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    I've been composing on and off for around a couple years now and I'm trying to improve everywhere I can but that can be difficult without criticism from others. So please, tell me what you think about my music and I'll do my best to take it on board. :)
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    John Powell, Hans Zimmer, Ludovico Einaudi
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  1. Sounds a bit like something you'd put over an inspiration speech. I really love the intensity in the second half aswell. However entering and leaving the more intense section with the drums felt a bit abrupt to me. I think if you worked up the dynamic a bit before entering this section, like adding a few more instruments and increasing dynamics gradually until the drum section begins could make it feel a bit more fluid, and owuld also build tension for the climax to release. for the outro of the drum part, perhaps you could have a reverse cymbal leading up to the edge of it and then cutting back to the quiet soft piano so it feels like it reached its maximum energy right at the end. I enjoyed listening and well done on it 🙂
  2. Hey, I really loved the feel in this piece, really beautiful and sad. I just noticed a couple things which caught me out a bit. When you change to the Fdim chord, sometimes it clashes with the previous chord (B flat major) because the B of the Fdim chord has come in early while the B flat major chord is still being held. You can hear this at 1:23 . Another point is that I found it difficult to follow a particular melody through the piece because their seemed to be a few different melodies happening in the strings at the same time, aswell as no repeteing motif that I could grasp onto. I think if you have some well defined melodies that come in and out of the piece that the listener can recognise then it would make this piece even better. Overall it felt like it would fit well into the book 🙂 Well done.
  3. I've never listened to something with so few chord changes and still been so engaged. The gradual build up is great where it isnt rushed but also isn't drawn out too long, and you keep it interesting by only making small changes along the way (nothing too jarring that feels out of place). Well done. I could imagine this being played over a part of a movie where a character is having a terrible plot-twisting realization. Anyways I love it 🙂
  4. Hello I'm working on a horror soundtrack for a film and I'm pretty new to the genre so I'd love as much help as I can from you guys PLEASE. This piece is for the opening of the film, where a spirit is travelling silently through the streets of a neighbourhood. It then begins to narrow in on a house and travel toward a window. It passes through the glass (1:05) and to where a newborn baby is sleeping in a cot and then moves towards it. That's where the scene cuts out. Please let me know if things don't sound right or fit the scenario as I never get to work on films and I just want to make a good impression haha.
  5. Ben Maier


    Hey, I'm not 100% sure what this genre of song is, I'd love it if someone could let me know because I want to try produce a bit more in this style. Normally I compose orchestral soundtrack sort of stuff but I think it is good to be able to branch out and produce in all sorts of styles not only for the ability to reach a wider range of applications but because I can learn more about other techniques and technology which I could apply across a range of genres. Anyway this is the first sort of composition I've made outside of my usual genre and hopefully it actually sounds different, not just the same with different instruments haha. Let me know all the criticism you have because I am so new to this and I need all the help I can get! Cheers.
  6. Hey it's been ages since my last post but i decided to get a bit more back into composing and I love sharing things with you guys on here so hopefully you all can have a listen and give me your thoughts. Cheers https://soundcloud.com/benmaiermusic/the-crimson-garden
  7. @DFox Thanks mate, I used the EWQL gypsy sound library it's a hell good library
  8. Cheers @Sepharite and @nguerrero, it's great to hear you liked it. I agree it should probably be longer but my brain stopped working and I couldn't think of anything else to add for the life of me so now it's only 1:30 :/
  9. @LostSamurai Jeez that was quick. Thanks for your response, that's a relief that it fits the setting :')
  10. Hey people, This one is only a short track but I was trying to match the setting of a busy airport. Im not too sure how effective it is because I've listened to it way too much and cant really tell anymore haha but I would love your feedback :) Cheers guys
  11. @markstyles Thats a good point with the EQing. I think i still have a bit to learn on the mastering part so thanks for your feedback :)
  12. @Arkh @Slazeus Thankyou for the kind words :) Im glad you enjoyed it. Im also wondering how you react to replies and content coz i cant find anywhere on this to do it haha.
  13. Hey people would love some feedback on this track :) please criticize the crap out of it if you want - anything is welcome. Thanks guys, your input has shaped my composing more than i can express and I appreciate and value every word of it.
  14. Dude is this live or do you just have an incredible sound library because if so please hook me up hahah ;)
  15. Thanks for the feedback :) Next time I'll try and release the track here first so I can implement the changes.
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