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  1. Net'avi Ratme Maktsia (Georgian TTBB w/ solo Countertenor and Baritone)

    Very impressive. Very well performed, how did you transpose your voice down? Anyway, when listening to your song I felt the strain (in a good way) of the song, with mystery and then understanding by the end. A moving piece overall, and tells the 'story' well.

    It'd like to join.
  3. i carry your heart with me (i carry it in

    It’s pretty. I have 1 problem (more of a thing to be aware about more than a suggestion to edit) oohs, aahs and similiar things including your dms, should be, not exactly avoided, but primarily for accompanying other parts (like the bass only). Not really for conveying anything meaningful. Also your “dms”, I don’t really understand meaning behind those besides adding ‘thump’.
  4. Jinn

    The thing I have a slight issue is that no other instruments do anything similar to what the Setar is doing, making it seem like a mistake rather than an idea of what you wanted.
  5. Electric Sketch No. 1

    Me like it. Sp00ky. Feels like a creepy video background music thing. Or like a main menu thing. It's nice and really sets the 'mysterious and creepy' theme for me. Even gave me few chills, although I'm a little cold, it amplified the feeling.
  6. Short Renaissance-y piece

    This is my first attempt at something in a different style/time period as I usually write in wish me luck before you listen. Also I chose the Saxophone for the 'bass' because I couldn't think of any other instrument that had a wide range and the annoying sound of the renaissance (Besides the harpsichord)
  7. I remember it sounded out the lyrics to the song. It was really interesting.
  8. Laoso

    This is amazing to listen to. The sound is so intense and awesome. I want to know the story, leaves so many thoughts in what the story really is. I feel like the ending should be more victorious, your ending doesn't click with me. But from the start this piece caught my attention. Very well done.
  9. Fall, leaves, fall

    This is a song based off of Emily Brontë's fall, leaves, fall I have one main question about composing in general. In my song I re-use parts of the poem later, to help the listener process what the phrases mean. Is this 'allowed'? (answer with either opinion or facts) If you could give me primary feedback on the effect I made, and whether or not you feel it properly displays the poem. That would mostly appreciated. Also, what is voice leading? And am I doing it right?
  10. Agnus Dei

    When I planned the piece in my head I had the idea of the sopranos being some angels at times, and the basses to like baritones. This key seemed to be just nicely in the middle of each once I finished it.
  11. Rain Prayer

    The 'it' on measure m.23 doesn't need to be like that, it's more difficult to say 'it' properly with the hyphen in between Also m.71 I'd put a courtesy sharp on that solo, the key change is in a inconvenient spot. Finally, n places like m.9 you always have to tell the singers what to do. I'm guessing you either forgot or didn't realize. Lovely piece of music though. I have little to say about the music it self.
  12. Agnus Dei

    Angus Dei = Lord have mercy Qui tollis peccata mundi = who takes away the sins of the world Miserere nobis = have mercy upon us Dona nobis pacem = grant us peace
  13. Agnus Dei

  14. I honestly have no preference currently, it's just a matter of what others think I should do.
  15. Magnificat (No Nunc) - Revised 11/9

    Thank you for the suggestions, and yes, I wrote this for the organ to have a voice as well. Could you be kind enough to listen to my piece once more now that I've made edits?