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  1. Doesn't actually use a Hawaiin Lap Steel but instead an electric piano with pitch bends. Got really intrigued with pitch bending after discovering the sounds of the Lap Steel in music such as "Sleep Walk" and "Hawaiian Blues". Lazin' about on the day before Monday.mp3 Lazin' about on the day before Monday.pdf
  2. Never really thought about the idea of sliding parts of a piece around, I'll definitely look into experimenting with that as well as trying to organize it some more to build up the 'madness'.
  3. A fusion of elements from funk and jazz rock. Have always been a big fan of jazz fusion and wanted to try something new. Tell me what you guys think. Chili Flakes 3.mp3 Chili Flaks.pdf
  4. I have greatly underestimated the educational system and as a result of my poor time management, am only halfway through my submission . With exams coming up, I may need to opt. out.
  5. Have to agree with Monarcheon, I feel that the way you delay the ending from 2:10 onwards sounds a bit odd. All in all though the piece was very good. I really liked the entrance of the percussion in particular, very bold and epic.
  6. Thank you for such detailed reviews, this is all really helpful and appreciate the time and effort you all take to make these. The reason for the piano acting as the bass instead of the actual double bass is that this piece was meant to be played by our band (of course just for funsies) but our bassist was on vacation. I'll make another copy of the file to make those changes. Do agree with the chords needing to be opened up and changed, they do sound tight and kind of blocky.
  7. First time writing a Bossa Nova after a friend told me about it and I started listening to it a lot. Wrote this piece right after I got out of the shower, hence the title. Hope ya'll enjoy. Taking a cold shower is pretty cool.mp3 Taking a cold shower is pretty cool.pdf
  8. Thank you for the feedback, now that I listen to it again I agree that does lack in the harmony and development. I hope I can apply the advice and revive it after its 3 months of being stagnant, and dead, and dusting up on my desktop. Yup.
  9. This is a piece that I made inspired by the upbeat energetic music used in Pokemon
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