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  1. The pedal line oF the organ was substituted for the tuba. I didn't want to make it more complex with the pedal organ.
  2. Viaje de invierno: this more complex and it fulfills a description of winter. I only have a suggestion on the melody. The pattern of octaves is very present. Perhaps in the final part I would explore to "erase" some notes leaving for example the higher ones in syncopation. The middle part, with chords provide good contrast and is nice. Also de pianissimo part from m. 51 is beautiful. Good work.
  3. Canción de cuna: beautiful piece. It seems to have an AAB form.. That is AA and a short coda. The melody is quite minimal, in fact it reminds to some of Philip Glass Etudes (except for harmonies). The modulation is good. Taking into account this type of melody, the constant arpeggiated pattern, the coda or final part is fresh. Although the sextuplets are still there, the distribution now is different, also the quadruplets in melody help to make it sound different. It's nice as it is, but with this material I would have planned an ABA form or ABAB, so this coda or B part break the repetition. But as you know, this are just opinions.
  4. Thanks @Guillem82 i hope you are ok... i’ve been listening to your new pieces, i want to do it more carefully tomorrow, holiday, I have time and I will give my opinión, ...
  5. I wrote this little pice these days of quarantine....
  6. Very beautiful composition. However, this has been taken to the limit, in my opinion. Some parts are quite difficult, for example polyrhythms with one hand only, and at different layers... I hope you find a player for this.
  7. I love the intimate tone of this work. Also the simplicity of the lines.
  8. Beautiful. But this piece would improve with some countermelody (counterpoint). Baroque is counterpoint! It is weakly present in some spots performed by the continuo. But countermelodies should take place in the instruments.
  9. Nice short pieces. I think the first works worse. In this post-tonal or whatever you may call it style, this linear canonic approach doesn't work very well in terms of control of tension and relief. It seems that what happens depends on random verticalities. Much better control of this issue in the other sententiae, for example nº 4.
  10. @dhslamas @Monarcheon thanks, very helpful. I can play well the guitar but I had never written for it.
  11. I have changed the score and audio to fix the notes mentioned above. But I have a question, if someone reads this: do you think it would be better to write the position of each note as I did here? When you look at Takemitsu's scores for guitar you see all ind of indications? Or is it unnecessary (as it is when you write for the harp, pedal changes).do
  12. Thanks! Yes, I think I could expand this a little. Usually, I don't "rework" in that sense, but this is different. I don't write for guitar very often, I'm lazy about that because I have to think well if what I put on paper is playable. Why Emaj6 (final chord)? Just to get another "color". The piece has spicy dissonances here and there.... I know, I know, some people would advise me about b9 intervals or chords that are major and minor at the same time. Well, I always explore those boundaries. So, Emaj6 is like a resting place after the Amaj/min chord. Also putting down the final chord is an effect of "surprise" and "accentuation" (which I learnt from Mr. Alan Belkin, by the way).
  13. Thanks . You are right with those E notes, I will change the score. of course feel cree to play it that would be great.
  14. Here it is, writing for guitar is very difficult. This is very simple. Capricho para guitarra.mp3Capricho para guitarra.pdf
  15. It was nice to listen to this work. I think it's less frequent to hear works for piano solo in such a classical style (baroque or romantic are more often ween, aren't they?). It's perfect for a church interpretation.
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