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  1. Magnificat (No Nunc) - Revised 11/9

    Thank you for the suggestions, and yes, I wrote this for the organ to have a voice as well. Could you be kind enough to listen to my piece once more now that I've made edits?
  2. My first vocal composing

    Very lovely, one main thing I noticed though, is that that high voice part, is quite high, and it'd require fairly well talented people sing those high notes without sounding off. Also so is the flautist's part, to play that high for the amount of time you have, would be very difficult and exhausting for the flute player. Besides the words being only on the bottom of the page rather than under each voice part, I would say this is a well done piece.
  3. Magnificat (No Nunc) - Revised 11/9

    Final version
  4. Magnificat (No Nunc) - Revised 11/9

    I was wondering what ye pianists and fellow singers could tell me about the playability of this song. And what, in general, you think of my song. This is my first song which I thought about and planned. I'm trying to teach myself to compose and figure out what I like from what other people write on this site. I know I'm being vague but if you could be tough on me and everything about what I'm writing that'd be awesome. I hope that by the time I'm out of high school I get a piece performed. So feel free to mention things that slightly bug if you want, I would love any feedback.
  5. Look At What I Found

    I found this piece while going through old music seeing what to delete and what to put into one large file of ideas and I see a 900kb music file and I'm like Dafuq? So I click expecting some copy pasted 10 times song and it's this 10 1/2 minutes piece that isn't half bad, and it's a bunch of separate ideas. It's not great but It's not terrible so I thought that maybe someone here would appreciate that I found this after completely forgetting about it. Also I feel Like I've stolen a tune or two from here if anyone recognizes any tune tell me, even if you don't know who.
  6. Storm (Tweaks and Suggestions pls?)

    If you could tip me on my chord structure that would the most greatly thanked.
  7. Storm (Tweaks and Suggestions pls?)

    Yeah, I put it there because the alto clef is kinda foreign and I can't get my thoughts through as easily why I'm always a step off of what I'm thinking, so I just change it at the beginning and forgot to change it back.
  8. Unnamed

  9. Storm (Tweaks and Suggestions pls?)

    First piece that I feel accomplished after writing, any tips or suggestions would be greatly desired, even if the smallest or opinionated things.
  10. 3 Violin Short Song

    I know 23-25 are a little off but I kinda got stuck into liking it. Also the submit is out of place, it is meant for the fortissimo
  11. Piano Warmup

    I'm getting ready for a concert primarily covering Piano sonata No.8 mvmt 3 by Mozart and Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 by Franz Liszt. I'm not used to playing a piece like this and don't know any warm ups that are difficult enough for something such as said. I've been struggling to get the faster parts until practicing for about an hour and usually I start to get the hang of it every time I practice.
  12. Pie Song

    I planned it being part of the fun sound but I'll edit this and change it around and play with harmonies. I'll try this also, I also find the repeated 8th notes, capable of not being in the piece the whole way through. And the tubaist I bet would agree with you if it weren't just a computer. I'll edit my song and keep these in mind. I'm thankful for your suggestions and I hope I can show the edits at their best
  13. Pie Song

    I think I'm gonna change the whole notes at the end for quaternotes
  14. In Hindsight

    As a fairly crappy tenor I just have to it out there that those couple high As on measure 45 of After Death, would be difficult particularly because of the pianissimo? Honestly you could just ignore me though, It's not super needed if talented people are involved and not just mediocre people like me.
  15. Pie Song

    A song about Pie :D