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    When I was very young, my dad was an Elvis Presley impersonator. One day when I was about three, he heard me singing along to one of the songs in the car, and (according to him), I was on key. This prompted him to take me to his next gig to sing a song. This was the beginning of my ventures into music. When I was 10, I learned how to play the guitar and started writing my own songs and recording cheap Audacity demos of them. After writing songs for a few years, I began to be pretty good at writing Rock songs. For high school, I went to an Arts school. In one of my music classes the teacher taught us about a lot of the history of music. This is what turned me on to classical music. I am 19 now, and I have been composing this stuff since I was 14. I have composed soundtracks for Video Games and different animations, as well as my own freelance work.
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    Oshawa Ontario
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    Composing Music, Movies (especially Sci Fi), Books, Video Games and TV
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    Gustav Holst, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Igor Stravinsky, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Richard Wagner, Ludwig Van Beethoven, John Williams, Alan Silvestri
  • My Compositional Styles
    Hints of Post-Romantic with a bit of modernity.
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    I use Cubase for MIDI sequencing, and I use the Kontakt Sound Library for sounds.
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    Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums

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  1. The title screen is an aerial view of an island surrounded by an ocean, so I thought something kind of seafaring sounding was necessary. Thank you very much for your input :)
  2. Right now, I am composing the music for a Zelda style fantasy, puzzle solving adventure game. Here are two of the pieces of music I have churned out so far. I'm not going to reveal the title yet, but I think it's safe now to tease a little bit of the music I'm making.
  3. Thanks. I take that as a compliment, as I really like the work of Bernard Hermann.
  4. Remote - Duet in C#

    Yeah, I agree with Ken320, in that you should have fixed the velocity before you posted this. Every note sounds like it's coming at full force.. Hardly any dynamics. Another qualm I have is your use of dissonance. It sounds like you have put it in all of the places that should have been consonant.. if that makes any sense. Good dissonance is hardly noticeable, but it when it sticks out, it really clashes. I think there is good in this music, but the way you have presented it is not very good in my opinion.
  5. Hello all. One of my good friends had created this short film, involving a guy getting a lightsaber delivered to him in the mail. He asked me if I could compose a soundtrack for his film, to which I immediately agreed. Now, because this is related to Star Wars in many ways, I felt it was necessary to use some of John Williams' themes and motifs. Even so, this soundtrack has some of my own original music too. So, the film itself and my soundtrack are attached in this post.
  6. How to program percussion drums?

    Try not to use them for grooves, but for emphasis. A lot of that kind of percussion is great for adding punch and impact to different parts of a piece.
  7. This suite contains five pieces of music that correspond to one of Kubler-Ross's five stages of grief. I haven't really done any projects before that revolve around a 'theme' or 'concept', so I hope that this turned out good. Anyway, here it is, and I hope some listening enjoyment can be found here.
  8. Thanks a whole lot for your feedback! Yes, I know that I tend to go a little overboard with orchestration/bells and whistles etc. For sure next time I'll give it a more conservative dose.
  9. So, I tried to ground myself with this piece. I would just stick to one melodic idea without running around to much, while still having a varied and busy arrangement. If the main theme of this piece isn't stuck in your head, that means I've failed :P Anyhow, here is "The Bloodstained March".