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  1. Hi Luis. I just listened to your Fugue in C (for mimi). A lovely catchy little piece. I know that fugues like that are trickier than they appear to write, and require a radically different musical approach to the stuff i write, which is much more romantic/classical than baroque.

    Well done. i would love to learn to write in the stile of Bach/Handle etc etc, but aaah, if only I had the free weeks and months to dedicate to going deeply into such music.

    Thank you for sharing. It is a genuine art to be able to compose like this

  2. Hi Luis. Thank you for your encouragement. It is much appreciated. :) I really thought about what you said regarding the LH figure of 6 notes. I really tried to balance keeping a furious momentum throughout, while still maintaining an interesting ebb and flow. I have decided that the difference between a good piano composer and a great one is what they do with the Left Hand in a piece of music. Is it really doing something unique, or is it just background noise while the Right Hand maintains an interesting melody? Give me a couple of days, and I will send you a link to all 4 movements. I have made a couple of changes to the 4th movement, which will be in the newer version. These differences are not vast, but hopefully will add some more tension to the LH. Cheers and blessings. Thanks again.
  3. Beautiful and oddly haunting. As has been said, the LH may be a little too revolving around a single theme, but otherwise, lovely work. :)
  4. Hi all. Here is the 4th movement of my recently finished sonata in E. It is generally in the style of Beethoven/Mozart. I am quite pleased with how it has progressed. I would value any feedback. I am blessed to be able to share it. The sheet music was written with MuseScore, which is a neat little program. If you wish to listen, simply go follow the link and hit play. Cheers. https://musescore.com/user/9350326/scores/2120656 Because it is being played off the score, it will lack a little of the human touch, but it will give a pretty good idea of the overall sound of the movement. :)
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