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  1. I made this song a long time ago but I decided to post it now (you know, I don't want to post my music nonstop and annoy). It was made even before I posted the first song here, so the suggests that I was told are not implemented here yet, but atleast I would like to see what you think about it, I hope that you like it
  2. Symboler


    @SebastianViola @Monarcheon It's true that basically all my songs are pretty static and don't flow so much, and since finishing this one I've been making efforts to improve that, and so I made another composition (a few weeks ago) that is still a bit repetitive, but I'm getting to some point Thanks for your reviews, I'll be around here often
  3. Symboler


    Hi, I've discovered this forum a few days ago and I though that I could join it to share my work here, and the most important, have some real feedback from my songs (because you know, not everybody will give feedback as good as given by people who also make music) I'd like to note one thing before you listen to the song. Actually I don't have any sort of musical preparation, none than self taught, and so I don't know a lot about pentagrams and all those things, but other than that, I can understand most of the things related to the music itself Without further delay, here's the song, I hope you like it (oh and sorry if bad english, I'm spanish )