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    Hello there! I'm mainly an actor but I've been composing for silly years. I also write peculiar stuff with words and draw and paint a bit too. I'm foolish in many ways.
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    Actor and composer.
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    Stravinsky, Holst, Debussy, Ravel, Rimsky-Korsakov, Vaughan Williams, Hovhaness, Lutoslawski, Jerry Goldsmith, John Williams
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    Late Romantic, Impressionist, Modernist, merry mess
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  1. I really like this! I generally tend to prefer overcomplicated mess, but although this is fairly simple musically speaking, it has atmosphere and lots of personality! Well done! And your name is cool! :)
  2. This gorgeous! I will have another listen when I have a bit more time to give it the attention it deserves - this will reward repeat listens! Bravo!
  3. Hello Petr Solid early work here! :) But I do agree with the above comments. It never really goes anywhere and it's too repetitive. It feels rather '4-chord loop-y' for the most part, and that weakens any New World surprise that I think something on this theme should have. A new born on this or any planet is being overwhelmed by sensory information and everything is a surprise. Everything is fresh. And if you're wanting to capture that I personally feel that falling into a simple repeating pattern is exactly NOT the way to go. (Unless you're going for some more distanced, montage-type feel.) As it is, it could be more effective in a different context possibly. But for this I reckon you should mix up the harmonic narrative, and mix up the time signatures. Considering you've only been at it for 2 months though, this is a good start! :)
  4. Thanks very much Dchrisanthako - glad you enjoyed! I guess people have different notions of what 'pirate' music sounds like. For me it's music by the likes of Erich Wolfgang Korngold and Max Steiner for the old Hollywood swashbucklers of the 30s and 40s, and subsequently the more rollicking work by John Williams. For many others 'pirate' music is the sound of Hans Zimmer and his Remote Control studio, which of course is very different, and not really something I'm that keen on! It IS a bit all over the place! :) I'm glad you liked its capriciousness! And its cheese!
  5. Ah, no remotely presentable score for this alas, maetrowick. Just a messy, messy, untided score from the Cubase Score Editor spread over a million staves! There was never really a chance of this particular one getting performed by an orchestra so I never had the incentive to create a nicely presented score. Thanks for having a listen though! :)
  6. Thanks Monarcheon! Some good listening there! I'd expected more criticism for my bassoon though! ;) Also - the strange appoggiatura - adding a minor ninth to an augmented chord near a harmonic movement like this isn't so strange anymore, surely! I wish it was - I like me some strange! Plus I like the way the sharpness of the oboe makes the gentle unexpectedness of the note keen through. And the solo violin weird passing tone? That's just my guilty fondness for Lydian/whole-tone tomfoolery again! ;) But the rest of your criticisms are solid - I do jump about a bit! I thank you!
  7. Hello folks Wanted to write some old-school, pirate movie type music - sort of in the Korngold vein - and a cheeky riposte to recent pirate movie trends (which I don't really like!)! Do have a listen - I hope it takes you on a nice adventure! :) Let me know what you think. Thanks Jamie
  8. Hey - thanks for replying so quickly! You are sterling people! Glad you liked it LostSamurai. The transitions were intended to be pretty jarring, so if you had noticed spectacular chordal jumps I would have actually been delighted! :) And yes, happy you were able to follow the motifs as they went on their little journey. Thanks for the very helpful critique Monarcheon! Yes, these suspensions are indeed imperilled by mud, especially in slightly more busy orchestrations like this. I'd tried to keep things reasonably lucid while at the same time having a sense of mess, but I didn't quite get the balance right. And as for the peculiar rhythms and lydian and whole tone stuff, I very much wanted that awkwardness! So, much of what possibly doesn't work, I'm afraid I willfully chose it! Very insightful comments though, you obviously listened to it with splendid ears and mind! Much appreciated!
  9. Hello everyone! Here's a chamber piece I wrote a while back. The brief was to write something in response to Gluck's 'Dance of the Blessed Spirits'. It starts reasonably elegantly then quickly spirals into mischievous chaos with an irreverent disregard for Gluck's compositional ideals! Do have a listen if you get the chance and tell me what you think! Thanks very much! Jamie
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