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  1. This is a tuba concerto with piano I have been working on for quite a while. Originally this was meant to span multiple movements but I decided to run the movements together and give it cyclic properties. The sustain pedal on the piano is just holding out on this midi rendering so it gets muddy and the 8va markings cause both staves to move up or down an octave for whatever reason even if I didn't write it like that. Anyways, I hope you enjoy and criticism is welcome.
  2. Just a standard instrumentation single movement brass quintet that I was inspired with this week. Not sure what the title represents but it just kind of came to me. Criticism is fully appreciated and I'm sure needed.
  3. Thank you for the critique and I agree with it. As this was written almost a year ago my knowledge of chordal structure, part writing and even thematic developement was lacking. Although I don't claim to be a master of these ideas, my future compositions will hopefully address these issues, (while probably bringing up new ones.)
  4. Just a fairly short woodwind trio. Not much to say. Feedback is welcome.Hope you enjoy.
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