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    I began inventing my own music as soon as I started taking piano lessons at age eight. I tried many times during those first years to write down what I was coming up with, but I never could get the hang of it. Several years later, when I was fourteen, I began arranging music for my church's wind and string ensemble. I found that I was finally able to properly notate my musical ideas, and I've been composing and arranging ever since. I have been fortunate enough to be involved in several different ensembles which kindly play, and often times perform, my music, so I have quite a bit of experience with knowing how my compositions sound when played by live musicians. I am constantly trying to improve my technique and find creative ways to express ideas through music.
    Instagram: music_inventor
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    Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Stravinksy, Elgar
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    Classical, Modern
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    Finale PrintMusic 2014
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    Piano, Cello, Guitar, Ukulele, Recorder

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  1. Hey guys, sorry for not posting recently. I've just moved to start going to school for organ performance, but I've been getting back into composing over the past weeks. Here's a project I've started and finished during that time.
  2. celloman99

    Dusk and Sunsets

    @dbzfreak2 Really cool piece! I am so happy that my composition inspired you, thanks for the mention!
  3. celloman99


    Awesome competition idea! I would like to enter.
  4. Pleasant piece! I will be honest, if you were going for a pure classical period, then I'm not sure if this falls into that category. It sounded a little too....free to be strict classical. But then again, it's music, so nothing wrong with that, just thought I'd point out what I saw/heard. Good job, and I hope that you can get some musicians to play this for you so you can hear what it with live instruments (always so much fun).
  5. celloman99


    Very nice piece! It sounds just like its title: a processional - very stately and elegant. I play cello and no wind instruments so I can't be of much help as to assessing the playability. However, I can tell you that the orchestration sounded very nice and looked fine at a glance. Very effective piece of music, good job!
  6. celloman99

    Music Composition online courses?

    I’d like to see some focus on the basic part writing “rules” such as voices never all moving in the same direction for too long, problems with parallel fifths etc. And anything else like that, cuz my knowledge of those things is fairly limited.
  7. celloman99

    Composing Sketches

    Hey gang, So I would like to share an idea which I use quite frequently (as followers of my music on this forum would know). I find a great deal of satisfaction and musical growth in composing short, imaginative works which I call "sketches". These sketches can be of animals, people, places, things, emotions..anything really! For me, it takes stress away as I work because I know I don't have to worry about any rigid form or style. I am just composing a sketch. If my sketch turns into a decent idea, I can then expand it into a full length piece. The upside is, you can compose a set of several sketches and it becomes a functioning musical work very easily. So that's basically it. You probably have done something like this before, but I just wanted to get the idea going in case you haven't. Feel free to let me know what you think!
  8. celloman99

    A Brisk Walk

    @stewboy Cool piece! Very unique and fun to listen to. Definitely I would do this compilation you mentioned. As to churning out a piece every couple weeks, that's totally fine and good, just remember not to sacrifice quality for quantity :) This doesn't seem as though it would pose a problem for you so just keep up the good work!
  9. Here is the first scenes of my crucifixion composition. Ya'll let me know what you think please. I've tried to label each section with what part of the story it corresponds with. (I know it's pretty short but I had a time limit, and there will be narrations and skits in between each part). Also I realized that there's a part in 'Jesus in Gethsemane' in which the Flute I part cuts out for two notes, so sorry about that. The Crucifixion Score PDF.pdf
  10. celloman99

    It is Finished (Excerpt from "The Crucifixion")

    @Monarcheon Thanks so much for the comment! I appreciate your insight. I will definitely think about the possibility of having the chord at 5 remain unchanged to avoid this anticlimactic feeling (I see what you mean). Again, thanks so much for the reply and I hope you will check out the rest of my Crucifixion piece once I get it uploaded to the Large Ensemble section soon.
  11. celloman99

    It is Finished (Excerpt from "The Crucifixion")

    @Rabbival507 I am preparing to post the first section of the overall piece to the "Large Ensemble" topic section. Here is the last movement (an arrangement of two hymns): To answer your question about the choir being willing to perform this piece, I am just very blessed to be part of a church which has always supported my music projects, allowing them to be performed on many occasions. If you're trying to find a choir to sing your piece, I would start with any small local choirs who might be in your area. They often are willing to try out new music. It depends on the type of community you live in I suppose. Thanks for the feedback!
  12. celloman99

    Timmy's Adventures in Dingleland

    Nice piece! I could definitely hear what was happening as far as the story you described goes. I think this would be very much enjoyed by an audience if they had a program note describing what was going on in the story. Very modern, but with a touch of what I guess could be called "old world" music...I don't know how to describe what I mean by that but hopefully you get the picture. Good job!
  13. Hey y'all, This is something I've been working on for my church's small wind and string ensemble. I used alto recorder at the beginning because the only other winds I have are flutes and I wanted the more mellow sound. Any comments? Throw 'em my way! Thanks! (Please listen with good speakers or earphones. The poor midi quality makes some parts hard to hear the melody.)
  14. celloman99

    Easter Medley (Arrangement)

    @pateceramics Good point. They are volunteers, but they are very talented/skilled players who I’ve grown up with playing music and I know that they can handle this piece. You’re right though, it does take some endurance and focus.
  15. celloman99

    Igor Stravinsky - Rite of Spring

    First of all, Rite of Spring is an incredible, great piece that I have come to love. I think there are few people who enjoy listening to it the first time. Understanding the structure of it makes it so much more interesting, and you start to hear the deep raw emotion that is expressed in it. It's a piece where you don't have to guess at what is being suggested (in a broad sense): the "guts" of the music are displayed clearly to the listener. Favorite parts are probably Spring Rounds and the Glorification of the Chosen Maiden. Consequently, the Glorification is a blast to conduct.