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    I am an Ethiopian-born Norwegian (moved here in 2011 as a 9-10 year old) kid with a burning passion for "classical" composing (especially in the earlier styles of Baroque and Classical). I am also a pianist but i am severely limited by a rare genetic disease i have called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which is why i have mainly turned myself to using the piano purely as my main instrument of trying out ideas for orchestral pieces.

    There is really not much else to my life than that.

    Also FUCK ATONAL "MUSIC"! (no offense to atonal music listeners)
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    Composition, Gaming, Piano, Classical music, Your Mom (oops)
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    Franz Liszt, Amadeus Mozart, Frederic Chopin, Ludwig van Beethoven, Clementi
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    classical gallant, romantic chromaticism
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    Musescore (as of now)
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  1. I have come across all of the great (arguably of course) composers you listed and by far the only ones that i don't exactly like are Schumann and Dvorak (I adore some of his works though).
  2. I personally am not a big fan of J.S. Bach but i do love listening to his works for Solo Cello and a bit of his music for piano (well, at least i like it when they are played on the piano). I am not sure about the other composers you mentioned though, can't say i have heard of them (maybe Philip Glass but that is about it).
  3. I think that is what i liked about his music, quite organized and clear.
  4. Cool, i didn't expect Dave Brubeck to be mentioned here! I used to listen to him a bit but that was when i used to have an interest in Jazz (by no means a bad genre IMO)
  5. As the title suggests i want to know what composer you guys admire the most, Baroque, Romantic, Renaissance, 20th century...etc, and why you admire that particular composer. For me personally it is kind of hard to choose but i would ultimately go with Amadeus Mozart for his exceptional ability to compose simple-sounding (almost childish-like) music, which from my point of view no other composer has ever achieved without sounding like just a straight copy of Mozart. There are, of course, a few pieces of his that break this little tradition like his Fantasia in C minor along with the Fantasia in D minor...etc.
  6. Sounds quite sweet and unique but like Monarcheon said there is little sense of direction in this piece but not bad especially since i haven't even written my first piece yet.
  7. So say we start embracing atonal music and ditch tonality. Some hundred years go by and people start seeking something else other than atonal music, what will they do then? Like what will they come up with? I know i have been making a lot of threads about atonal music but just let me know what you think about this question. EDIT: Wtf.....i thought this was in another thread i created?
  8. So how do you guys think music will progress in the future? Like will we start embracing Atonal music or will we just keep ourselves to the good old Tonal music? What new genres might pop up? New instruments? I just want to hear what you guys think honestly.
  9. Are you sure? Because last time i checked this is the only thread that is clearly about my dislike for atonal music, i did mention it a bit on another thread but that is about it if i am correct. Also i will be exploring atonal music a bit more, so don't worry just yet.
  10. Isn't exactly exciting but it works i guess.
  11. That is true, i haven't actually listened to a lot of atonal music because i somehow automatically assume that the whole genre sucks. Oh also the Leshnoff work wasn't exactly fantastic IMO but it does sound good and it works.
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