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  1. Yes, the changes between the sections are a little abrupt, but so are many transitions in rhapsodic-quoting pieces like this. Your talent and ability are obvious from the first moment so if I were you I would make the "quotes" less important and give more space for development-variations, to make it sound less like a random selection of Christmas tunes and more like a free fantasy based on them. Other than that it's really charming and briliant. You've put a smile on my face :) And that"Polka" section ROCKS!!! Merry Xmas!
  2. It reminded me of "Scissorhands" movie! :) Loved the instrumentation, could use a little more of a stable melody, like a memorable "tune" to make it stand out. Happy new year!
  3. Really enjoyed it :) It doesn't sound that pirate-ish to me though, not that this is a bad thing. It does sound a bit all over the place but that didn;t bother me all that much. Loved the "cheesy" violin solo at around 2:40
  4. Good job! I was thinking that it was just ok but then around 1:00 came that "tutti" and blew me away! Right on spot! Great for a trailer imho (the layring, the pause, the generic quality of the music etc - great use of an old formula that actually works miracles) Bravo!
  5. I really enjoyed it! The first theme especially that is really bright and forward-driven... At some places it does get a little messy, but maybe that's also because of the sibelius (I guess) sounds the playback uses... the score looks more organized... There is some great material in it. I would work on it more and give it a more coherent structure if I were you. :-)
  6. Thank you @S.G. Faustmann Yes I think you are right about the frequencies. Will add more amp in the bass if I publish it commercially. To be honest I asked my studio-guy for more amp in the low frequencies but he thought it was ok, so I didn't insist on that, I had already made him crazy with all that voicing and dynamics this 3 and a half minute piece contains ;)
  7. I'm in the group "Brahms is like Australia: we all know it's there, and there must be some great things to see and do there, but... well... it's Australia". I'm not an expert on symphonic music (I'm basically a pianist) but this theme and treatment brought Dvorzak's 9th finale in mind, I'm not sure why The variations are wonderfull though! Great job, and I pressume you did that in a very short time frame. Bravo!
  8. Impressive! Really enjoyed it! If I had to nag about smth in order to offer some constructive critique it would be about the second part. I felt the first part was reallyreally good seting the mood, beautiful melody, great orchestration etc, and after that reading the description "Savage Festival" led me to expect something that would really blow me away... It is still very good, but after Stravinsky, atonality, 50-60s complexity etc. you need to go really savage to be even mildly provocative if you know what I mean... And I'm sure someone with your ability and knowledge can really go farther than what you did there... Especially if this a 2 movement work, the first part working as Overture and the second as Finale, I'd want to hear something more powerfull to be ableto clap and cheer in the end... ;) Dont get me wrong, I still liked it very much, but for a 10 minute long piece I was expecting something to bring the house down in the end.. This sounded more like a middle section in a normal 4 part symphony not as a finale... But maybe I just got it wrong. It's obvious you are not an amateur :)
  9. I wont go that technical as Monarcheron.. I just casually listen to it... My feeling in the begining was that it was ok but I was expecting something to happen and not much were going on... The part around 1:20-1:30 was beautiful, like a climax... I would try to build it up a little more before ending... But overall I enjoyed the piece. Well done :)
  10. Thank you guys for the comments! I'm happy you liked it! :) I'm attaching the score now so I may get some more tips on erchestration (not my field of expertise) @Monarcheon I was thinking about using percussion but I didn't in the end because it made the piece sound more bossa nova/jazz style and wanted to keep it more strict. I wanted it to sound like something to be performed by a classical orchestra in a concert hall, not like a jazz ensemble playing in a night club if you know what I mean. I totally agree with the to much treble not enough bass comment. I should have insisted on that with my studio guy... Will do so in the next 3 parts of the suite ;) @AidanCaronMusic Yes, I am a pianist most of the time so maybe I've given the piano a more prominent role than it should have... Still it never plays "solo" and almost never has the leading voice-melody so I don't think I should address the piece as Suite for Orchestra and Piano... It somehow doesn't sound right.. Will think about that though.
  11. First part of my upcoming Orchestral Suite no.1. Hope you enjoy! What do you think?
  12. Hi everyone! I've been away from the forum (holidays) for a long time... Sorry I didn't get back sooner @Luis HernándezThanks for the comment and glad you liked it :) @phython I'm not sure I get what you mean exactly... Maybe you're right, but maybe you're hearing that because in most places the voice hits each phrase's final note one 16th before the actual change of harmony, like in "anticipation" I don't know the technical term in english... ;) About the dynamics, note taken. You're not too harsh, the point of critique is not only praise, but also getting good advice from people... So thx :) @markstyles Thank you man for your great comments and the support!!! It's true, this piece was intented as a blockbuster/ tour de force piece, and I think there are many (maybe too many) elements that one cannot hear with one listening of it. Especially nowdays that everyone listens only to let's say 1st minute of a song, a lot of what goes on with it goes unoticed. I've had friends telling me "wow, it's nice" and when I ask them "did you like the counterpoint?" they just stare at me like "What counterpoint?", and I tell them listen to it again please and not only the first 30sec of it :ppppp But, you know, it is my first song. Besides expressing, and really letting out some things in my mind with it, I intended it as a "showcase" of what we can be done/ what we can do, if we're given a chance. There will be more coming out before 2016 ends ;) Thank you again, you made my day!
  13. “The show went on” is my first officially released song. I’ve posted it here a couple of weeks ago. With so much going on with it musically, I thougnt it would be nice to get a “stripped to the essentials” version of it. So, here it is, just the piano, strings and winds. I think it sounds like a real and complete instrumental track on it’s own and could work well as a movie soundtrack. What do you think?
  14. Sure it can be played... It's not THAT hard... The thing you should be asking is if someone would WANT to play it (like for free, in a resital of his - not if you payed him to do it) and besides that if a good enough pianist to play it would give it the time he would need to practise and master it to play it at your desired tempo with ALL the notes in ALL the places you write in the score - and I dont mean it's not good music, it is, but (supposing you are not a pianist yourself) you should get some advice from a pianist... some things you wrote are very akward for a human hand - there are places where you could rearange it and get an ever better result in what you hear while at the same time sparing your pianist from hurting his fingers...
  15. Great work! I love the choice of begining a Gloria part in a mass solemnly, mf, and adagio... and that the presto part comes later and doesnt last too long and goes back to Tempo I. If I had to find something to suggest it would only be that maybe you over-orchestrated it towards the end (like page 12) where every line is doubled or tripled.. I dont think you need to do that if you get a real orchestra and a real choir to perform this. In Sibelius it's ok (I suppose you use Sibelius or something similar) but in real situations maybe it's too much. I realize you want to get an as big as possible sound there but maybe there is a point where you need to restrain yourself - economy of means etc. (I know it's hard... I cant get it done myself either)
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