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  1. Luis Hernández

    Original Piano Composition No.2

    Definetively, you are under the influence of Conlon Nancarrow. In fact their compositions were much more complicated. In that sense, soime parts, as they are definite, sound like a piano roll in a Far West movie. Interesting. If your intention is writing for this kind of piano roll, you have no limits.
  2. Luis Hernández

    SUMMER 2018 Competition: Results

    Contratulations to you all. I think it's a wonderful work and effort including Monarcheon as a Judge.
  3. Luis Hernández

    My best try at a 4 part fugue

    You can do a fugue with only two voices, it's easier to control. And with time, go for more voices.
  4. Luis Hernández

    My best try at a 4 part fugue

    I still wonder why many of us want to write this kind of fugues. The idea of counterpoint is very attractive in our minds. But to resemble classic counterpoint, we have to follow the basic rules. There are many collisions in the writing for example: First you have C+E+D, in strong point Second you hae D + B + C, idem Also there are parallels: here a fifth Controlling four voices is quite hard. I think that if one wants to start with fugues, do it with two voices.
  5. Luis Hernández

    A sweet violin elegy

    A bit strange piece. Not because it sounds bad. Just because the piano is in a very classic waltz style. One thinks in late Romanticism when "Elegy" comes in the title. However you can call Elegy at whatever you want, of course.
  6. Hi Great work. Particularly, I think you did it with orchestration (being idiomatic) and I like uyou incorporate drums and other pop-rock instruments. Perhaps this works would need some motif or theme that appears throughout the piece, making it more cohesive. I've notices the initial one-note motif appears hear and there, and it's ok but more rhytmic than melodic. Besides, I would like to hear more the "drama". The parts come one after the other but there is not a climax, a high (or low) point, which taking the story in mind could be in the shift of the worlds. PD: I have no idea about Narnia. I have not read any books or seen any films. Sorry.
  7. Luis Hernández

    Little piece for chamber ensemble (strings)

    OK but there's a difference: A C7/E can't have F, it's the avoid note. If you wanted a C7sus4 chors, ok, the F is the note tha REPLACES E. So you can't write F over E. Please don't call me Professor, because I'm not. In any case Dr. (in Medicine, my profession).
  8. Luis Hernández

    Little piece for chamber ensemble (strings)

    Sounds nice. But you should go over some basic rules of counterpoint. If you want to imitate clasic coounterpoint. Look at this. What chord is there in m. 17? Why that E in the bass? This is highly dissonant. The Bb in the top is dissonant with E (tritone) and with F (4th). The way you have written it, it works as a principal note. Dissonances in counterpoint must be prepared-resolve. If you arrive to it by leap and leave it by leap.... not good, in that case it's not an auxiliary note, it becomes a principal note... And it sould be harmonized. Here is another example of dissonance in strong points: In general terms i think the three lines are well developed and keep their independency. Classic counterpoint is very hard if you use more than two lines. And with two lines you need to have some concepts clear. If not, the good sounds of the piece in general are ruined by those dissonances, etc.
  9. Luis Hernández

    Original Piano Composition

    Well it's interesting. But it can't be played by one only pianist. Apart from that, there are several raw material here but a little bit disorganized. It's like a show of differente techniques. Perhap it is what you wanted.
  10. Luis Hernández

    3-4-5 (Mathematics in music)

    I am listening to it again and it's one of my favorite pieces lately here. Original idea to put the melody in the bottom (this is something Philip Glass also does). The texture is beautiful and it's not tiring because it changes all the time. No, I listened with the speakers of my Mac.
  11. Luis Hernández

    Valley Blues

    I think the idea is good. But it sounds a bit "mechanic". The drums are simple and the bass is constantly in "walking" mode. Also, in this style, one would expect syncopations, that are not present. Teka care with the clarinet (you should writ it is in concert pitch) because the player needs to rest, from measure 33 there is a non-stop phrase for more than 20 measures.
  12. Luis Hernández

    Three Sententiae for Piano, Op. 312

    Although your sententiae are always interesting and have something unique, I think they work better with non-polyphonic instruments. At least using single melodic lines.
  13. Luis Hernández

    3-4-5 (Mathematics in music)

    Wow, man... I love this piece. The texture you've created with the eighths is perfect for the single line in the bottom. Besides, the arc is perfect: rest - tension - rest. On the other hand, there is no clue (at least for me) about the title, but I don't care, it's your title.
  14. Luis Hernández


    Interesting. Shame is "vergüenza" in Spanish, after the latin word "verecundia". "vereri" is a verb which means: to have respectful fear about something. "cundus" means "trend to". That is: trend to have respectful fear In music... OMG, I don¡t know. In pop music it is easy to find songs with "shame" in the title. But in academic music... ¿?
  15. I have no idea about the difference in those (sub)styles. But the first one is nice beacuse of the ethereal atmosphere in the first part. The second one has a very "crazy" rhytmic patterns... Well, I know at this point you're very good with rhythms... i dn't know what to tell you about which direction you should take. Why to make a restriction? Work on the style you like most, but don't discard the others.