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  1. Just the thought and Idea to recreate a mood is highly creative. I am not around my earphones to listen in depth just yet but from my computer speakers the mood is clear.
  2. Great job! Interstellar is an amazing film and your work is great. My favorite is Uncharted Lands, its very nice. Keep up the great work!
  3. Thanks Monarcheon, I have to go back and edit some parallels.
  4. I wrote this yesterday and did some minor editing and mixing today. Looking to use this in a game Desert type area. Any feedback and suggestions welcomed.
  5. I think the problem is, as you mention Samurai, is that Im stopping short of glory, and more nightmares. Im glad I posted on here you all are giving me so much more to think about! Thank you so much!
  6. Awesome! Thank you Samurai...so basically Im missing the wow factor the climax of the piece...I think I can work on that. Thank you again for your comments!
  7. Again thank you for the feedback! Im going to do some editing and change a few things and I will re-upload.
  8. Awesome feedback, thank you! 7th,9th,13th are my weakness I just love them too much :) -maybe some diminished chord tones or some unsettling background sounds to make it more unstable?
  9. This is a track I was working on for a game. Its for a Jungle exploration area. Any feedback would be great!
  10. Hello everyone! I am fairly new to this forum and was very excited to find it! This is a piece I'm working on for a project that is about a dream world filled with nightmares. Im not sure where or if it will fit but any feedback would be much appreciated.
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