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  1. Luis Hernández

    Sunset Reverie

    Not sure. 6 sharps corresponds to F# tonality. However you start with a C#9 chord (with no third). There are some odd chromatisms: in m. 6 the first chors has a b9 interval (D# - E). The cadence in .13 seems to rest in F#. Is quite ambiguous, but beautiful. If you put some order in the score it would be a nice piece.
  2. Luis Hernández

    Sunset Reverie

    @Coeus Nothing wrong with C# tonality. But Db is much more frequent with the piano.
  3. Luis Hernández

    Sunset Reverie

    Hi. You've chosen a "difficult" tonality... Just my taste, accostumed to Db in the piano instead of C#. I think your iece is very nice. Harmony is very interesting just from the very first chord. Transitions sound OK in m. 5-6, 13-14. The main problem I see is the pedal, as it appears in the score it has no sense. The end is totally "open".
  4. Luis Hernández

    Sophia - Puertorrican Danza

    Beautiful well done piece, indeed. The dance is evident. On the other hand it sounds too classic to my "destroyed ears" (because of dissonances).
  5. Luis Hernández

    Is This a Fugue?

    A classic fugue has a planned distribution of tonalities along its development. And also some facts that should be present: subject, countersubject, stretto, climax... That's what I meant.
  6. Luis Hernández

    Is This a Fugue?

    I think this is imitative counterpoint. But if you ask yourself if that is a fugue or not, you probably get anything but a fugue.
  7. Luis Hernández

    Like a beginner in a second language

    Oh, it was so short... For me atonalism is one more tool. I like your piece. It has the elements of "classic" serialism, and good atonal counterpoint.
  8. Luis Hernández

    Cello Quartet in C minor

    I tried to open the first part and it was not possible to listen to it. Midi is not the best format to share here.
  9. Luis Hernández

    largo ostinato

    No thing to add. Just that when you work with this kind of counterpoint, the layers should be clearly distinct (in color and/or tesitura).
  10. Luis Hernández

    Nocturne in E major

    I think it's an excellent example of romantic nocturno. There's a total lack of expression slurs, which I suppose are played. The harmonic change from measure 22 to 23 is a bit abrupt, but the changes that come afterwards are very nice. Although sometimes you break the left hand pattern, it's just for a moment. I think some contrast in that hand is always welcome. The arpeggios and broken chords are very beautiful, sometimes chromatic; but some contrast reinforces the second coming of the main theme. The end is a bit long because the chords don't bring anything new. Anyway, these are suggestions. I think your piece is quite nice.
  11. Luis Hernández

    Steps to Follow

    I like this piece. Classic tecqnique but well done to créate a Dreamy atmospher:
  12. Luis Hernández

    Ending on V

    If it is well done, I like that endings. Making a V7 chord, or any kind of unstable chord, sound like a ending is an art. I understand what you say, putting a V7 and nothing more, in a tonal context, is a bad thing. But in other context it works:
  13. Luis Hernández

    Small Sketches - Original Composition

    Although the parts are quite different it works.... Nice brass section. I like the "impressionistic" part 00:55 - 1:45. Yes, I think the pad sounds a bit loud compared to the sweet piano.
  14. Luis Hernández

    Dash, Sairan

    Powerful. Nice percussion effects. Too short!
  15. Luis Hernández

    Black Hole

    I like the feeling of "completeness". Nice atmosphere. When the voice comes in I think it "fights" against the hich violin and it becomes a bit fuzzy. I think there is some influence from Vangelis (Blade Runner, Pulsar). Effective change in 2:45.