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  1. Thanks Martim for the constructive feedback, it's good to know other composer's opinion (pro or not): it will me help rework the piece.
  2. Hi Martim, Thank you very much for your compliments and feedback, it's really appreciated. Measures 10-11 vs. 13 are indeed a change of rythm which was done on purpose (the effect I was looking for was that of a bumpy stop). I am surprised you didn't mention measures 14-17, which seemed a bit off tracks to some listeners. I would be happy to hear your opinion about it? Kind regards Julien
  3. Dear Fred, thanks for this kind and precise feedback, it's good to know that you liked this contrast, I wasn't sure if I should keep it. Really helpful! Kind regards, Julien
  4. Hi Adrian, thanks for the clarifications. Your point is very clear and makes a lot of sense. I have already started reworking the piece, and have put aside the transition material, which I will use in a later piece. In the meantime, I received other feedback from colleagues and friends who basically had a feeling of "complexity", that they somehow couldn't describe. Thanks to your clear analysis, I think I now see clearly what bothers them. Thanks Adrian, musically yours, Julien
  5. Hi Adrian, About your comments: 0. I didn't know whether the move starting at m. 29 was a good idea or not, now I have an honest opinion, very useful. 1&2. I'll keep all that in mind when updating the score, thx for the expert advice 3. I'm not sure I understood the Vespa story ;-) but I definitely understood your point about the not-so-appropriate transitional material. I'll give it a second try, following your advice, and use the "redundant material" in a new composition. Excellent feedback. I'll conclude by saying that I couldn't have dreamed of such a thorough analysis, I truly owe you one, so many many thanks to you, it will help me a great deal. Julien
  6. Hi, Thanks so much for your encouragements, and your constructive comments. Thx for the feeback about the beginning, that's very useful. Kind regards, Julien
  7. Hi Maarten, I will definitely rework the score! Many thx for your feeback, very encouraging, Kind regards, Julien
  8. Hi Luis, Many thx for your feedback, I am really glad you liked it. That's really encouraging. And thanks for the tips linked to the score and modulation, that's really helpful. Kind regards, Julien
  9. Dear all, It's a long time since I last posted a composition. So, here is my 4th Fantasy, which reminds me of my youth, traveling in Asia. I'm very much looking forward to receiving some feedback: did you like it or not, any recommendations for future compositions? Any bits you didn't like at all? I realise the interpretation is not that of a professional, anyway, hope you'll enjoy listening to it! Kind regards, Julien PS: if of any interest, the score is available at https://imslp.org/wiki/Fantaisie_No.4_(Piaser,_Julien)
  10. I had a lot of fun watching the video and the music. I very much admire the way you have managed to synchronize both: it must have been hard work. I liked the rythm and the theme you chose. Thx for sharing.
  11. The first 2 pieces were rather simple, yet powerful and I could very well imagine how they could pay tribute to someone's departure. The 3rd piece had some interesting bits (e.g. some "debussy-like" harmonic alterations), but was somehow a bit too repetitive, especially at the end. Was it a recording ? (The execution was so perfect that I needed to ask the question) Many thx for sharing, Julien
  12. Hi Luis, many thanks for your comment, it's encouraging and helpful. About IMSLP, I like the idea of my work being available to anyone who would want to reuse it.
  13. Hi everyone, It's been quite a while since I last came to the forum. Here is a personal recording of my earlier work "In the mist". Should be better than the generated file. Hope you like it, any feedback is welcome! Julien PS: the complete scores available at http://www.imslp.org/wiki/Fantaisie_No.5_(Piaser,_Julien)
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