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    Hi, I'm Avik and I enjoy composing unusual music in the seclusion of my room, after an adventurous day, preferably with a bowl of raspberry sorbet (with strawberry sauce obviously) in my hand. What constitutes an adventurous day for me? Anything from assaulting an enemy objective at dawn (don't worry, it's just training) to rock climbing literally anything (My mom isn't too happy about this one) to finding crazy, but secluded hangout spots within the hustle and bustle of Singapore with my girlfriend, Navisha.
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    Infantry Sergeant
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    Rock Climbing, Learning new instruments and Studying music theory
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    Paul Cantelon, Howard Shore, Mikhail Glinka
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    Contemporary Classical, Progressive Rock/Metal
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    Sibelius, Reaper, Ableton Live
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    Piano, Drums, Bass

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  1. Thanks for your response! True, I think I started focusing on rhythm too much and then didn't give enough attention to the harmony. I think the ending was just something that I really wanted to do - you hear certain repeats of melodic material in a softer, and almost 'sweeter' fashion in Djent pieces (E.g. Polyphia) Thank you!
  2. Hi, Thanks for your response! Oh yes, It's more loosely based on 12 bar blues, just using it as a guidance for a format of the piece. Ah I didn't think about double stops! That makes so much sense!
  3. Hi, this is a piece called Rojak Blues for Dizi in A, Clarinet in A, Gambus, Violin and Cello. It's written partially the style of a 12 bar blues! You can listen to it in the soundcloud link:
  4. Hey! This is my piece called Screw the Violin! for 2 Violas, 2 Cellos, Double Bass, Marimba and Percussion! It has lots of Metal/Djent idioms splattered around! You can listen to it in the soundcloud link! Hope you enjoy!
  5. Hi guys! I'm new here! I'd really appreciate if you could comment on my pieces and give your suggestions/recommendations!!

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    2. KJthesleepdeprived


      'tis the same valuable advice that I was given my first day on this site

    3. Austenite


      Indeed. The only advice that keeps this thing running (at times).

    4. danishali903


      "Give, and it shall be given unto you" should be the tagline for this forum

  6. Hi, is it possible to upload a soundcloud link rather than a youtube one?
  7. Hi, I'm new to this forum! I'm currently in the military but am applying to colleges to study music composition. I just thought I'd attach a research essay that I'm sending to some universities. Since I did this essay as part of my IB curriculum back in 2011-13, do you think it's advisable to post such coursework on this site?
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