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  1. I think I will keep the 3rds in bar 13 otherwise there will be a sudden change to the sounding between bar 12 and 13, but the speed in the beginning is actually free, so pianist can do the accelerando in the way that is comfortable to them. I don't know how to use Finale to spread 2 lines to 3 lines then back to 2 lines, so about the use of cross staff voicing, I am sorry about that but I can't fix it. You are right about bar 129 and 130.
  2. I accept using arpeggio in the chords you pointed out (in the last few bars and the ostinato appeared in the Andante part). Especially in the chord you showed here with the fermata, use of arpeggio is prefered (it is a bit cramped if all notes played at once). Thanks for the comment. [For the software to generate a recording, I have no choice but to assign a tempo to it. Originally the parts I set quarter note = 56, they are a bit free in tempo, anyway nice comment on the chords]
  3. First one in a year, probably much more human than the first toccata I did. Kind of testing the range of a piano... (dont know how to make melody lines stand out without using accents, sorry about that if you find it a bit noisy and clumsy from bar 33-48 and the triplets)
  4. same chord progression over and over again is quite common for bgm of some online games or photo story as it creates something like a rotary motion going round and round, so may not be a problem. but if this is not your purpose, it would be better if you make some changes to it
  5. thanks for the advice. I was trying to make as little jumps and running notes as possible to make it lazy, maybe I should do more work on the chords to demonstrate the laziness and add more triplets to make it more interesting at the same time.
  6. unfortunately, software cant play it lazily and I am not good enough to play it...
  7. I agree that it is quite tiring to listen to it, I should arrange the chords in a way to make it light.
  8. thanks for the advice, it actually allows rubato in places where articulation changes, but the software cant do it
  9. good use of repeat, I have always thought that repeating makes it boring but your composition brings me to a new horizon. More things to learn for me
  10. old work, revised. probably testing finger flexibility to the max
  11. nice. I would build up a little bit before the triplets in bar 11. something seems missing before bar 51, I think it is great to have that atonal part but it would be better if there is a little transition. Maybe better if you play it as the software makes the accompaniment too loud
  12. it is hard to stick with pentatonic, so I try to use rhythm and ornaments to do the work. but still long way to hone my skills
  13. will take that, was trying something that is present in Brahms music. still need to practice more. thanks for the comment
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