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    My name is Cristian Gutierrez and I am a Tuba player/aspiring composer here's some details about myself:

    At the ripe age of 13 and between my 7th and 8th grade year, I started playing around with composing music. Starting out small and gradually growing my capabilities. Going from a short flawed trumpet song to the more recent very robust concert band composition Viewable here. My main source of inspiration come from great composers such as John Williams, Gustav Holst, and Frank Ticheli. The software I use to compose music is mainly Finale.

    I have also delve into electronic music as well. As I am very fascinated with Yamaha's VOCALOID technology, I kinda experimented with it a little. Using the Hatsune Miku V3 and Megurine Luka V4 software as well as Studio One to make it all in, I composed 3 pieces using the software(So This is Goodbye, STUDY ON!, and Shitsuren) in a more pop esque format.
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    Student(High School Senior)
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    Composition, Tuba
  • Favorite Composers
    John Williams, Gustav Holst, Frank Ticheli, Mozart, Samuel Hazo, Rossano Galante
  • My Compositional Styles
    Modern/Classical, Film, Pop
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    Finale, Studio One
  • Instruments Played
    Tuba(Principal), Trombone(Fair), Trumpet(Basic), Piano(basic)

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  1. This is an outline for the first of a 3 small movement concert band piece. There's really no info about it, I'm just in the mists of writing this and I want to get feedback and suggestions. Feel free to comment on this! Thank you
  2. Interstellar Horizon for Concert Band is my biggest and most ambitious project yet! It is my first fully completed concert band piece. It is to convey the beauty and danger of interstellar space travel in about 5 different phases.
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