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  1. Jared Steven Destro

    Oboe Sonata in D major, "Fable" - I. In the Frog Marsh

    @Rabbival507 Thanks for the input! I could see the case for 6/8 in hindsight, definitely; I think part of the rationale relates to a fair bit of the melodic material. Even with the first bars of the piano part, I was composing while thinking of the melody (and in those bars, the harmony as well) in 2/4. I might definitely consider returning to the piece in the final drafting process (wherein I rewrite and recompose the entire piece) and putting it in 6/8 in most instances. I quite enjoy the idea of the narrative, even if it is trivial (and unnoticeable to the audience). Also, you make an interesting point on the balance of the sound! My hope is that this could be easily worked out in practice, and that isn't necessarily a main concern to me at the moment (the thought certainly crossed my mind that it could be rather loud). Thanks for the suggestions, and I'll keep them in mind when I come back to it!
  2. Hey, guys! I just finished work on the first movement of a new sonata, this time for oboe and piano; it was a quick two days. I was first planning a piano sonata, but I shifted my mind over to a duet like this instead, a form in which I enjoy writing the most. The sonata, I plan, will have three movements, and this is only the first. It has several main key areas/significant harmonies, and all of them are in mm. 30- 31. This is a piece with a story-without-words, with many motifs depicting the motions and movements of the eponymous frogs and of flowing and dripping water. While much of the music could have been conceived of in 6/8, the music finally transforms starting in the frog dance at m. 156, wherein first the meter changes into the easiest conceptualization of the original music, then it shifts from duple into triple (i.e. the oboe's introductory line), and finally back into compound duple as its final transformation, all the while taming the bombastic eccentricity of the previous material, as well as the shifting harmonic language and chromaticism. Let me know what you think! P.S. The type-facing is elementary and it will be adjusted in the final drafting process, when the following movements are done.
  3. Jared Steven Destro


    I definitely enjoyed the piece -- there was plenty of variance that kept it interesting and unpredictable, and I felt the concept of it was very creative. Great job!
  4. Jared Steven Destro

    Pastel in B minor - Blue Portrait

    Thanks, I appreciate it! It's far from a high-quality recording, but I didn't think at the time I would transcribe it note-for-note; turns out I did!
  5. Jared Steven Destro

    Pastel in B minor - Blue Portrait

    Here I have a short piano piece that I have termed as a 'pastel,' a term I find to fit well (especially with the heavy sustain and blending used throughout). I have had a particularly difficult time composing solo piano music; and, for this project, I recorded myself improvising. I was happy with the end product, so I transcribed the piece from the audio. Before recording, I had a general idea that I wanted to depict a color, so, to begin, I merely envisioned the color blue, and I played. Like my recent projects, I found a painting by Georgia O'Keeffe -- "Blue, Black, and Grey" (included in the score) -- that I think matches the music well, and that I feel coincides well with my original thought process. Being improvised, it is very much reminiscent of "stream-of-consciousness;" though, while I played I attempted, at least, to follow different melodic, harmonic, and otherwise motivic fragments in mind. Nonetheless, I am interested to hear your thoughts on a relatively unformed area of my compositions. The audio I included is my improvised session, from where the audio was transcribed, and I wanted (as well as I could) to preserve the liberative quality by use of abundant time signature changes, which almost add a moment of pause for the performer (as though they were composing themselves). My ultimate goal is to complete a set of similar pieces, all on my perceptions of different colors.
  6. Jared Steven Destro

    Aquarelle for Flute & Piano - "Sky Study"

    Thanks a lot; I'm getting more and more comfortable with my individual writing style!
  7. Jared Steven Destro

    Fantasy for English Horn & Piano - "The Grove"

  8. Jared Steven Destro

    Fantasy for English Horn & Piano - "The Grove"

    Thank you very much! Hopefully, I'll be able to get you guys an actual recording of this piece (and my other chamber pieces) soon.
  9. Jared Steven Destro

    Aquarelle for Flute & Piano - "Sky Study"

    Interesting. Well, thanks for letting me know, and I'll have to see if my flautist has any problems!
  10. Jared Steven Destro

    Aquarelle for Flute & Piano - "Sky Study"

    Thanks for the feedback! What is it that makes it particularly difficult (the leap in range?)?
  11. Jared Steven Destro

    Aquarelle for Flute & Piano - "Sky Study"

    Thank you so much! I use Garritan (4.0, I think, which came with Finale 2014). I always use the "solo" instruments -- e.g. "flute solo," as opposed to "flute player 1" -- as I found the sound is significantly more realistic. I also keep the reverberation from medium-to-low -- as it really muddies the sound under most, if not all, circumstances -- and I increase the "quality" setting of the ARIA player to max (though, to be honest, I'm not sure what difference this makes). Anyway, it is my plan to get real players performing this, but Garritan offers a realistic enough start!
  12. Jared Steven Destro

    Aquarelle for Flute & Piano - "Sky Study"

    Thank you very much, I appreciate it once again!
  13. Jared Steven Destro

    Aquarelle for Flute & Piano - "Sky Study"

    Here is a short piece for flute and piano entitled “aquarelle,” a French term used for watercolor paintings. The inspiration for the term came from Frederick Delius (a favorite composer of mine), who used it for two of his chamber pieces. For me, the term helped me better envision what I intended to depict – a study of the sky (which itself was derived by the watercolor that I paired with the music by J. M. W. Turner). The piece is divided into three clear sections – the first and last being very similar – depicting the passage from open sky to clouds back to the open sky above the clouds. In the first section, the piano has a brief introduction, which is meant to flow like a gentle breeze, before the flute sets a gentle melody on top of it. The second section is a view of the clouds, which come and go like giants, flowing from one to the other; at the end of this section, grace-note figures in the flute part are introduced to resemble the flapping of a birds’ wings fighting through the clouds. The final section is back to the soaring melodies from the first section, now with the grace-note figures as a constant image. The piece ends abruptly with the flute, just how gust of wind might blow at full force only to die away suddenly. Like all my recent chamber works, I am going to try to obtain a recording of this work. Wish me luck, and I appreciate any comments, just as usual!
  14. Jared Steven Destro


    Very soothing, and I think it's a good start. I think it will be rather interesting to see how you plan on developing this, especially into something as long as you say (do you mean one, continuous piece of music?). I think it would be nice to hear some textural and harmonic shifts, especially after an introduction as you have just constructed; great job, though!
  15. Jared Steven Destro

    In our nature

    I loved it! I thought you made great use of each instrument, and that you really invoked the image of 'nature' in your music. Good job!