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    https://myspace.com/danilolamas https://soundcloud.com/dhslamas

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    I am a brazilian composer, I live and a small town in espirito santo state. I can't live without the music composition. I hope find in this web page people that want to play music by contemporary composers.

    My compositions:

    Choral and voice works:

    -Pai Nosso - (chorus)

    -Ave Maria – chorus)

    -Pegadas ( alto voice and guitar)

    solo works:

    -Paisagens sonoras nº1 (guitar) –

    - Paisagens sonoras nº2 (bass flute) in progress

    -Sonatina for guitar

    -ten preludes for guitar- in progress

    Chôro meditação (guitar)

    Valsa para Amanda (guitar)

    Guingueando (guitar)

    valsa chôro nº2 (guitar)

    Toccatina (guitar)

    Valsa Jobiniana (guitar)

    -Five studies for guitar

    Nocturnal study (piano)

    -Five miniatures for piano (piano)

    -sonatina for piano nº1

    Chamber music:

    -Chôro nº1 (flute and guitar)

    -Valsa chôro nº1 (flute and guitar)

    -Valseando ( cello and guitar)

    -Devaneio impressionista ( violin and Guitar)

    -3 peças para Clarinete e Piano

    -Sonatina for flute and piano

    -Quase passacalia (cello and piano)

    Sonatina for two guitars- in progress

    -String quartet º1

    Imagens I, II and III (saxofone and piano)

    -Variações seresteiras ( wind quintet)

    Sonatina for trumpet and piano- in progress

    Orchestral works:

    -Concerto for guitar and chamber orchestra

    - Maracatu for piano percussion and wind orchestra

    Certeza Humana- (Soprano, alto and bass voice, chorus and orchestra)

    Variações sobre um tema da Folias de Reis- in progress
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    chess, culinary, yoga, travel and others.
  • Favorite Composers
    Debussy, Stravinsky, Villa-Lobos, Batok, Alban Berg, Camargo Guarnieri, Guerra-Peixe, Francisco Mignone, Edino Krieger, Marlos Nobre and others.
  • My Compositional Styles
    Neo-classic, neo-romantic, nationalism.
  • Notation Software/Sequencers
  • Instruments Played
    Classical Guitar, Piano (a little).

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  1. Now with score!
  2. @Sojar Voglar Very interesting piece! Congrats!
  3. Thanks @Sojar Voglar and @Tónskáld!
  4. I post the performance of this piece here in 2017, but now I posted an audio/score video in my channel on YouTube. I hope you enjoy it. Abraço!
  5. Luis, the numbers generally are for indicate digitation of left hand and strings that will be used for each note. that kind of digitation need a help of a guitarist, it is dificult to do if you don't play guitar...
  6. The piece sounds good. Congrats. The E open strings in measure 9,10 e 11, possible will not sound for these three measure , a good solution it is maybe play then again for each measure or something like that. If you want, I can read the score for you and send you a record.
  7. Thanks Jean Szulc! I'm preparing a video with score. I'll post soon! Você é brasileiro?
  8. Hello, I don't post anything here a long time but I'm back to this community! I wrote this piece in 2019 for a guitar quartet that I created in my city. This is the first movement, I will post the other three soon.
  9. Piece for viola and piano, I wrote this last year after of a meditation practice. It just a long melody who pass for some sound landscapes. I hope you enjoy! Score: https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/breve-meditao-digital-sheet-music/20731881?ac=1
  10. Thanks ilv, the abrupt ending it was proposeful.
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