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  1. Hi everyone! I'm looking for a female singer to collaborate with. I was thinking something similar to Massive attack singer. Here's the WIP I'd want the singer to sing onto :
  2. nguerrero

    Rendezvous With Destiny

    Thank you that's kind of you. I will! See you!
  3. I think you did an outstanding job on transitions. The music fits the frame on almost every part of the scene. The only part I think was a bit off is the part when the stormtroopers enter the spaceship. The melody and the harmonization are fine but I'm not keen on the choice of instruments here and the intensity you put at that moment. Apart from great job man! I escpecially liked the Vador entrance. The big brass are in their place here.
  4. nguerrero

    Rendezvous With Destiny

    I totally understand your feeling on that. I think I made the tuba too proeminent at that moment of the piece. Because if you listen to the part at 2:33 it is doing the same inharmonic notes in comparison with all the other instruments and it doesn't sound as inharmonic as the first times it does it. Another guess: I might be to immature in my craft to fully assume such a moment to emphasize it. (And think that is the right guess) Again thank's a lot for your nice feedback.
  5. nguerrero

    Rendezvous With Destiny

    Hey Sepharite! Thank's for you nice words and your feedback. I'll go listen to the valkyria chronicles theme now ;) Hey there benyamid! I agree about the transition. It could have been smoother. About the dissonance they are actually there on purpose. I wanted some excentricity in that tuba melodic line. I like to do that sometimes to keep things fresh and I know everyone won't like it but that's a risk I'm willing to take. Thank you for your feedback :)
  6. nguerrero

    Rendezvous With Destiny

    Hey Slazeus! Thank you for listening. I'm glad you liked it. I agree that the transition between the two sections could use some more polishing. The silence is too long and I could have introduced the drums (snares only for example) after a small silence instead of just a plain silence now that I think about it. Thank's for your feedback
  7. Hey guys! I wrote a song inspired by world war 2 movies. I've been watching quite a lot lately and I naturally wrote this piece. https://soundcloud.com/nicolasguerrero/rendezvous-with-destiny Let me know your thoughts!
  8. nguerrero

    Last Goodbye

    Sounds awesome! I love me some minimalistic pieces! On a more serious note, if done well, having few chordal changes a slow tempo and playing only with variations around the tone can be really expressive and emotional. Good job!
  9. nguerrero

    A whole Soundtrack

    Hey LostSamurai! Thank you for listening to the soundtrack! I really put a lot of myself in the process and it's always rewarding to see the final product appreciated. I do agree about the tenor choir becoming quite boring after a while in the Cave. I could have done it different. I was trying to impose an opressive/claustrophobic feeling through this never ending note. I maybe should have put it in the back after some time. You are right about the mix of Memories, there's a rough edge that wasn't meant to be there, I'll fix that. As for having the buildup exploding into a huge orchestra part I did consider it while writing the song. But since the song was to be under a flashback scene I made the choice to keep it simple and personal. Didn't want to overdo it. So it's all about choice. But it sure would have been awesome with a big orchestral part as a climax. Again thank you for the kind words man! It means a lot.
  10. nguerrero

    The Terminal

    Sounds great! You nailed it :)
  11. nguerrero

    A whole Soundtrack

    Honestly there's no fixed rules for that in my opinion. I'll tell you what I did though : I've composed several pieces of music. All were meant to be part of a unique soundtrack (for a game that doesn't actually exist). Like an album of sort. Then I went offering my services to the Unity community with that soundtrack as a showcase of what I could do. And it worked for me. So in a sense I did charity work (since I wasn't paid to compose my imaginary soundtrack). I'm sure everyone has its story to tell in that matter. I hope my answer will be helpful!
  12. nguerrero

    A whole Soundtrack

    Hey Sepharite I don't mind at all :) I made a post on the Unity forum and some developers contacted me to work with them. As simple as that! Thank you for listening!
  13. nguerrero

    A whole Soundtrack

    Hey Krys! Thank you for taking the time to listen. The title theme wasn't meant to have a strong theme into it, quite the contrary actually. I wrote it for the screen you see before entering the game. And when you would enter the game for the first time the game would play Going on An Adventure. I know the name of the title theme doesn't fit it really well. I agree with your comment on the Cave. I should have changed the tenor or even stop it singing and replace it by a different instrument. I had a leitmotiv when writing the soundtrack at first but we had to change everything at some point and I had to re write partically the entire soundtrack.There are some songs we kept so the leitmotiv still appears in some songs but it became too discreet to be called a leitmotiv (if that makes sense). As for the reverb on the piano it was a choice of the lead developer I worked with. I get what you mean about the orchestra. I struggle to make it sound huge. I really am not good when working with the sound. That's an area I desperately need to improve! Thank's again for listening and giving me feedback!
  14. Hey guys! I know this might be a lot to digest but I'd love to have your thoughts on that work. It's the first soundtrack I release as a whole. I've been working with a development team on this one but sadly we had halt the development. It has a lot of flaws but I think it is worthy of sharing with you. The game was set to be a 2D platformer story driven adventure in a fantasy world with spirits and such (inspired by japanese shintoism). Anyway I'll leave you with the music and thank you already for any feedback you'd like to provide me with. Here's the link (I don't know how to implement it as embed media. Would love someone to explain me how to do that) https://soundcloud.com/nicolasguerrero/sets/project-water
  15. nguerrero

    First Contact

    Oh : and I definitely lack the skill in English to do so at the moment