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  1. Mark101

    Wanted to make a piano piece without challenging myself.

    You say that normally when you write a piano piece, you give up half way through because you don't really know what you're doing. So, what to do next? Well, rather than treating this piece as a finished article, treat it as the skeleton of a finished article. What I mean is that you've got here something that by your own admission is not entirely interesting or challenging, but it could become something much more interesting if you take it and try modulating to different keys, you do already vary the rhythms a little here and there and changing the left hand up every now and then, but keeping the whole thing in the same key is really not good. have some fun with it and see what you can do.
  2. Mark101

    Two Brief Fantasias

    Hi Serge, These two pieces are both great, although I think the better piece is the F minor. The etude seems like a collection of ideas that are hanging together, while the F minor seems more like a whole homogenous piece. I like a lot that while the language you use is tonal, melody driven, classical for want of a better word, the way you use it and the direction the work takes is quite "original". Regards Mark
  3. Mark101

    Etude in C Minor

    This is a great etude, I like it a lot, however, I think the midi playback is hampering the outlining of the melody in the fast movement, maybe some accenting or dynamic profiling could bring that out some more, as could slowing it a couple of points. I often find even just 2 or 3 bpm's can make quite a difference to a midi playback. The slow part is very lovely, you have some great harmonies, although I didn't see the etudinal value of this section, but I did enjoy listening to it very much.
  4. Thank you Serge, I really appreciate your comments, and I can agree to a certain extent about the leashing of the piano. I was trying to concentrate (at least for this movement) on the melodic aspect of the themes, rather than taking them to a virtuosic (is that even a word) extreme, even the short cadenza doesn't get too far out of it's own space. The second movement is almost finished now, but that is a more traditional slow, lyrical movement. The third movement is also under way and here I do intend to have some fireworks, I just hope it will be enough to balance the piece as a whole, we'll see. Thanks again for taking the time to listen and to say something. Kind regards Mark
  5. I've been working on a cadenza and polishing the rest. Just in case anyone's interested, here it is, now more or less finished. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qt639kvqu3yx152/Piano Concerto No.1 in G minor Movement I (with Cadenza).mp3?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/35896vdyi93aimw/Piano Concerto No in G minor Movement I (With Cadenza) - Full Score.pdf?dl=0
  6. Thanks Luis, I do appreciate it.
  7. Thank you Maarten, I really appreciate it. I always seem to omit the piano articulation, which is odd since I am pianist, but I think mainly it's because Sibelius seems to play the part just fine without it, however I do intend to polish the piece some more and that will be one of the things that needs attention. The orchestration is intentionally thin to let the piano shine a bit more but I still have problems in some areas to have the piano separated from the rest of the sound, but that's down to mixing I think, which I don't do very well yet. I already have the 2nd and 3rd movements in progress so keep an ear out for them, I would love to have your opinion on them when I get them to this stage. Thanks again for your kind words Best regards Mark
  8. Thank you Simen, I really appreciate that. You are right in that although the theme does return a few times, the style is mixed between a more classical form and a more romantic form, and so somehow it doesn't have quite the same impact as the opening. I'm not quite done with it yet however, I will be editing and polishing for a while yet so I will keep that thought in mind. "Just cut a few and it will be perfect"! Anyway, thanks again for you comments, I'm glad that on the whole, you enjoyed it. Regards Mark
  9. I first wrote the piano part for this piece nearly 20 years ago, for that reason it has a less developed style than my more recent work. I always wanted to do something with it and this last month, I have been working on orchestrating it. I also took the opportunity to rewrite the piano part a bit. It's currently in it's "pre-finished" state, so I would really appreciate any input on how it might be improved. Thanks in advance to anyone who may feel like commenting. Regards Mark
  10. Mark101

    Prelude and Fugue in A-flat Major

    Another beautiful prelude. I found it very lyrical and could easily imagine someone singing it. For someone who doesn't like to be bound by the rules, you certainly use them well. I do quite like to have a set of conditions to meet from time to time. It makes you explore in greater depth, what you can and can't achieve, using those restrictions, and as such it expands your understanding more than it would when no restrictions are applied, if that makes sense.
  11. Mark101

    Fugue in D minor

    I like the second version much more, it appeals more to my tonal sensibilities lol
  12. Mark101

    Prelude and Fugue in G-sharp Minor

    The prelude is beautiful. I love the choice of harpsichord too. The fugue is also quite beautiful and very well executed, I will certainly be taking note when I come to write my fugue. Regards Mark
  13. I've never written a fugue before, not even sure exactly what the form should be. However, I'm willing to give it a go, it can always be rejected from the final cut if it's not upto standard.
  14. Mark101

    Prelude & Fugue in D minor

    Oooo, nice, I like the "medieval" touch. For me, the midi opened with brass, is that how you wrote it or should it be for piano?
  15. I'd like a minor key if possible, though you can choose which.