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    Sine musica nulla vita; without music no life. I have been composing since one and a half year and I try to develop myself as fast as possible to find my own 'voice.' Never have I had any composition classes, so one may say that I am an autodidact composer that learned from the internet, by studying books, but above all by listening to all kinds of music. Next school year I have my final exams and I am going to follow the pre-study of composition at the conservatorium ArtEZ (Zwolle, NL). I am very enthousiastic and I cannot wait!
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    The Netherlands
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    Music, architecture, painting, drawing, language, poetry, literature, philosophy
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    Shostakovich, Stravinsky, Ravel, Wagner, Debussy, Glass, Bruckner
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    Experimental, avant-garde, neo-classical, minimal music
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    MuseScore, Noteflight
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    Piano, soprano saxophone and alto saxophone

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  1. Masterclass: ORCH 103 - SAXOPHONE WRITING

    #12- Pedro Iturralde - Pequeña Czarda (1929) This is a beautiful example of modern Spanish / Latino music for saxophone. It appears that Although the music might sound easy, it certainly is not. Particularly, the last section, when the saxophonist needs to play a melody in the altissimo register and glissandi. Intonation can be hard too. Note that there is almost always legato when a saxophone needs to play a fast passage, because this is much easier than staccato or 'normal' playing ways. Note the beautiful cadenza, in which the performer plays with different fingerings, which slightly change the pitch of the note. Furthermore, the saxophonist uses key clicks, which also produce pitches in the form of the melody. Pedro Iturralde - Pequeña Czarda for Alto Saxophone and Piano (1929)
  2. [MELODRAMA] Ali Baba

    Thank you for your opinion! Do you consider yourself Persian as ab Iranian? I am really interested, since the 'formal' Persian empire does not exist anymore in my knowledge. Thanks! I love exotic scales too! Currently, I am experimenting with gamelan music, because my roots are from Indonesia and I feel a connection between this sort of music and me.
  3. [MELODRAMA] Ali Baba

    Hello! For some workshops at the conservatorium, I needed to write a very simple piece based on world music. So I decided to write my third melodrama about the fairy tale Ali Baba and the forty thieves. I did not compose a piece about the whole fairy tale, because it needed to be a short piece. The composition ends with an open end. The number of instruments can change, so I decided to cluster the instruments as much as possible. Here is the Dutch text with translation: Ali Baba is mijn naam. Ik ben de rijkste man in heel Perzië. Hoe? Dat zal ik u eens vertellen. Op een dag reisde ik door de woestijn. Het zand brandde mijn huid en de zon verblindde me. Ik besloot met mijn kameel even te rusten in de schaduw van een rots. Totdat ik stemmen hoorde. [Spreek Arabische klanken] Ze zagen eruit als rovers. Ik volgde ze na. Ze liepen naar een rots. En ze riepen ,,Sesam open u!'' En de rots brak open. Toen de rovers binnen waren, verstopte ik me achter de rots. Ik wachtte tot alle veertig rovers weer buiten waren en in het donker sloop ik naar de magische rots toe. En bij de rots aangekomen riep ik de woorden ,,Sesam open u!'' De rots ging open en ik ging naar binnen. Binnen kon ik mijn ogen niet geloven. Bergen met goud, zilver en edelstenen. Ik ben steenrijk! Wahaha! Maar hoe krijg ik het mee naar huis? Ali Baba is my name. I am the richest man in whole Persia. How? I am going to tell you. Once upon a time, I traveled through the desert. The sand burned my skin and the sun dazzled my eyes. I decided to rest a while in the shadow of a rock. Until I heard voices. [Speak Arabic sounds] They looked like thieves. I followed them. They walked to a rock. And they called ,,Open sesame.'' And the rock broke open. When the thieves were inside, I hid myself behind a rock. I waited until all forty thieves were outside again and I sneaked to the magical rock in the dark. And arrived at the rock, I called the words ,,Open sesame!'' The rock opened and I entered. I could not believe my eyes inside. Mountains of gold, silver and jewels. I am rich! Wahaha! But how am I going to bring this all home?
  4. "Angels & Earths" ...feel free to listen!

    Wonderful music! The only comment I can give you is that I would like to hear a more real sounding choir. Like Ilv said, there is a fine balance between repetition and variations. For instance, the claves add so much more depth to the music. Great decision to add them!
  5. The Unknown Land

    The music reminds me of medieval games. *Nostalgia* Actually, I think this is great game music: epic orchestration; epic melodies; epic harmonies. The only critique I can give you is that you could spend some more time on making the sounds more real. The dissonant end is marvelous; it creates an open end (if that is an English term). I love it!
  6. Those Who Dare to Dream

    Overall, nice! I like the restful mood, which obviously needs to represent dreaming. The variations on the theme / harmony are nice. I do, however, think that the ending is too abrupt. A coda or final section would improve the piece. The audio is pretty confusing, because the left hand sounds more like a guitar, but this issue is of course fixed when it is performed on a real piano.
  7. Soliloquy for Viola No. 7

    First of all, the given melody is really wonderful! It seems to me that this soliloquy is pretty detailed compared to your previous works, which I actually like. It makes it easier for the performer to understand how to play the music. I like your variations: they are simple, yet inventive and interesting. Well done!
  8. Overture ''Macbeth,'' Op. 59

    The recording is way more 'messy' than the real performance.
  9. Why do you compose?

    If it is impossible to include emotions into music as a composer, let me at least think that I can, because when I can think I can, I will feel my emotions. Maybe I fool with my minds, but I like it then.
  10. First movement of Piano Sonata in B-flat Major

    *study harmony
  11. Why do you compose?

    Yes, music as a hobby. That is the best choice, but do I want to make the best choice?
  12. Why do you compose?

    This year, I need to choose whether I go study Composition at the conservatorium or German at the University. An internal battle is fought in my body: ratio versus feelings. My ratio tells me to study German, since it gives me enough possibilities to survive and I do not hate the language at all. Unlike composition, I can earn enough money to live from as a teacher. Furthermore, teachership appears inspiring. On the other hand, my feelings command me to follow my heart, which says composition; my love; my life. If I choose for it, every day will be unsure about my money, but I do have my love. The study is expensive too (concerning moving to another place). My family is everything except rich. Am I going to pay this high price? Ich weiß es nicht und vielleicht werde ich's nie wissen.
  13. Why do you compose?

    Looks like I answered the questions in the wrong forum department. I would like to say a few more words about why I compose. To be honest, I do not know. It takes extremely much time; it can be very frustrating when trying to compose, but nothing comes down on paper; nobody is going to pay you for it; there is a lot great music already in the world; getting your pieces performed is rather a privilege than a right of a composer. In conclusion, I declare myself a stupid boy that writes music just for himself. I write for myself. Myself. The question then remains why I write music if it is only for myself. Again, I do not know. My only answer is that it might be an addiction.
  14. [STRING QUARTET] Cuckoo

    Thanks a lot! I am happy that you like my blend of modern and classical styles!