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  1. Some Guy That writes Music

    Symphonic study n°1 in E minor

    There are lots of great things here. You set a nice mood throughout, you used lots of motives and imitation which helped make each line familiar, and a good choice of instruments for melodies. But, I feel like it was put together at a different time, and by then you had 'forgotten' your flow. It feels like you a lot of whole notes for supporting harmonies, when in change, you could do some ornamental things occasionally, like a quarter-eighth- quarter-dottedquarter. It feels like to me personally, that it lacks interest in the majority of instruments. Certainly, some neutral space is needed for the listener to breathe and not get overwhelmed, but you need to find the right mix. This can be achieved by mixing the different heartbeats of the music more indepthly. Bach did this a lot, he had eighth-eighth-eighth-eighth and quarter-quarter and half all at once every measure to avoid this.
  2. Some Guy That writes Music

    Does location effect your compositions?

    I'd say it's less of location and more of tradition.
  3. Some Guy That writes Music

    Low register of a Bass singer.

    sorry for such a late response, I'm gonna respond even if it's useless now. Although the answer is simple, it's also expensive. I know that most of the pros I know fall at about C2 for Pros. for the average smoker I'd give them that low D. Now if you want it fortissimo, you're gonna need a basso profundo-ish, even if the note isn't that low basses sing the bottom of their notes at about a mezzo-forte. I know it doesn't matter at this point so I'm gonna link my favorite basso profundo who I've performed with twice before.
  4. Some Guy That writes Music

    Zdravas Mária(Ave Maria)

    woah, this is lovely, It creates an atmosphere that feels heavenly. It's very peaceful, calm, well done.
  5. Some Guy That writes Music

    La noche de mil estrellas

    I love the piano and tenor part, it's a nice song. I can't listen to Spanish and understand it. I can write in but no more than that. The tenor has a nice voice, but he should honestly lighten up. He tries to recreate an operatic voice when his quite light. You can his strong reverberation in the begging of notes before he starts to 'thicken' it up. He's got some talent that could use some sowing. Also he could open up those vowels some more to really get the sound out. My guess is that if he started breathing into his stomach instead of this shoulders it would naturally make him fix half his problems.
  6. Some Guy That writes Music

    A piece I wrote about 3 years ago (and performed 3 years ago)

    My family has been composing/performing for about 300 years. Probably one of my fathers had his piece when he was 8 or something. My Dad has been teaching me the past year. Also I’ve been singing in choirs since before I went to kindergarten. I’ve been lucky enough to be sorrounded by music my whole life and been able to learn and perform in vastly different environments.
  7. Some Guy That writes Music

    Song for School Project

    This is supposed to be a setting of the kite fighting scene in the book Kite Runner.
  8. "Ocean" Written when I was 12. My grandfather had written an opera about the story white elephant. (I had no idea what any of the opera meant at the time. I was so confused during the actually Opera) And my piece was the prelude to his hour long opera. I think the performers did a good job making a fairly poorly written song sound beautiful, even though it was written for string quintet. -Sorry about my profile pic, lol. Also I don't know where the score was, probably on my father's computer if I tried to find it.
  9. Some Guy That writes Music

    Song for School Project

    So I've done with it all I can do without doubting myself. My audience is just a whole class with untrained ears, I'm hoping to keep everyone interested for the whole minute and half. Here are my questions; Would I be able to interest an audience that would barely notice that it's not western style. Do you think the last 30 seconds are needed okay enough to keep? What are some things that bugged you? What are some things in the percussion that you wish was there? What in the melody/harmony could I fix up?
  10. So I was wondering if I could be instructed on the preparation for a piece with lots of instruments. I'm gonna do a full orchestra piece but I don't know where to start. Should I plan melody, the chords, the shape or the form first? And in what order do you suggest? The piece is gonna be at most like 3 minutes long because I have to present it with minimum embarrassment as possible.
  11. Some Guy That writes Music

    My First Time Writing a Piano Piece

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. okay now I'm fine. So I'm trying a 30 day trial at the EastWest sound libraries so my mission this month is to go out of my comfort zone and write music for instruments and styles I've never done before. First on the list is Piano. This piece is my piece for my first 3 days. The majority of it was figuring out how the !@#$ to use there stuff. And today I spat this piece out hoping it'd sound nice. Send thoughts, be tough on what you want (except fingering, I ignored that for this.) if you don't like it that means it could be better. don't let me think this is my best piece ever. BTW the sound glitch is the recording. Since the instruments are such high quality it makes my poor computer lag.
  12. Some Guy That writes Music

    Spoken In The Silence

    I think if I could this to a Spotify playlist it would be in most of them.
  13. Some Guy That writes Music

    Sicut Cervus

    Just if you think I set the piece fairly. You can be as harsh as you want, even going as far to say my piece is scrafty, I'd love to know what your opinion is. Here's the translation: As the deer long for the springs of water, so my soul longs for you, oh God. As for the reason you've been visiting choral music recently, all I can say, it's much easier to add emotion to words than sound.
  14. Some Guy That writes Music

    Sicut Cervus

    Thanks @pateceramics for showing this text to the community. This setting is supposed to be sung in a reverberant church. so the long rests are meant for moments to hear echos.
  15. I'm writing Dies Irae and I've basically been using the same 4 chords (all of which are minor) and now I'm trying to write my Quantus tremor and I'm just stuck because I've used my 4 Chords so much already that it'd sound repetitive if I used them again.