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  1. 4-18

    Thanks for sharing, it's beautiful. I really like the unique sonorities you can get with PC sets.
  2. Let's See Where It Can Go

    @Rabbival507 Beautiful. It sounds like music from a fairy tale.
  3. Let's See Where It Can Go

    It depends on where you look at. Anyway, what matters is the music, not the commas.
  4. Cuarteto para Trompas

    Hi I like this kind of pieces that resemble classic style but are fresh. Particularly, the work with dynamics is excellent. The music flows nicely and the parts are connected softly, good development.
  5. La noche de mil estrellas

    Great song! Es una canción compleja con dificultades para el cantante. Muy buena integración piano y voz. Felicidades. I would like to hear more....
  6. Annibelle Lee

    I love it! Nice atmosphere and vocals. I like Poe very much, I find his work very inspiring. Perhaps you would like to take a listen to a Spanish version. There was an essential group in the 90's here called "Radio Futura", they wrote the music and used a translation of the poem: Radio Futura
  7. Little ballad

    @Rabbival507 thanks You have to bear in mind the line that tells to play the G with the left hand, it's an interval of a sixth.
  8. Little ballad

    Balada 2.mp3 Balada 2_ Partitura completa.pdf
  9. Writing something with counter point in mind

    @Some Guy That writes Music Mr. Alan Belkin is running a course on youtube on counterpoint:
  10. String Quartet No.3 ,,Friends''

    Nice set of short pieces. They are very different and distinct, but the whole makes sense. Interesting techniques, also.
  11. Sonatina (I)

    Nice work. I like the smooth transitions between the parts and I think it'w very well structured. Energetic and lyric sometimes, beautiful.
  12. Class of 247 AD

    I like this language (PC set theory). Yes, the set you use sounds tonal, it's the triad plus the second, but even in that case the manipulations can be many. I like the homogeneous and unique sound of this.
  13. Unimportant

    One of my last piano pieces... Unimportant.pdf Unimportant.mp3
  14. Op108 Nr1 (Chinese folk music)

    Wonderful. Thanks for something like this. I love this kind of music. So fresh and beautiful.