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    My name is Anthony Johnson, I am a 27 year old single father of a beautiful little girl. I love reading, writing for video games, ebooks, and music, and I am a huge gamer as well. I live a relatively simple lifestyle and I'm mostly an invert so I don't go out much and would rather spend time working on something or doing some work on my lawn.
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    Writer, game developer, character artist, musician (all forms and genres)
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    Chris Mansell, John Williams, Bach, Danny Elfman
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    I honestly don't know what style I fit into. Depends on whatever I'm feeling I guess.
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    Fruity Loops Studio, Hypersonic 2, Stormdrum 2, Edirol Orchestral, Nexus
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  1. Rejuvinating Realm

    Don't be hard yourself, I actually quite enjoyed this. The first thing that came to my mind while listening to this was the film Edward Scissorhands; and I say that in a good way (love the music in that film.) It's obvious you have a clear direction and you create just enough room to allow other instruments in without pounding it with too much sound. Fading in and fading out the strings were very nice and your transitions were convincing as well. However, I will say...in my personal opinion, the brass sections didn't compliment the woodwind instruments as well BUT it was the idea and how unique you implemented them that had me in awe. Definitely a 8/10 in my book. Good work man.
  2. Me And My Baby

    Wow, I think this was some amazing work. It's very unique in a good way. I love the vocals, although I think only a few of the sustained vocals were a tiny bit off in some parts...but overall 9/10.
  3. Soaring the Winds/Working on guitar solos

    I recorded in the most unprofessional way possible by placing the mic in front of the amp...with zero guitar editing software which I am looking to change soon.
  4. Hi, it's been a while since I posted so I thought I'd show something off while I work on a large orchestral piece I'm taking my time on. The drums, rhythm guitar, and bass, was from a free backing track I've found on Youtube; the lead guitar is what I've done (the part with the terrible quality haha) The next one is where I am working on my guitar solos. I believe I hit one wrong note outside of the key of D Major (very noticeable) And I know there are a lot of random notes, I was freestyling...didn't necessarily write it down like I did the first one.
  5. My new orchestral

    I like the overall atmosphere. It really feels like an intense scene. I love the percussion and violin combo, they played together well.
  6. Hey guys, so I just wanted to do a topic with a collection of uploads I've brought to the site; older pieces that didn't get enough reviews so I could get a timely sense in which direction I am or could be going. Of course, some of you may have heard these already but for the newer members and current members, I would love insight. Hope guys enjoy them. I still have much to learn but I would've never have gotten this far were it not for everyone here.
  7. An Heroic Odyssey/Adventure

    Thanks...But there is much more I need to learn. The monotonous trumpets are correct and I am honored to have your advice.
  8. GOALS FOR 2017

    Not music related BUT...I thought about writing a movie script and pitching it to a film company. Hopefully I'll be lucky enough to direct it myself... Not sure how well that will turn out since I'm basically a nobody with no directing experience haha. My biggest inspiration for doing this is Jordan Peele, famously known in the hit comedy series Key and Peele. Well he wrote the script to the recent film Get Out, pitched it to film producers, and was offered to direct it himself. I'm a little upset at myself really. I have all of these ideas in several genres/categories and I'm getting to learn more about the orchestral world and I can't do anything but settle in this dump called home. Hearing all these stories about people who never went to college and had many breakthroughs man it just kills my head to think that maybe I won't be a part of those breakthroughs. I've been contemplating giving everything up including music and just work a normal crap job. I think it has a lot to do with where I live. I'm basically the only guy here who does orchestral music, write stories, craft role-playing games, make hip-hop music, do character and concept art etc. And everything else such as companies, schools etc. Are so far away from me they're basically inaccessible. The only thing I have really is the internet. And years of uploading my music, art, games, web series to try and reach someone who are willing to fly me out and actually do something on a large scale...is failing miserably. My degree in sound engineering is basically useless at this point. My time here on the boards was not taken for granted, I did some serious grinding and with every piece I do, it's usually driven by wanting to prove to everyone that I can do this. I literally sat and studied for hours...but what is the pay off you know? Just write a piece and upload it? Then what?
  9. An Heroic Odyssey/Adventure

    Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it
  10. Main theme for a fantasy film

    Oh my...I have to say your choice of instruments and where they appear are unique in a really good way. I like the general melody and the way you use your brass instruments were good too. I think ending the piece on the same drum rhythm can be worked on a bit more. But overall I loved it.
  11. An Heroic Odyssey/Adventure

    Thanks Ken, I'm glad you guys enjoyed it! Much thanks for the tip on making a melody stand out, I definitely have that problem with a lot of my work and will be improved for my later pieces.
  12. Music for RPG/Puzzle Video Game

    If I was playing a Zelda game the music here would definitely fit right in. I especially love the battle theme as it is intense. Good job man keep it up!
  13. Homage To Herrmann

    My third time listening. I highly enjoyed it and I think it matches what's going on in the video quite well. I love the dark and psychotic feel (well that's the feeling I get from this) it's a little creepy honestly lol but very well executed.
  14. Trailer Music

    Personally, it stopped sounding like a theme for a film trailer after the 0:33 minute mark. When doing trailers, I usually resort to an old school technique by layering instruments on top of one another to guide the listener. The beginning was fine but around the 0:33 mark, I think you should've introduced another instrument that would've indicated the introduction of the climax. As you introduce new sections, it is very effective if you keep something going from the previous section while adding something new on top of that. I love the sound quality, but it got tiring listening to the strings do the same thing throughout. This isn't bad though and I think with just a bit more work, you can definitely achieve something great here. Making the sound volume louder throughout doesn't equate to epic film trailer music, keeping the listener interested is. By layering not only do you raise the volume of the overall piece automatically but you also keep things refreshing and consistent.
  15. I can be of some assistance. One person per section? If so I can definitely do a section.