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    I teach 5-8 grade band in Paris, Illinois. I've been "composing" on and off since my first music theory class in college (Illinois State University!). I enjoy writing in many genres and for many ensemble types, and have even been recognized as the winner of the Urbana Pops Orchestra composition contest in 2010. I'm on this forum to help myself improve, as teaching takes the bulk of my time and I have little left to take lessons or courses in composition. Seeing the dangers of being self-taught with no outside influence, I've started sharing my work online, and finally found this community.
    Please visit my website to see all of my work, and feel free to message me!
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    Paris, IL
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    Band Teacher
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    hiking, fishing, teaching, church band, drawing, reading, composing (obviously!)
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    Most modern film composers, and anybody from the dawn of time to present day.
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    Sibelius 7
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    Bass Clarinet & Woodwind guru, although I'm well versed in all concert band & jazz band instruments for teaching purposes
  1. [Old Piece] Miniature for Clarinet and Piano

    Sure! Send me the parts and I'll work it up :) No idea how long it will take, given as I practice in my free time - which as a teacher is precious little. I'll send you a recording when it's worked up and played! Gustav Johnson
  2. [Old Piece] Miniature for Clarinet and Piano

    This is great as a clarinetist, this would be a nice piece to work up. It's no concerto, by any means, but none-the-less I wouldn't mind performing it. That, to me, indicates a good composition. Cool work! Gustav Johnson
  3. The Choice

    That would be a good spot to highlight a hook, but definitely doesn't have to be the only place you put something. Mostly what I'm talking about are the small "impacts" thrown in every 3-4 measures that keep the listener engaged. If you listen to any TV themes or something you'll hear what I'm talking about. Dubstep also highlights this concept very well, if you don't mind listening to it :) Gustav Johnson
  4. Look At What I Found

    There is definitely some good work here, and some that needs revision probably. Found a few notation things not worth mentioning right now. The biggest step to take for this one is to go through it with a critical ear and decide what needs to stay and what needs to go or be re-worked. Think like you have scissors, trim whatever doesn't "fit" the piece, or rework it to fit. Love it when you find work from the past :D Gustav Johnson
  5. The Choice

    The repetition is nice, hypnotic. What I'm missing most are "hooks", moments that draw me in as a listener. Adding a cymbal roll in the background or something similar can help boost the music. It's pretty static in terms of volume and complexity, giving it some direction with sound and intensity will help things a lot. Just things to keep in mind, like what you're doing though! Keep writing :) Gustav Johnson
  6. Immunity to Dissonance

    For me, this is so cool because it is well executed. The difference between dissonance that makes me lean forward in anticipation and dissonance that makes me cringe is its execution. You have executed yours quite well. I don't always love tonalities that are a half step apart (i.e. C and D Flat), but I like them best when they are voiced not in thirds. Either way I like your concept and your execution :) Gustav Johnson
  7. Cowbowz meet Robotz

    Thanks Maarten :) There wasn't a story until I finished it, at which point some of the guitar sounds reminded me of Gritty Western Cowboy style sounds. I'll see what I can do for extending it, though, but no promises. Audacity is a little cumbersome to work with and I would probably need to recreate much of this from scratch just to get it back before elaborating. Free software does have its limitations :/ Gustav Johnson
  8. Cowbowz meet Robotz

    Thanks, man! I'll have to look up the show :) Gustav
  9. Cowbowz meet Robotz

    Howdy y'all! (Seemed an appropriate salutation given the title.... ahem.) Audacity is a free sound editing platform. It's VERY basic, just allowing for pitch change/time change, cutting/pasting, basic effects (reverb, delay, distortion, etc.), and generating static sin/saw/square tones and the like. I can't input pitches of a given sound as with most DAW's. I found a tool that allows me to input numbers and it returns the corresponding dial "beep" a-la telephone. I generated some saw tones and worked them into a bassline, then put some electric guitar on top - using only my built in microphone (don't own an external mic). The introduction is a tone I pitch shifted up with reverb I pitch shifted back down. I'm enjoying doing this kind of thing, it allows for a lot of freedom. Let me know thoughts about any part of it! Thanks, Gustav Johnson

    Marching band is a ton of fun. Time consuming, yes, but I've never regretted it :) Judging sounds quite enjoyable. Given my time situation, I'll just be an entrant for this go round, but next time you can count me in to give judging a try! Gustav Johnson

    I'm interested! Marching band starts soon for me (got a new job!) and so I'll be running band camps starting in August, then school starts right after. What are the time commitments for being a judge? Thanks! Gustav Johnson
  12. On The Carousel In Central Park

    This is very well done! Feels like a flashback or a dream, definitely captures your inspiration. I especially like how you were delicate but present at the same time - very balanced. Like a good meal. There were moments when I kind of wandered around as a listener, though. Not sure if that was intentional or not, but if you wanted to direct the listener each step along the way I was definitely "off-task" at moments. I'm trying to find those moments in my own music and find ways to hook the listener so they "go" where I want them to go. Good music, keep writing! Gustav Johnson
  13. Sylveon Waltz

    Hey! My wife-to-be has been riding my back to write a piece for clarinet choir that we could perform together someday. Per her request, it should be about the Pokemon Eevee and all its evolutions - or as I cleverly call them, the Eevee-lutions :) Here's the last movement (of 9), it's the only one I felt comfortable showing her 'cause the rest are a struggle right now. Thoughts? p.s. it's a waltz in 4, not in 3! Also the score is mis-titled, apologies. Gustav Johnson
  14. Tersanctus in G minor

    Beautiful to listen to! I love the voice leading and the harmonies you use - very emotional. I can definitely see this as part of a liturgical work. Out of interest, where can one find the text for these? I'm baptist and we don't do much of that stuff, but I've always found it beautiful and wanted to set some myself someday but I can't find the text anywhere! Cool music, definitely keep writing :) Gustav Johnson
  15. Competition Poll

    Personally I teach, and finding time away from my "kids" is difficult. My composing is limited to short bursts a couple times each week, which makes doing competitions of any kind difficult. I want to get involved in more (in fact I submitted an entry in June for an off-forum competition), but summer and winter breaks are my only options for putting in any real time. Like your ideas for giving some target-skills for composers to practice. It's kind of like Master Chef or something where they're given an objective and the chef who does it best wins. Also, to mirror what @Noah Brode said - if we did something like it again, I'd enter. Happy Friday! Gustav Johnson