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  1. Strange Planet

    I've never heard about John Carpenter until now.
  2. Strange Planet

  3. Strange Planet

    Hello Guys, This is my new track, I hope you'll like it!
  4. Olivér Kovács - Dystopia

    Thanks Dream Sown!
  5. 1st Symphony 1st movement

    Okay, but I don't understand your question, I wrote I'll make the score when I'll be ready with all movements.
  6. 1st Symphony 1st movement

    I can't share the score, because it isn't ready yet. :)
  7. Hello Guys, I decided, I compose a symphony. This is the first movement, when will be ready the whole composition, I'm gonna make a score. Share your opinion with me! :)
  8. Sorry, my English is not perfect, but I'm trying to write my remarks. Memorizable and pleasant melody, but I think, it's too simple. In my opinion you should varied instrumentation and rhithm. You know, not just one two three four one two three four... A little bit monotonous.
  9. Genius

    Thank you Krys! Maybe monotone, but the original music is monotone also. :) Same rhythm in the whole intro music.
  10. Genius

    Hey Guys, I entered a competition today, the task is, the competitors should make an own version from Genius (Nat Geo series) intro. Let me introduce my version! If you love my piece, like it! Thanks! THIS IS THE LINK BELOW. :) It doesn't have embeded code. :) http://indi.com/96kq2
  11. Journey with the Moonlight

    Thanks for your comment Krys K.! I'm glad that you like my composition. What kind of "potention issues" do you think? :)
  12. Hello, This is my new composition, I'd like to know your opinion. Thanks!
  13. Hello guys, This is my new piano composition. I hope you'll share your opinion with me. :)
  14. String Quartet

    Thanks for your opinion jawoodruff, but I don't have score, because I made this composition with DAW software, which is not score based.