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    Sine musica nulla vita; without music no life. I have been composing since one and a half year and I try to develop myself as fast as possible to find my own 'voice.' Never have I had any composition classes, so one may say that I am an autodidact composer that learned from the internet, by studying books, but above all by listening to all kinds of music. Next school year I have my final exams and I am going to follow the pre-study of composition at the conservatorium ArtEZ (Zwolle, NL). I am very enthousiastic and I cannot wait!
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    The Netherlands
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    Music, architecture, painting, drawing, language, poetry, literature, philosophy
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    Shostakovich, Stravinsky, Ravel, Wagner, Debussy, Glass, Bruckner
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    Experimental, avant-garde, neo-classical, minimal music
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    MuseScore, Noteflight
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    Piano, soprano saxophone and alto saxophone

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  1. Maarten Bauer

    String Quartet No.3 ,,Friends''

    Thank you very much! I really liked to compose in this style, so I may compose something like this in the future. Sorry for my late response!
  2. I love this music and the musicians. The way they play with little motifs, choruses and improvisation is really inspiring! The girl has so much energy, amazing! Thanks for sharing! This made my day.
  3. Maarten Bauer

    [STRING QUARTET] Variations on a Dutch folk song

    Yes, of course! Good luck with your competition!
  4. Maarten Bauer

    [STRING QUARTET] Variations on a Dutch folk song

    Preferably only the variation, but I can do it for now with your file. Do you have a midi file of it?
  5. Maarten Bauer

    [STRING QUARTET] Variations on a Dutch folk song

    Yes, I know. It is, however, not possible to have solely one answer, so that is why I called both answers yes.
  6. Hello! I think it would be great for the community if we do another collaborative project. The last project that I runned went pretty well, so here is the same set up: It sounds very interesting to me when we have a collaboration project in the form of Theme and Variations. For the ones who don't know what this form is: you compose one or more variations on a stated theme. A clear example is Mozart's Dodici variazioni su 'Ah, vous dirai-je Maman': How does it work? You can compose as many variations on the given theme as you want. There are a few rules / points: Only write for the saxophone quartet (SATB). Not all variations have to contain all instruments, so you can also compose a variation for, for instance, saxophone trio (S, A, B) or a solo passage. Make sure that the theme is recognizable or at least fragments of it. Every style is accepted: contemporary, classical, Pop, Jazz, minimal etc. Variations may not be longer than 2 minutes. When you have finished a variation, please post it in this topic with the following files. This namely saves a lot time for me to edit the final version. PDF file of the score and; Midi file and; MP3 file. You can be as creative as you want! DELIVER THE PARTS IN C (SO NO TRANSPOSING) This link will lead you to the previous collaboration topic: https://www.youngcomposers.com/t35393/string-quartet-variations-on-a-dutch-folk-song/ Theme ''Wilhelmus van Nassouwe'' Wilhelmus van Nassouwe.mp3 Wilhelmus van Nassouwe.pdf Wilhelmus van Nassouwe.mid If you are interested and want to compose a variation, please sign in for this project by answering yes in the poll above. Good luck! Maarten Bauer
  7. Maarten Bauer


    Why do opera singers sing with vibrato? I know that vibrato helps to carry the voice further in the concert hall, but nowadays we have microphones. Is there an example of an opera without vibrato technique? Or an opera with 'pop singing technique'? Maarten
  8. Maarten Bauer


    Thank you! I will read the article. I see that there is a quite long article in German as well, so huray!
  9. Maarten Bauer


    Interesting! Could you maybe explain the technique for playing in numbers to me?
  10. Maarten Bauer


    Yes! I know it! However, I think the whole point if gamelan music is the orchestra and special instruments and to be honest, I do not like his estampes. :S
  11. Maarten Bauer


    Hello! Since my roots lie in Indonesia, I am really interested in the Indonesian culture and thus music. Gamelan is a very important genre in the Indonesian music tradition and I would like to examine this percussion music further. Do you have any composers, who write for gamelan orchestra in standard western notation? Please, share them here! It's most common in Indonesia to learn music by heart and to learn it by repeating the teacher, but this is one of the gamelan notations: Maarten
  12. Completely doable. Note that legato passages are almost always even more easy to play than portato / staccato passages.
  13. Maarten Bauer

    String Quartet No.3 ,,Friends''

    Thank you! The ut stands for the C in the scale.
  14. Maarten Bauer

    String Quartet No.3 ,,Friends''

    Thank you Luis!
  15. Maarten Bauer

    How to compose music?

    First of all, great that you want to learn to compose! I can share my composing advice. When I started to compose, which is circa 2,5 years ago, I did not know anything about music theory. I did play saxophone and I learnt to play keyboard. So, I was familiar with reading notes and chords, but harmony, form, counterpoint etc. were terms I never had heard of. To be clear: my first compositions were garbage, but I am so glad that I wrote them. Every 'mistake' you make, will help you with composing the next piece. Experience and doing it is the key. I started to imitate and copy Mozart's first minuets so that I became familiar with standard forms and harmony. Furthermore, I listened to all kinds of music. Since you say that you already have some knowledge of theory, I think you should just start composing. When you do not like the result, do not delete it, but look why you do not like it and what you could change so that you will like it. Good luck!