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    Sine musica nulla vita; without music no life. I have been composing since one and a half year and I try to develop myself as fast as possible to find my own 'voice.' Never have I had any composition classes, so one may say that I am an autodidact composer that learned from the internet, by studying books, but above all by listening to all kinds of music. Next school year I have my final exams and I am going to follow the pre-study of composition at the conservatorium ArtEZ (Zwolle, NL). I am very enthousiastic and I cannot wait!
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    The Netherlands
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    Music, architecture, painting, drawing, language, poetry, literature, philosophy
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    Shostakovich, Stravinsky, Ravel, Wagner, Debussy, Glass, Bruckner
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    Experimental, avant-garde, neo-classical, minimal music
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    MuseScore, Noteflight
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    Piano, soprano saxophone and alto saxophone

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  1. The music is performed by a standard ensemble of the Prinses Christina Concours. In this case it was Trio Burlesco+ Although I do get your idea about the Holocaust, I completely disagree with you. Why do you say that the music could have been left out? Words and silence are fantastic ways to express emotions, but at some places music surpasses language. My goal is to motivate people to remember that our freedon is not obvious. Freedom is a gift. So, with all respect, you say that it is useless to compose any art about the genocide, because people's nature is to kill each other? I am very concerned about this... I think we CAN prevent new genocide(s) or we could at least try to... Thanks for listening and your opinion.
  2. Thank you very much! The text of my melodramas are generally the same as the poems, but I editted my poem for this piece to avoid the time limit. Thanks again! Hearing that your music is an inspiration for somebody feels great!
  3. Hello! [Partly the description in the program booklet and youtube video] Maarten Bauer – Melodrama No.1 ''The End of His Story Started Here,'' Op. 45. 11th of August 2017 Dedicated to all the victims in concentration camps during World War II. The music begins at circa 2:00 On the 18th of November 2017 (one of the) most prestigious composition competition(s) in the Benelux took place: Prinses Christina Compositie Concours. I submitted my Melodrama No.1 ‘’The End of His Story Started Here’’ and to my surprise I won the first price of competition! I cannot express my gratitude for the judges, the performers (Trio Burlesco+) and the audience! Furthermore I would like to thank the other participating composers for the amazing experience and relaxed atmosphere during the stressful day. Description This melodrama uses the poem, which I have written in 2014 (see the text below), based on John Boyne’s astonishing book The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. This composition is composed for the Trio Burlesco and a soprano and a percussionist (Trio Burlesco+). The text and music strengthen each other, so none of the two can be omitted. The innocent soprano is both narrator and singer and she symbolizes the actions, the emotions and the thoughts of the main character in the poem: Shmuel. Shmuel is a Jewish boy, who has just arrived in Auschwitz, which is called Out-With by Boyne. He does not know where he is and he cannot find his family, consisting of his father, mother and his big sister, whom I called Anat, which means ‘singing.’ The motivation for me to write such a heavily-weighted piece, namely an innocent young boy who will probably die in a Nazi concentration camp, is because I noticed that people in my surrounding realize less and less that freedom and peace are not obvious. It is the greatest gift that we can live in freedom and peace in the Netherlands. I noticed that this important consciousness gradually drains away by the years. Therefore I wanted to compose a piece, which remembers us that we have to be grateful for the lives we now live and that the indescribable terrible crimes may never be repeated. When I wrote the poem, my tears flowed. When I composed the Melodrama, my tears flowed. And now again, my tears flow, because this may never happen again. Never. https://christinaconcours.nl/alles/9667/

    The poll is closed and we are working on combining the submitted designs. Nonetheless, thank you and when we need some help we will ask you!
  5. Celesta Jazz

    Very catchy! The only critique I have is that I would have liked some variation in registers of the Celesta. It is a wonderful instrument, but you seldomly use the lowest register of it, which is a pity. Great work!
  6. Four hands piece in exchange for food. deal?

    Lovely work. It is restful, because the music is clear: you have a nice melody and an effective accompaniment. I know it is hard to write for quatre mains, because there are so many lines you 'need to' fill in, but you don't have much variety in timbre like in an orchestra. In my opinion, you can improve the lay-out of the score. Just a little bit more articulation markings so that the performers know what you want. I think you did very well. Great job!
  7. Discussion of long composition

    One year ago I found it important to write large-scale music. Large-scale music appeared better to me than short pieces. Now my view on that has changed: I write music until I feel that it has to stop. So, sometimes I write music of 1 minute, but I have also composed a longer piece of 30 minutes. I guess that pop songs are short - and getting shorter and shorter - because the longer a song is, the more expensive it is to play on the radio. I want to be careful with this, but I think that classical composers care more about art than about duration. With pop artists the duration is more important. I am not saying that pop is not art.
  8. Could someone hear the song I wrote? :)

    Changing the key signature (lowering the beginning tone) could help too.
  9. Composition I for Saxophone and Piano

    If you want more feedback about the piano and saxophone part, I recommend you to post your piece in this club too: https://www.youngcomposers.com/f183/how-it-works/ I like the music, but @Muhammadreza is right about the piano part. It kills the saxophone sound. Seeing your profile picture, I assume that you play saxophone yourself? I politely challenge you to play this piece yourself in the way you have written it down (not how you have the music in your head). Some parts are extremely difficult and playing passages like the one shown below is almost impossible to play clearly. The music is fine, but you still need to learn a lot about harmony. The idea of the music is very nice! The form reminds me of a fantasia. Take a look at this video. It might give you more inspiration: For a beginner, well done!
  10. Wonderful composition with great solos! Thanks for sharing this music! :)
  11. Moment Musical in F minor

    Your attempt to write in the style of Schubert bears fruit! Very nice piece with nice melodies and harmonies in the syle of Schubert. As a Schubert fan, I really enjoyed the music. Although I like how you use the short appoggiatura to create a sort of motif and recognition point in the music, I think you overuse this motif. As a result, this 'exaggeration' of the ornamental note annoys me a bit, to be honest. Nevertheless, very well done and great music!
  12. Profile picture purge?

    I have no idea, because I post so many posts here. It could be.
  13. Dancing Queen arrangement

    Yes, it sounds too easy and counterpoint doesn't have to make music harder to play actually. In fact, it will benefit your music.