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  1. Well I take this as a whole. I suppose it's a kind of tone poem of our times. The orchestration is beaurtiful, exquisite, and I don't hear any disbalances. Tematically interesting and emotive, too. I love this work.
  2. Luis Hernández


    Very beautiful, it's like a dream....
  3. Luis Hernández

    Angel Eyes - Ganypheus (Piano impro)

    At first it's an odd fussion. But it works for me. Good.
  4. Luis Hernández

    Morning Bird Alarm

    you shoud listen to Canctur Articus by Rautavaara... It's nice, I would like to have it as a alarm in my phone.
  5. Luis Hernández

    Nocturne no. 6

    Very nice music. The first 16 bars include material that don't appear again ¿? I't like an intro. 2/8 is a bit weird.
  6. Luis Hernández

    Op109 Nr6 prelude

    I love his piece, which has lots of Debussy influences. The hexatonic scale, the tonal centers via pedal notes, etc... Technically I think it has been very well thought. But most of all: beautiful.
  7. Luis Hernández

    October's Lullaby

    Very nice. The melody by the cello is beautiful.
  8. Luis Hernández

    Ganypheus - Once I loved

    I love this sound of bossa harmony with modern treatment.
  9. Luis Hernández

    Sequence (Not Finished)

    Take a look at the confutatis. In the first page you see: tenors an bass voices in canon, organ and strings with other different line, and in the upper part of the score, other rhythmic patterns.
  10. Luis Hernández

    Sequence (Not Finished)

    You have Mozart's requiem on youtube with score, it's a good example (well, what can we say about Mozart?)
  11. Luis Hernández

    Sequence (Not Finished)

    I think you have very good material, don't get me wrong. Sometimes (well, usually) I prefer to use less instruments to have more control.
  12. Luis Hernández

    Sequence (Not Finished)

    Well, I don't know about your skills in counterpoint. First, one has to learn to write counterpoint with just two voices and then increase the level. Not all the instruments have to make different melodic lines, but there is no sense in having so many instruments that play the same. In that case you would add volume and, perhaps, color, but not dramatic interest. In fact, a true counterpoint is very nice but it would add interest that the instruments were self-sufficient, not only going with the voices. The "vertical" or choral style is good, but for so long is tiring.
  13. Luis Hernández

    Why do some people say Haydn equals Mozart

    I don't know, for me they're very different.
  14. Luis Hernández

    Sequence (Not Finished)

    I think this music needs less parts where the instruments double the voices and more counterpoint (liber scriptus...., for example; there are excellent parts in counterpoint).
  15. Luis Hernández

    Requiem Mass

    The Catholic point of view: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_for_the_Requiem_Mass