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  1. Luis Hernández

    The Secret Life of Puppets

    I really love this work! The music is beautiful, a bit exotic to my ears. The work on synchronicity is great.
  2. Luis Hernández

    Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

    The music is sweet (the one on youtube). I think the motive, which is simple is overused. In the final part it goes up in the register, but at that moment I've listened to it 7 times, at least. I think it's nice work.
  3. Luis Hernández

    A Letter - Four Hands

    It's very sweet and well written.
  4. What do you mean by "the switches are too harsh"? Modulating from Gmaj to Emin is the softest modulation you can do because the two tonalities share 7 diatonic chords. You only have to introduce B7 as the dominante to Em . Surely there are many other ways to make this particular change, and they'll be original but I don't think they'll be softer.
  5. Luis Hernández

    My Opera

    Study orchestration before. If what you say is true, your opera will be a failure. I would consider writing an opera with just a few instruments.
  6. Luis Hernández

    Improvisation of my Piano

    Where is it?
  7. Luis Hernández

    Revenge - Venganza

    A little piece I wrote. Venganza_.pdf Venganza.mp3
  8. Luis Hernández

    The Cherry Orchard Suite

    Do you have an audio?
  9. Luis Hernández

    Serenade in E-flat major, Op. 8

    Really, beautiful romantic work. Although I'm more into later languages this is impressively well constructed.
  10. Luis Hernández

    Songs without words

    the first piece is surprising because of the different parts (impressionistic vs rhapsodic, I would say). nice work.
  11. Luis Hernández

    Mixed Modes

    Hi. First of all, I like this piece. I went to listen to @ComposerMITA his piece for strings. I haven't used this technique ever although it seems quite interesting. However, I have some doubts: the result here (for me) is like free atonalism, let's say not "heavy" atonalism, since there are tonal centers that come and go. There are several lines and putting them all together give that effect for me. I have worked on pieces mixing different systems, languages, modes, or whatever, but using layers, I would say, clearly different ones. Perhaps, the aim is different, because in my case I intend to make the parts independent but sounding good together. With this system the result is more textural.
  12. You should put a link to the audio.
  13. Luis Hernández

    Preludio y Fuga (Modal)

    Usually, I don't like working on fuges. Although I love counterpoint, and use it all the time, so many rules are not what I like most. So, I wrote this piece using different classic modes, which provide more freedom. FUGA MODAL Partitura completa.pdf FUGA MODAL.mp3
  14. Luis Hernández


    Beautiful. A more idiomatic writing (not almost all the time black notes in the left hand) and some work on dynamics would make it a very nice piece.
  15. Luis Hernández

    Fantasia e fuga

    Very beautiful and well done. Usually, I'm not very fond of works that resemble the baroque or classic periods. But this is a big work.