. I hope you enjoy! Score: https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/breve-meditao-digital-sheet-music/20731881?ac=1
  2. Thanks ilv, the abrupt ending it was proposeful.
  3. Thanks Ken,Wilibald and Ilv for your rewiews, I desagree in some points, but I Will consider all these coments. Thanks again.
  4. I alredy posted the first movement last year... here is the complete piece. Unfortunately the audio is not good enough to demonstrate the piece. I am looking for guitar duo to a live performance.
  5. I composed this piece last year.
  6. Thanks musicianxx12 and Ilv!!! I Will publicate the score soon in my page at sheetmusicplus.
  7. dhslamas

    Trio nº1

    Thanks Ilv!!
  8. dhslamas

    Trio nº1

    Obrigado B.M.Almeida. Bom encontrar um brasileiro aqui! Cara, é uma forma sonata por incrível que pareça, eu sempre re-interpreto a forma, a estrutura é:{; tema A, Tema B ;} desenvolvimento Tema B Tema A no primeiro movimento. No segundo; A B C B A' E o terceiro movimento é uma fuga. Abraço!
  9. I composed this piece last year ago. it is a great challenge to play... if some pianist want to play it, contact me. danilolamas@hotmail.com
  10. dhslamas

    Trio nº1

    I composed this trio(flute,oboe and bassoon) last year for a calls for score. I Hope you apreciate that! Unfortunatelly I don't have a live performance yet.
  11. Thank you, ilv! 1.Slap tongue 2 yes, it is flutter tonguing.
  12. I wrote this piece for the project of flutist Robin Meiksins, Where she play one piece a day for a year. I hope you enjoy it!!
  13. Thank you, Guys. I think the piano could be more louder too. I hope this guys play my piece other times and get another record... Monarcheon, the contact is:newtrumpetmusic@gmail.com
  14. last movement of my sonatina for trumpet and piano.
  15. Thank you, TylerPedraja. I did not participate of record or video edition. The trumpetist MIchael Brest who made it...
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