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    I teach 5-12 grade band in El Paso-Gridley school district in Central Illinois. I've been "composing" on and off since my first music theory class in college (Illinois State University!). I enjoy writing in many genres and for many ensemble types, and have even been recognized as the winner of the Urbana Pops Orchestra composition contest in 2010. I'm on this forum to help myself improve, as teaching takes the bulk of my time and I have little left to take lessons or courses in composition.
    Please visit my website or soundcloud to see my recent work, and feel free to message me!
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    Minonk, IL
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    Band Teacher
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    hiking, fishing, teaching, church band, drawing, reading, composing (obviously!)
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    Most modern film composers, and anybody from the dawn of time to present day.
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    Sibelius 7, Ableton Live 9 Lite
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    Bass Clarinet & Woodwind guru, although I'm well versed in all concert band & jazz band instruments for teaching purposes

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  1. A great composition! How would you create the microtones on a fixed pitch instrument like piano?
  2. When listening parts of it felt as if they were in 3/4 meter, the notation is all in 4/4. I love the contrast between the forte and piano sections! It reminds me of Debussy for some odd reason, not sure why. Welcome to the forum! Gustav
  3. I like it! A little disjointed, and some strange notation of accidentals (i.e. A sharp and Bb at the same time in piano), but the ideas have potential 🙂 Gustav
  4. Made this today in about an hour. School is cancelled for my state until the end of March, so I have some unexpected free time on my hands and figured I'd give a shot at recording my guitar and amp. I don't have the best equipment, but I try to make the best of what I have. Anyone know how to get rid of the microphone hissing at the beginning other than turning the amp volume up? Thanks!!
  5. Good work being faithful to the original backgrounds/melodies/etc. The sounds were a little on the bright side for me, I could have used something more mellow, with fewer high frequencies. Also be careful of balancing your parts, make sure the main thing stays the main thing. That's the main thing. hehe. 😄 I should do more remixing and covers of songs, it's useful as a practice tool. Keep up the good work! And keep sharing/etc. Gustav 🙂
  6. I listened to the bassoon version. I heard some "Bach-like" things in the second repeated section, they reminded me a little of his organ works or cello works with the repeated pinky notes and whatnot. I think the piece would benefit from a clearer harmonic idea, if that makes sense. I had trouble finding cadence points after a while, and it felt a little aimless. A good work, keep refining! Gustav
  7. Haven't been out here in a couple weeks, I guess! Sounds nice with a piano! I'm not sure I caught all of the other changes you made, but this is a very nice finished work 🙂 Turns out re-composing was a good idea. I've been meaning to do that on some of my older (ish) pieces and just never seem to get around to it. I think part of my problem is that all I can hear is problems and no solutions! Anyway, Very good work on the revisions. Gustav
  8. I figured as much 🙂 It felt more natural in some places than others, and I'll definitely be trying out some of your ideas on my own
  9. Melodically, rhythmically, stylistically - you've done a fabulous job! Any way for you to add in some more soloistic instruments, particularly in the strings/woodwinds/brass? Even if they just get layered in top of the existing ensemble sounds, it'd make a huge difference, I think, in matching the cover sound to the original sound.I'm not familiar with the DAW you're using (looks like FL studio to me...? Based on the video at the beginning), so I have no idea if that'd be a huge step. Your own original ideas are good as well! With your vocal sounds, I'd alter the vowel shape to an "ah" more often, if possible. Great job with the Davy Jones' lullaby theme!!!!!! Find spots to bring the percussion up in the mix, as well as moments when all sounds could be more "attacked" and articulated. A very good cover! Can't wait to hear more! Gustav
  10. I can hear what you're talking about - though I can hear it both ways (as polymeter and not). Does it bug you? If so, sometimes taking some time away from the piece gives me clarity about what to fix. If not, why worry? 🙂 Gustav
  11. Ominous beginning 🙂 The chromatic neighbor tones were weird to me between 1:05 and 1:50, but when they returned after that they made more sense. I really liked the way you included it around 2:00, whatever instrument that was is killer! Ope! There's the weird feeling again around 3:00. Maybe the issue is how pronounced they are? They seem to imply some harmonic change rather than being part of an embellishment/ornament/expression.... I don't know! The transition around 2:45 was rather abrupt as well, it felt like the track was ending and then "Surprise! There's more!" A good track, might benefit from some tweaks but definitely good work! Can't wait to hear more! Gustav
  12. What a lively tune 🙂 I wish the playback felt more human, especially in terms of balance and phrase flow. There was one tonicization that felt somewhat weird, around m. 31-32, I think. Not sure what bugs me about it, sorry! Good piece! Gustav p.s. love the minecraft pic!
  13. I think the difference is the low end frequencies, listening to your cover and the original side by side. The background ambiance could contain more low-end, just work the balance so it doesn't cover over the rest of stuff. Definitely a good cover, good job picking out everything by ear! Gustav
  14. Very good! I'm just a little tempted to turn down the reverb, but the composition itself is nice 🙂 🙂 Gustav
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