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  1. Thank you Alexx! I am glad you liked it
  2. That's great Bkho! It's a horrible disease and I am happy there are people like you who help people in need.
  3. Thank you for listening. Still a lot to learn though eheh..
  4. Thank you. Since I was born in his same region, I am happy I reminded you Puccini!
  5. Hello everyone! Recently this piece of mine premiered in Florence, Italy. Despite the tiny amount of rehearsal time (45 minutes only) I am quite happy with the result. The piece is dedicated to my grandma. The four movements describe the different stages of the Alzheimer’s desease. The themes in the first movement evolve and destroy themselves during the piece, as my grandma’s mind was losing all her memories. Any feedback is appreciated!
  6. Thanks so much for your kind words!
  7. here you can find the live version!
  8. Thank you! Sorry for the late late late reply.
  9. Hello everyone! Here's my new chamber music work, "Adventure Ouverture" for piano quintet. It's a small homage to adventure film music and film composers (Korngold, Williams, rota). Hope you like it!
  10. Thank you Theo. I appreciate that! I am listening to your Piano quartet.. great music!
  11. Hello everyone! This is my first orchestral work. It is a symphonic journey through the life of St. Miniato, commissioned for the 1000th birthday of the Abbey of San Miniato in Florence. Miniato was an Armenian prince who was denounced as a Christian after becoming a hermit. Beheaded in the presence of the Emperor, he is alleged to have picked up his head, crossed the Arno and walked up the hill of Mons Florentinus to his hermitage/the place where the church was built. The audio is taken directly from the camera, hence the not-so-good quality. https://youtu.be/bA0bk6d77o4
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