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  1. Thank you guys. I've studied jazz harmony notation and analysed two Glass's Metamorphosis. I link them here if someone wants to check them. Metamorphosis 4 sheet - audio In measure 4 I identified it as Db6/Ab instead of Bb-7/Ab. Am I right? In m. 61 the Cb and C natural in the same bar look strange to me. Metamorphosis 5 sheet - audio In m. 5 I identified it as C7 sus4 no 5th. Am I right?
  2. Thank you. I came from dozens analysis of standard classical music and this is one of my first attempts on minimalism. I know both standard Western and pop harmony analysis, but I totally lack in jazz. In this moment my aim is to understand minimalism style. What do you advise in order to get into its harmony perspective? Is jazz notation the more logical one to use? In this case, have you some link or book to advise in order to get started? Anyway I understood the harmonies you wrote, they seemed to me unlogical from the classic perspective I came from, so I wasn't sure of them. I have just one question: in m. 4, how can you state it's a V9 instead of one of a III11b (no 5th, 5th inversion) or a II11 (no 7th, 2nd inversion)? These last two have both the 3rd, which makes them stronger and the pedal on the 3rd grade of the scale is unusual and it lasts for a very short time. Instead, I can accept the V9 with no 3rd as it comes from a proper V and two voices move in a conjunct movement. I'm obviously sure you're right, I'm just expressing my thoughts that come out.
  3. Hello! Can you guys help me to figure out what harmonies are used in bar 4th, 16th and 36th? music sheet audio This is the full analysis if you want to check it as well (question marks where I couldn't identify the harmony) F dorian mode A bar 1 to 12: I - I - V35 - ? x4 B (bar 17 to 32) I46 - IV7 - VII46 - V46 x4 but bar 32: VII36 C bar 33 to 44: IV46 - IV34 - III - ? x3 bar 45 to 48: II - II - IV34 - IV46 Thank you!
  4. Hello guys, this is my first post here. My name is Giorgio and I'm from Italy. I'm a sound designer and a... young composer. I've taken a look at the forum and it seems really nice. I'm looking for a complete orchestral sound library (complete orchestra, chamber ensembles and solo interments) good for classical and film soundtrack music. So... these are my questions for you: 1st Which is, in your opinion, the best library? 2nd Which is the best quality/price ratio library? (possibly a quite cheap one) Obviously, they don't have to be complete bundles, but they can also be separate libraries (strings, woodwinds, etc.) that I can buy separately. Thanks in advance.
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