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  1. If you've noticed around this time, I've gotten rid of some of my music's threads.  It was because I was feeling ashamed about those compositions, and I was afraid of getting criticism.  The plan: I'm going to re-upload that music, be more open to feedback, and put it all behind me.  I hope everything will go well in the future.

  2. spike473

    Drifting Away

    Hmm, I guess you're right. The copyright is probably an inconvenience I'm not that willing to take for a bunch of early compositions. Give me some time to think and talk about it with some colleagues to come to a decision about it.
  3. spike473

    Drifting Away

    I'm not sure. Will people claim that they wrote my music instead of me? What other problems will happen when I give my sheet music out for free?
  4. Hello! From my own experiences in composing and playing music, I've always wondered if anyone has learned and/or improved in composing through playing an instrument, such as the violin, piano, or trumpet. Don't get me wrong: you don't need to learn an instrument to learn how to compose. I've created my own melodies in my head long before being introduced to my first musical instrument. So my question: Has playing an instrument ever influenced your ability to compose music? For me, I say it has. Playing the violin lets me know what it is capable of, so I know that it can play only certain chords and use bowing techniques like spiccato. On the other hand, playing the piano taught me a lot about music theory, so I wouldn't have known the works behind the music that allowed me to compose as well if I never played it. What's your answer?
  5. spike473

    composing techniques

    I'll try explaining it. I have perfect pitch too, which means you can tell what a note is just by listening to its pitch. Say your music teacher plays D-flat on the piano without you looking at the keys and asks what note it is. If you can say D-flat right away without any bit of help, then you have perfect pitch.
  6. spike473

    Trailblazer Reel

    Thank you, Luis! :)
  7. spike473

    Drifting Away

    A piano piece that aims to replicate a feeling of drifting away with the clouds...
  8. A piano piece that tells the story of me as a boy having a bad day, and during the evening I went outside to contemplate. When I looked at the stars above me, they seemed to coax and calm me like a mother would to her child. It fills me with peace. That's the inspiration behind the piece. Time to hear what the listeners have to say about this!
  9. spike473

    Trailblazer Reel

    Thanks! I did originally plan to expand the theme a bit more, but I got lazy about it, haha. Glad you like what's in front of you though!
  10. I checked my files and folders and they're not read-only. But even if they are, how do you think I should keep my Finale from creating them that way?
  11. A fiddling piece for string orchestra with an adventurous twist to it. Yeehaw! :D
  12. spike473

    Four polyrhythmic pieces

    Hello Luis! Since you commented on my pieces, I wanted to return the favor :) I'm no musical expert or critic, so I'm not going to say what should have gone better or be changed in your compositions. I'll just share my thoughts and say the first piece "It All Comes Back (To You)" was really emotional, and you managed to pull that off with atonality and polyrhythm. Plus, I'm new to the term "polyrhythm" and your collection really helped me learn about it. Great job! All of the pieces were great, jazzy, and interesting, and personally "It All Comes Back (To You)" is my favorite. Can't beat the expression of that one! ;)
  13. Hello guys and girls! I've stumbled into this problem with my music software months ago, but didn't have an account here then to ask for help. Every time I try to save a file after working on my composition for a few minutes, I get the error message saying "Cannot create a file when that file already exists." On the Finale forum, it recommends using "Save As...," but occasionally I get the meesage saying "Cannot rename file" and my file doesn't save. Also when trying other methods to save files which initially work, such as saving in a different folder/subfolder from the original, I get messages with "finsave.tmp" and "Access is denied" which I can't recreate conveniently. I've used Finale 2012 (yeah, have to mention the year and not hide it this time for extra information) for over 3 years now and only had this problem recently (relative to the length of time I've used it). What's your solution to this predicament? ~Franklin
  14. spike473

    Fiddlers' Embandment

    Thanks, Luis! Yes, I did use Garritan for this sound recording, the one that came with my composition software. I've always thought about making a fiddling suite with this piece as the first movement. I have another fiddling piece similar to this one which will be posted someday.