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  1. Thanks for all the responses, everyone :) I attached the piece I'm working on right now- it's the best that I've done so far that also has the problems I'm talking about. As such the second half is unfinished (so, quit listening around 3:30, I couldn't cut out what I haven't worked on). I really like a lot of the things I've done with the first half but it also showcases some of the problems I've been having. It's also got a serious atmosphere issue. It's supposed to be a tragic love song. It starts somewhere around there, but by the middle that feeling is completely gone, and I don't know how to get it back. (It's Sib 7 audio file, not me playing at this point). Kikyo's Theme_2_52.mp3
  2. Mostly I do transposing of anime/video game/etc. music, generally with melody on flute and then harmony on piano. I generally have no trouble coming up with harmony that sounds good but I've realized recently that it's all too active- my harmony doesn't complement the melody, it distracts from it. I try just doing block chords or a running bass line but then it sounds too boring and cliche. Any advice for making a harmony that isn't boring, but not to the point where it distracts from the melody? (If you can't tell, I've never received formal instruction and am pretty much a novice)
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