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    Hey Y'all. I'm TheBandGeek, and welcome to my profile. I am just a young teen, like many, who would like to show their passion for music. I participate in a wide variety of ensembles, bands and classes that help me pursue my dream of being a composer or music educator. I began my musical career three years ago in fifth grade when I picked up my first Student Bundy Alto Saxophone. As I learned the basics of music, I became fascinated with this amazing art form and began my musical path. I received a Yamaha YAS-480 as a birthday gift, as well as some composition tools and books. I am currently enrolled in a HSM ensemble, and am a "band geek" inside out. Although I may not have much on my profile right now, I am currently working on some new pieces. I will hopefully share these soon. Thank you so much for reading!
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    Somewhere over the Rainbow
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    Student. Band Geek. Composer.
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    Music, Music and Music. Music is basically all I do.
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    Robert W. Smith, Randall D. Standridge, James Swearingen, John Mackey and Steven Reinske
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    Concert Band and Chamber Ensemble
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    Musescore, Finale (2008). Yes. I'm just that old fashioned.
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    Alto Saxophone, Drums, Piano
  1. You'd be surprised. But this one got me for real. The raw talent in these musicians. You have to watch this all the way through. The end is where the tears start to come:) So awesome. Anyway, this is Yanni's spinoff on his original "Playtime" Somehow a small little latin song turns into and awol battle. You'll see:) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SK8gytcph6U
  2. Hey. No rush, I just wanted to check in. So, do you still plan on making this, Casey? It's okay if you can't. I understand. But I need to know so that I can get something else ready. Thanks so much. Again, no worries. -TheBandGeek
  3. I have to say, My all time favorite composition has to be Mekong by Robert W. Smith Mekong by Robert W. Smith: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1zZgQGKfp A Close runner up is Undertown by John Mackey Undertow by John Mackey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLFYAsvhCtE And Finally my third, A piece I played for CMEA Eastern Regional Festival called Steel, by Randall D. Standridge Steel by Randall D. Standridge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFT23v6JR1o
  4. Yo! I think I can do it. I mean, it's online, right? Well, what exactly is the skill level? I mean, I'm not College Level, but I know a good amount of music theory, however I'm looking to get better. Let me know! I'd be happy to participate -TheBandGeek P.S. I don't have any contact info out, but send info to my site profile. I will check it frequently.
  5. I can't add the MP3. When I drop, it says completed. So I exit, but then afterward, when loading page, it shows file but has no content. Just 0:00 Seconds and a 1 second moment of playing nothing.
  6. Hey:) My friend and I are pretty good. I mean, obviously nothing with 16th notes at 200 bpm, but we can play pretty well. I can play third octave F and F# if needed. My friend can play high D at most. Although we can't add another person, feel free to add in a bari part if needed, and maybe we can play around with all three parts. Thanks Again! Don't worry if you can't do it. -TheBandGeek
  7. Wow, thanks for the quick response! Anyway, I am very excited about this. It would be used in a talent show, like I said before, if your okay with that. I've actually attempted this numerous times, and I still haven't been able to make it work! Yeah, I'm pretty bad at medley's. So, here's what I was thinking. If you could, would you be able to do it for 2 Alto Saxophones(Duet), and 4 songs, maybe like 30-45 seconds of each one? The ideal structure would be the 4 songs and then a really nice cool conclusion kind of combining all four songs into one, while still creating a new melody. I know it sounds complicated, but just do what you think is best, and then I'll let you know. My guess though, is based on your works, that it will turn out great. As for the four songs, I would say Wake Me Up(Avicii), Honey I'm Good(Andy Grammer), Worth It (Fifth Harmony), Safe and Sound (Capital Cities). Again, I trust you that you will do an amazing job if you decide to do this for me. Beside the songs, the most important thing to know is that this will be played at a school in a competition, so it should be fun, entertaining, cool, high energy, etc. Thank you SO MUCH if you decide to make this for me. I am super excited to see the results. -TheBandGeek P.S. The songs can be in any order. That's just the order I typed them in. But put them in an order so that it starts off strong, and ends stronger!
  8. Hey Everyone:) TheBandGeek here. Two quick things. First off, I just released my first composition here (http://www.youngcomposers.com/music/listen/7662/dont-stop-believin-saxophone-quartet/). Second of all, I need all your amazing talents and brains to help me out. As a composer, I find it hard to arrange, although arranging contains a lot of the same elements as composition. See, I've got this school talent show coming up, and my friends and I were thinking of performing. Of course, they come to me to get the music:) So, I would basically need a pop medley of sorts. Comment below if you're available to help me out, and I'll give you more info, such as what songs to use and how it should be structured. Thank you so much guys. This is a lot to ask for, but it would be amazing if one of you amazing peeps could help me. Thanks!(For like the millionth time:P) -TheBandGeek P.S. Yes. I'm just that desperate that I went all the way up to the fonts bar and bolded this:P
  9. Wow. This sounds amazing. I could really use another program. I use MuseScore mainly, with a bit of finale, but none of them really fit my needs. Please let me and others know when the BETA or regular release for this product is. I am super excited. Thanks! -TheBandGeek
  10. Does anyone happen to know a program that can be used to create professional looking scores? I'm trying to make better looking and more porefessional Concert Band Scores. Let me know! thx.

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    2. pateceramics


      Truth. Expensive though... (:

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      I don't remember Sibelius costing me much... ;)

    4. rendalli


      Indeed Sibelius and Finale are de facto standards, but for the best "most beautiful" scores I'd say LilyPond. MuseScore, which is mentioned earlier, can export to LilyPond, so can RoseGarden.

  11. Hey Y'all. Sorry I don't have anything on my page as of now. I am currently working on some big band stuff, and am not able to put any pieces up at this time. However, please leave comments below if you are able to do an arrangment for me. I am in need of a great medley of sorts. Comment for more information. Thank you!

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