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    Sine musica nulla vita; without music no life. I have been composing since one and a half year and I try to develop myself as fast as possible to find my own 'voice.' Never have I had any composition classes, so one may say that I am an autodidact composer that learned from the internet, by studying books, but above all by listening to all kinds of music. Next school year I have my final exams and I am going to follow the pre-study of composition at the conservatorium ArtEZ (Zwolle, NL). I am very enthousiastic and I cannot wait!
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    The Netherlands
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    Music, architecture, painting, drawing, language, poetry, literature, philosophy
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    Shostakovich, Stravinsky, Ravel, Wagner, Debussy, Glass, Bruckner
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    Experimental, avant-garde, classical, minimal music
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    MuseScore, Noteflight
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    Piano, soprano saxophone and alto saxophone

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  1. Timpani tunings

    (Wikipedia, n.d.).
  2. Piano Concerto ''Octaves''

    Thanks! I valled it "Octaves" because there are many octaves present in the piece, both melodically and harmonically. Do you mean that the leading tones are not resolved?
  3. Piano Concerto ''Octaves''

    Thank you! I am glad that you like the music!
  4. Hello everybody! I just finished my Piano Concerto No.1 ''Octaves'' in f minor. The Concerto consists of only one movement: Allegro con brio. The music is, of course, written for piano and string orchestra. The goal for me to write this piano concerto was to learn more about how to write for piano and how to write in a more classical, early romantic style. Note that I added some more contemporary elements as well. The concerto is in free Sonata Form: Exposition - Exposition repetition with piano (classical) || Development (many more modern elements) || Recapitulation without the second theme. I ommited the second theme in the recapitulation, because I felt like this theme was already 'mentioned' too frequently. Furtheremore, ending with the first theme sounds fine to me. What do you think about the music? Particularly the development? *The lay-out of the score still has to be done. Maarten
  5. Profile picture purge?

    @chopin @johnbucket
  6. HELP! Name of this piece?

    Hello Mariza, Thanks for you response. I think I am going to write it down on paper and compose some variations. Next years she will become 80 years old, so I could give a recording to her as a birthday present.
  7. Melodrama No.2 ''We Draaien Door''

    I think I would rather use beams for the legato bowings (so the middle part is not completely correct). But Monarcheon recommended me to do so, but I am not sure if I have done it the way Monarcheon imagined it.
  8. Melodrama No.2 ''We Draaien Door''

    You mean like this? Do you think I should reduce the seperate parts Marimba, Drumset and Percussion to one Percussion part, because there is only one percussionist? Musescore does not allow me to add treble and bass clefs to a percussion part, so I will need this seperate marimba part. However, I have indicated that the percussionist has to switch to marimba. Is this correct: *Naar = to; **Slagwerk = Percussion. When the Marimba is not played, there is no part shown liek you can see in the attached score.
  9. Melodrama No.2 ''We Draaien Door''

    Okay. I will do the best I can. Thanks again!
  10. Melodrama No.2 ''We Draaien Door''

    ¡Muchas gracias! Well, I am very grateful to you, because you actually showed me the gate to this musical genre. I am sure that I would not have been able to write this music, when you did not introduce several techniques and genres to me. Sólo quiero decir: ¡gracias!
  11. Melodrama No.2 ''We Draaien Door''

    Thank you very much! The advice is very useful! About the bass harmonics, I firstly notated it with the open string, note to be played and resulting note, but a friend of mine who is a profession bassist told me that bassists prefer the simple notation I applied. Actually, the percussive slap tongue is meant to be accompaniment and the trombone plays 'melody.' However, maybe it is better to write f in the trombone part. There is only one percussionist available and the description said: drumset and small percussion. The drumset already stands there when the music will be performed, so I thought it would not hurt to write it. Do you think I can omit the marimba? I am glad you like it!
  12. [STRING QUARTET] Variations on a Dutch folk song

    @DirkH Thanks! I have added your variation! I love it.
  13. Hello everybody! It tooks ages to get some inspiration and it feels very satisfying to finally post some new music... This composition is going to be submitted to a Dutch concours with the theme ''Lang zullen we ronddraaien.'' This can be translated like: The earth will rotate for still much time. I interpreted the music like we become crazy, which means ''We draaien door.'' The poem is written by me and its theme is the refugees crisis. The form is Mosaic Form. Please tell me your opinion about the music! Feedback is appreciated as well. Maarten We draaien door Kijk om je heen. Voor je, achter je, links van je, rechts van je. Die man, die vrouw Die jij hier ziet zijn bevoorrecht. Dat kind Dat jij opmerkt, heeft geluk Denk na. We beklagen ongeremd Het weer, het eten, het drinken, gisteren, vandaag, morgen; Anderen. Die man, die vrouw, dat kind, Zij en wij leven in een bijna-utopie Die we liever niet met anderen delen. Denk na! Andere mannen, vrouwen, kinderen Die juist nú hulp nodig hebben, Keren wij de rug toe. Ons geluk delen met medemensen Die de hel meemaakten; Lijkt een stap te ver Voor sommigen van ons. We draaien door! Het duizelt me. - Maarten Bauer, 12 september 2017. TRANSLATION We become crazy Look around you In front of you, behind you, left from you, right from you. That man, that woman Who you see there are privileged. That child Who you notice, is lucky. Think. We complaint unbulliently of The weather, the food, the drinks, yesterday, today, tomorrow; Others. That man, that woman, that child They and we live in an 'almost utopia' Which we preferably do bot share with others. Think! We turn our backs upon Other men, women, children Who need help right now. Sharing our fortune with neighbours, Who experiened the Hell, Seems to go too far For some of us. We become crazy! I get dizzy from it. - Maarten Bauer, 12 september 2017.
  14. Scherzo for orchestra

    Perfect scherzo! It really is a funny, scherzando piece. Although I am not a great fan of Scherzos, I like this one. The orchestration is light, like it needs to be. Your woodwind writing is good, but I think there can be more interesting parts in the strings. The music reminds me of the Beethoven scherzi, so I think you have done pretty well. The melodies are simple, yet very interesting. I have concerns about the key signatures. You use keys with many flats and sharps and I think you need to consider if you really want these keys or not. Goed gedaan! Misschien is het leuk als we eens proberen een 'Nederlands' project samen te doen. Zoals een liederenbundel het in Nederlands. Gewoon een ideetje?

    Beautiful! The Aurelia Quartet is a Dutch saxophone quartet, which played an important role in introducing this ensemble to more people. Of the four saxophonists, three of them are professors on conservatoria in The Netherlands: Johan van der Linden (Soprano); Arno Bornkamp (Tenor); Willem van Merwijk (Baritone). I talked with these three about saxophone and I had some lessons with Van der Linden. The alto saxophonist is Niels Bijl. Dirk, I will restate your post to keep the structure of this topic. Thanks for sharing!