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  1. oopsie, yes you are right. Should have named it in my native tongue :). Thanks I will fix it...
  2. Seraphus - The lulaby.mp3 Well here is the new version. I have corrected some instrument levels and adjusted reverb levels on few instruments too. Hope this feels better now. Thanks everyone for your help :).
  3. That actually might be true, when I was doing mastering it felt just around the limit, maybe a notch too much, still I felt its important it "sticks out". I will certainly reconsider and try to adjust it and maybe add some reverb to it. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂
  4. If you like GOT try this one Seraphus - Rise of Targaryen , it's also inspired by GOT world, but this time Blood and Fire book.....
  5. Thanks Mark, the way you described it is quite the same as I do it :). Although in my "observational" mode I sometimes mess things up more than fix them, so in this piece I didn't do as much as I should of observing part. After I've finished it I've noticed it might need more variations, tried to rework it, but I guess for the time my inspiration was gone. I will probably try to rework it though, I really like the emotion of this song. Anyway I'm really glad you like it and thanks so much about your comment.
  6. Thanks Luis, I agree with you. There are slight variations in theme, but this is my usual problem when composing, lack of "things happening". Oh and, how do you not know about Game of Thrones?! 🙂 And I mean books, not series - these are endless well of insipration....
  7. Hi everyone, This is my newest composition, inspired by Game of Thrones world. Seraphus - The lulaby.mp3 As always, feel free to write any comments or insights, I always aim to improve my work.
  8. Thanks Ben for your great insight. You are right about the clash of chords, I did it on purpose to make it sound more "desperate and dark" like the sound that is creeping around, there are few more points in this song where I used it. But since your reaction showed me it's noticable and it bothered you, I might change it to straight chord after all. You are also right about the melody, I've tried a different approach - used the same chords with a little variation, but changing main part of melody or "theme". This whole thing should lead to the last part and main theme with two cellos. But now you mentioned it, I agree there could be more of it trough song. Anyway, thanks a lot, your insight is well appreciated :).
  9. Hello everyone. I've just finished my new composition, it's inspired by George Martin's Fire&Blood book. Feel free to let me know what you think.
  10. Thank you once again for the great insight :).
  11. Hello everyone, here is my new song, I would love to get some feedback on it. Thanks and happy holidays to everyone :). Seraphus - Icarus
  12. Hello everyone, I have manage to finish Wonderful Moment. I've tried to listen to suggestions and fix everything that needed to be fixed :). In the end I didn't make it to long but I didn't want to loose "the essence" of what I was trying to express....So feel free to give your thoughts about it, as always I would love to hear what you think or how to make it better.
  13. Hi Mark, For some reason I haven't noticed your post earlier.... I'm really glad you like it. Everything you said is valid, though this is only a preview - I wanted to check with other people to see how they react to it and didn't work much on technical side. I will try your technique listening to every instrument for itself and I'm already working on strings to make them more "human" :). And ofcourse, one it's finished I will post it here. Thanks again.
  14. Thanks for you reply. I don't quite understand technical terms since I'm not a pro, but I think I know what you talk about. I was playing piano part live so I will have to snap notes to right positions to make it rhytmically correct. Also you are totally right about strings - I still have to work on dynamics.
  15. Hello, this is something I started to work on, please let me know what do you think of it. Wonderful Moment
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