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    My name is Anthony Johnson, I am a 27 year old single father of a beautiful little girl. I love reading, writing for video games, ebooks, and music, and I am a huge gamer as well. I live a relatively simple lifestyle and I'm mostly an invert so I don't go out much and would rather spend time working on something or doing some work on my lawn.
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    Chris Mansell, John Williams, Bach, Danny Elfman
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    I honestly don't know what style I fit into. Depends on whatever I'm feeling I guess.
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    Fruity Loops Studio, Hypersonic 2, Stormdrum 2, Edirol Orchestral, Nexus
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  1. Rain Prayer

    Here is what I use: https://8dio.com/instrument/requiem-professional/ Its a real investment I think you'll enjoy. The choirs here sound real, have many different tones, certain words you want the choir to say, and it even comes with a phrase builder. In the link there is a sound player you can listen to to check out how it sounds. In case you decide to buy it later. Here's are two pieces I wrote using this software. I wrote this as soon as I bought this so my choir isn't as good as others lol: I don't mean to advertise in your post but I hope I'm able to inspire you from one composer to another about using choirs.
  2. Opinions, please! no.2

    Very jazzy. I disagree with Willibald, I don't think the first phrase is weak at all, in fact I think it sets up the loop pretty well. Although I would recommend extending it past 21 seconds before you loop. It just gives the crowd more to listen to. Nice work!
  3. Rain Prayer

    I agree with Luis, the piano work is beautiful. I can see a choir singing this. Good job.
  4. Choir

    I think it needs a mixture of high, mid, and lower tones. When I first purchased a new choir VST to use in my DAW, I never saw the standard "Ahs" the same again. There are so many different tones, pitches a choir can make. Soprano, alto, bass, phrases etc. What you've done here was set the foundation to what your piece can truly become. Now you just gotta change it up a little. Personally, I would ditch the Ahs altogether and only keep a few sustains in there. Have a mixture of female and male choirs. Add in staccato, while a male or female choir do the sustains in either Ah, Oh, or Lah...and have a slightly higher pitched voice sing the melody.
  5. I love how you are able to mix so many different types of emotion in one coherent piece. Sadness, creepiness, happiness, darkness...and those unexpected high moments that pop in when you least expect it (LOVE those!)
  6. Meditations of a weary mind II

    For some reason I can't click on the link. Did you post a YouTube link?
  7. You know, I felt like if you brought back the brass like you did when the stormtroopers boarded the ship during Vader's entry it would've gave a very grave feeling like oh crap he's here!
  8. Creating a battle theme using wind instruments is very difficult. I think the piece sounded well but when doing a battle theme, the piece deserves to have less pauses in between and needs faster tempos (depending on what type of emotion you're going for in the battle itself.) I think the percussion and brass were done well as it brought out the intense feeling you get during a battle. During a few parts where the wind instruments reintroduce themselves kinda took away that battle feeling and gave it more of an overworld map feeling. That's why I say it's hard doing a battle theme with winds. Although it can be done, it just needs to be done a certain specific way so others can still relate it to a battle theme. Overall, I highly enjoyed it man. Post more!
  9. Holy cow dude...Creating music for a Star Wars scene is already a massive undertaking so congratulations on your patience there! While the music itself wasn't bad, I felt that it could've changed some moments in the scene. Like when the stormtroopers busted through the door I felt like the melody could've changed a bit during that specific time. I mean other than that bravo! I loved it when the brass came in during when the empire ship boarded the rebel ship from beneath.
  10. "Gone" by Karisa L. Clark

    Symphonic Orchestra is one those major CPU draining VSTs that I simply cannot download haha; the gigabits are enormous! But I'm happy to see someone put it to good use!
  11. "Gone" by Karisa L. Clark

    Oh wow, that was magnificent! Excellent use of the cello...in fact, excellent use of everything! The quality of your vocals were spot on. It all had this trailer-esque amazon feeling like something you would see in Avatar. Good stuff!
  12. Murder on the Winter Train

    Wow, such a simple piece yet it defines the title perfectly. Hearing the way you handle your staccato is always cool to listen to. The beginning feels and sounds like winter, then it slowly builds up into the murder part, love it.
  13. The only thing I hear wrong with it was the first cymbal crash, it kind of came out of nowhere. Overall, I really liked this. Good work!
  14. Wow. I would say keep the percussion and the staccato brass going while maybe add in some low strings that are sustained? I love what you have so far, feels like one of those fights where you finally get to do battle with your rival. In my opinion, by keeping the percussion and brass hits going while adding something on top, will begin the slow climb to a build up...but that depends on where you want the track to go. Maybe switch up the percussion patterns a bit while adding in other percussion instruments?
  15. Animation! Composers needed :(

    I may be interested but I'll have to take a look at the animation to get a good feel of it.