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    I began inventing my own music as soon as I started taking piano lessons at age eight. I tried many times during those first years to write down what I was coming up with, but I never could get the hang of it. Several years later, when I was fourteen, I began arranging music for my church's wind and string ensemble. I found that I was finally able to properly notate my musical ideas, and I've been composing and arranging ever since. I have been fortunate enough to be involved in several different ensembles which kindly play, and often times perform, my music, so I have quite a bit of experience with knowing how my compositions sound when played by live musicians. I am constantly trying to improve my technique and find creative ways to express ideas through music.
    Instagram: music_inventor
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    Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Stravinksy, Elgar
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    Classical, Modern
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    Finale PrintMusic 2014
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    Piano, Cello, Guitar, Ukulele, Recorder

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  1. Easter Medley (Arrangement)

    @pateceramics Good point. They are volunteers, but they are very talented/skilled players who I’ve grown up with playing music and I know that they can handle this piece. You’re right though, it does take some endurance and focus.
  2. Igor Stravinsky - Rite of Spring

    First of all, Rite of Spring is an incredible, great piece that I have come to love. I think there are few people who enjoy listening to it the first time. Understanding the structure of it makes it so much more interesting, and you start to hear the deep raw emotion that is expressed in it. It's a piece where you don't have to guess at what is being suggested (in a broad sense): the "guts" of the music are displayed clearly to the listener. Favorite parts are probably Spring Rounds and the Glorification of the Chosen Maiden. Consequently, the Glorification is a blast to conduct.
  3. Hey folks, This is the finale for the Easter piece I am composing for my church. If the instrumentation seems strange, that's because it is. Those are the only instruments we have to work with at church so that's what it's written for. To get a better playback quality, I put it into MuseScore, the downside is that it doesn't observe the Rits. so just keep that in mind as you listen. Also, I haven't added the lyrics yet for the chorus, so sorry about that. You might already know the two hymns though. Enjoy!
  4. The Butterfly Dance

    Nice piece: Everything Monarcheon suggested plus I would add that something you can play around with is not having both instruments notes moving in the same direction for a whole measure. It has been my experience that when I have my voices moving in counter motion, it adds stability to the piece. I believe you can do it without losing the butterflyish feel. Great Job!
  5. In our nature

    Really, really nice job! I have heard lots of pieces on this forum that try to show off harmonic and intense rhythmic complexity. This piece does so but in a pure, beautiful way. This piece is one of the most beautiful pieces of art music I have heard from this site. Good work! In at least one place, I noticed that all the voices were moving in the same direction. I know that is more of a classical voice leading thing, and you are probably aware of it and if so it's fine and I totally respect if that's the sound you're going for. Again, I really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work!
  6. Hey folks, Here is a short choir response which is a part of a larger work I am composing for my church's Easter service. Any comments are appreciated! It is Finished.mp3 It is Finished PDF Score.pdf
  7. Dawn and Sunrise

    So for the audio file I am attaching the YouTube video because I still can not get the MIDI to work right on Finale (it sounds like garbage when I try to save the MIDI file) so I am using the WAV file in the YouTube video (sounds way better). Unfortunately, the score is a little hard to see in the video so I recommend using the attached PDF for viewing and the video only for listening. Thanks for your comments!
  8. Spiders (Animal Sketches)

    @MusicianXX12 lol! I know! The sound library that comes with my version of Finale is pretty terrible. But I’m hopefully getting the Garitan sound library in a few days for my birthday. Thanks for the positive comments!
  9. Spiders (Animal Sketches)

    Here is another in my growing collection of Animal Sketches. I know it is really basic to have so much unison writing in the strings, but I really like the effect it has, and I think it goes well with the spider atmosphere of the piece. If anyone has comments, feel free to share. Thanks!
  10. Venus Fly Trap (Animal Sketches)

    @Rabbival507 Yes, I was able to open the file (I use Finale PrintMusic 2014). How about if you write an opening theme, maybe four to eight bars long, send it to me, and I'll write the next bit. We can try going back and forth like that if you want.
  11. Venus Fly Trap (Animal Sketches)

    @Rabbival507 Thanks for the comments! What type of piece would you like to collaborate on? Also, what instrument(s) do you play? I play piano and cello, so I can help out a lot with the string writing. Also, what software do you use to notate music with?
  12. Venus Fly Trap (Animal Sketches)

    Here is the next in my series of "Animal Sketches". This depicts a fly being ensnared by a venus fly trap. The MIDI rendering for this one is pretty terrible, so sorry about that. In rehearsal this evening, I had the violin I's play tremolo on all of the notes that didn't have a trill (except for the final measure); this made it sound a lot more "insecty". I am really trying to do a lot more composition. I know my stuff is pretty basic, which is why I'm open to any ideas ya'll have to share with me. Also, if you have a suggestion for an animal sketch you'd like to see me do, please let me know. I can definitely at least give it a try.
  13. Penguins (Animal Sketches)

    Hey there, Here is another sketch. The first part is to capture the playful nature of penguins; the march is to portray a line of penguins marching along (it is still playful and simple, but in a more rigid, marching style). I honestly didn't go for a lot of part writing rules and stuff in this piece, but if you think that there are spots that could use some of that stuff, then please feel free to point them out. As always, any suggestions and comments are appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Blue Whale (Animal Sketches)

    @stewboy Thanks so much! Your comments are really helpful! Appreciate it!
  15. Blue Whale (Animal Sketches)

    Blue Whale MIDI.mp3 Blue Whale PDF.pdf Hey ya'll, here is something I wrote yesterday morning. I know it is simple. If anyone has suggestions, please share them. (And sorry for the trashy audio rendering). Thanks!