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    Sine musica nulla vita; without music no life. I have been composing since one and a half year and I try to develop myself as fast as possible to find my own 'voice.' Never have I had any composition classes, so one may say that I am an autodidact composer that learned from the internet, by studying books, but above all by listening to all kinds of music. Next school year I have my final exams and I am going to follow the pre-study of composition at the conservatorium ArtEZ (Zwolle, NL). I am very enthousiastic and I cannot wait!
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    The Netherlands
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    Music, architecture, painting, drawing, language, poetry, literature, philosophy
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    Shostakovich, Stravinsky, Ravel, Wagner, Debussy, Glass, Bruckner
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    Experimental, avant-garde, neo-classical, minimal music
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    MuseScore, Noteflight
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    Piano, soprano saxophone and alto saxophone

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  1. Congratulations with this amazing, very inventive composition! The style is original: classical, romantic and some modern touches. I really love the piano writing and the harmonies are beautiful too. The orchestration is very thin, which is a great choice in this case! I can't mention something I don't like about the music! There could be some more articulation markings in the piano part. Of course you still need to look at the lay-out. Very well done, you may be proud!
  2. Thank you, I personally really like to make sudden contrasts between consonance and dissonance. I did use it in a very specific motive, but I used a motive and made it more dissonant.
  3. It was a pleasure! Great project by you, this really helps the community!
  4. Thank you, it is indeed closer to tonality than the first one.
  5. Nice composition, like Vivaldi. Actually, I should say that there were for me no parts that I really found fantastic, nor terrible. The middle part was the best in my opinion. I would listen to it during a concert, but for me it does not have enough 'interesting stuff', which is dangerous to say. After a while, I cannot stay focused on the music anymore. I mean that the music is too repetitive and too much of the same for me. I have the same thing with many works by Vivaldi and Mozart. This is my taste, it is not bad music at all! I have respect for your skill of writing in the Baroque style.
  6. Thank you! The piece is written for piano. I think the midi is confused.
  7. I think I do not get your point. The article tells when to use bass, tenor and treble clef. Not alto clef if I am right.
  8. Beautiful composition with interesting harmonies! I don't know if I would use the alto clef for bassoon. I don't know if they can read it. Instead, I would use the tenor clef. My favourite part is the allegrissimo. Bien hecho!
  9. @Luis Hernández @Monarcheon Is this second version better? Fuga (2).pdf
  10. Yes, I noticed that. This is for me the most challenging part of writing fugues. Thank you, maybe that it because I can write music that I know, whereas I have not written many fugues (yet). I think it can be considered a completely independent 'genre' in music history.
  11. Yes, there is a pdf issue in clubs. Do you mean transitions in this piece or transitions in my style? For more about the piece and my thoughts, please read my response to Monarcheon.
  12. I completely agree that some parts sound 'wrong'. I will take a look at it again, because I do not like the result at all. It is a complete mess everywhere regarding counterpoint, tonality, voice leading and harmony. You may think "why did you already most it then?" Well, I have not been able to write anything for more than two months due to lack of time and inspiration. Maybe some feedback would help me to 'recover.' It is a pity that the pdf feature does not work.
  13. I really like this composition! Probably, they found it too creepy because of the sound effects you added to the music itself. Although the music is somewhat mysterious, I would not call it creepy. I love the harmonies and the sound of the marimba. Take a look at Ligeti's Ricercata No.3. He only uses four notes: C, E, E flat and G, so he can make a major and a minor C triad. This may be interesting for you as a matter of major vs minor.
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