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  1. Dear Rabbival507, thanks for all your advice, I take note of all of them. Regards!
  2. 🙂 2 Andante calmo.mp3 3 Menuetto.mp3
  3. 1º Bagatelle.mid 2º Bagatelle.mid 3º Bagatelle.mid
  4. Unfortunately, the first movement is unfinished 😉 1 Adagio- Allegro comodo (unfinished).mid 2 Andante calmo.mid 3 Menuetto.mid 4 Andantino (Double Variations).mid
  5. Act III Intro-Recitativ-Aria.mid Here the beginning of the third act of an opera that I never finished. Enjoy it!
  6. Thank you! That would be wonderful! The score is not yet very well edited. ;-) Ouverture A-Dur.pdf
  7. I have finished the Ouverture! ;-) Ouverture A-Dur.mid
  8. Sorry! Here is the Kyrie, but in a manuscript version; there are a lot of things incomplete yet. ;-)
  9. Sorry, the score is only a manuscript version, without some trino indications and slurs. ;-)
  10. Missa in Bb Benedictus.mid Missa in Bb Kyrie.mid Missa in Bb Sanctus.mid
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