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  1. Short, yet mighty

    It reminds to the opening of Die WalKüre by Wagner. That is really powerful!
  2. i thank You God

    It's quite original. I don't see hoy in the soprano solo there are two voices ¿?
  3. Prelude in C Major with canonic flavour

    Well, I think it's very interesting and well constructed. And nice. I only miss some "breaks". Surely you wrote cadences but the feeling is it never stops (till the end).
  4. Conversation for String Quartet No. 2

    It's very nice!... Your music is very rich when you write for a string quartet or any other camera set of instruments. Different from your soliloquies, that are also inspiring. I've said it some times, already.... I don't think the shortness of a piece implies it's incomplete. In fact, I prefer listening to the ideas and that's all. But I respect other opinions, of course.
  5. Carols (just for fun)

    Thanks @Willibald Of course, your suggestions are great. I only wanted to mean that I usually don't write pieces in classic styles. So, I'm not aware of those rules and patterns.
  6. Carols (just for fun)

    Hi I appreciate your detailed comments. But I'm following strictly any rules. In fact I have never studied counterpoint in that style. I do it for fun and if it sounds good (to me) I don't mind what technical failures can be found. There are some b9 intervals too (I can't remember where).
  7. Carols (just for fun)

    Christmas is coming... Just for fun I took some traditional melodies, some of them from Spain, and did something with them: CAMPANA SOBRE CAMPANA Partitura completa.pdf Hacia Belén va una Burra Partitura completa.pdf FUN FUN FUN Partitura completa.pdf NOCHE DE PAZ Partitura completa.pdf CAMPANA SOBRE CAMPANA - CAMPANA SOBRE CAMPANA (fuga).mp3 Hacia Belén va una Burra - Hacia Belén va una burra rin-rin (fuga).mp3 FUN FUN FUN - FUN FUN FUN.mp3 NOCHE DE PAZ - NOCHE DE PAZ.mp3
  8. Op107 Nr2 Untitled

    Good counterpoint!
  9. Discussion of long composition

    I totally agree with @Maarten Bauer Anyway, I prefer working on "suits" (several pieces) than long writings.
  10. Dance of the Dragon

    OK. Well the piece is fine, and I like it. But when somebody puts titles like this one (Dance of the Dragon) one imagines some kind of story or film, and in that sense, the music goes in different directions (always to my taste). But the music itself is very nice.
  11. 6 Dances for Wind Quintet

    I enjoyed the suite. Not easy 5 counterpoint lines. However, I've read Fue and it's a nightmare. I didn't find many thins that I could use in practice. I studied counterpoint from other point of view, which retains the basic rules, of course, it was much better.
  12. Carnival (marimba & percussion)

    Nice piece. It's good to see pieces for this kind of instrument...
  13. Dance of the Dragon

    This is strange. For me, the middle (and the last) section belong to a different style. The first part sound "epic" if that's a good adjective..., but from 1:00 aprox. the music changes to a style that reminds me to the 80's (the music of the TV series). From 1:50 you develop a long transition until 2:50 when the pieces goes over the initial feeling. The last part 3:30 is "romantic" but it fits more with the idea.
  14. Journey

    In some way this music connects with my brain. I like it. Musically, I would say it relies on micro-variations of the texture.
  15. Rain Prayer

    Not easy to imagine the voices (as they sound like the piano) but there's beauty in the music. Some modal flavor, too.