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    I make music like a lot of people here. I compose for film and video games, and also for the hell of it.
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    Oshawa Ontario
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    Composing Music, Movies (especially Sci Fi), Books, Video Games and TV
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    John Williams, Koji Kondo, Leiber/Stoller, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Igor Stravinsky, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Richard Wagner, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Alan Silvestri, Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Randy Newman
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    I make Rock music, and some Electronic stuff. I can also compose Jazz, ragtime and symphonic music.
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    I use Cubase for MIDI sequencing, and I use the Kontakt Sound Library for sounds.
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    Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums

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  1. JBegley

    Variations on an Original Theme

    Nice! I especially like 2 and 3.
  2. JBegley


    Here is a song I wrote that I recorded recently.
  3. JBegley

    Fire (Fire Fire)

    Sorry for late reply. This was just me. I recorded this by myself.
  4. Great riffs! I think my favourite of the 5 is Escaping The Truth.
  5. JBegley

    Music For 3d Platformer

    Oh. Perhaps I should have clarified it was ''End of Level Stats Music.''
  6. JBegley

    Fire (Fire Fire)

    Thanks! Normally I would produce my Rock music with a drier more in your face sound, but I figured the wet sound heard in a lot of older music would work better for this. I figured something that sounds like it was recorded in the 70s would sell the Bond feel. But perhaps I'll go back into the session and make a drier mix to see if it works. Thank you for your feedback!
  7. JBegley

    A Saturnside Storm

    It's good, but it sounds like there's too much going on in the left hand.
  8. Two friends of mine have been working on a 3d platformer video game. The story involves the adventures of a Robot in a retro-futuristic cartoon world. Since the game visually looks like a futuristic version of the 40s and 50s, the music I made for it is mostly in a jazz, ragtime and big band style. Anyway, here's three tracks I already made.
  9. JBegley

    Scherzo in D minor

    Very nice! Although the grace notes in the left hand can be a bit much at times.
  10. JBegley

    Solus Suite (SATB and String Ensemble)

    Yeah. Maybe it is a little strange. I added it so each of the sections have a different sound, but I guess I could make that smoother.
  11. JBegley

    When do you get melodies?

    If you have a phone or anything on you, make a quick recording of yourself humming one of those ideas. When you get into a habit of documenting spontaneous ideas, you'll have something to refer to and build upon.
  12. I'm new to composing music the traditional way. I normally write music through MIDI sequencing in Cubase. I have done some tests with traditional notation in the past, but I think this score is my smoothest. I didn't know whether to post this in the large ensemble forum or the choral-vocal forum, but I thought it was safest to post it here. This is a suite for SATB and strings that I composed in Musescore. Although I did fly it into Cubase and made a more studio quality version.
  13. JBegley

    Mushroom Grassland Level

    Oh. I meant the syncopation gave the percussion more variety than if it were just a straight beat. I should have said ''syncopation.'' I guess ''variety'' was the wrong word to describe what I was thinking. haha.
  14. JBegley

    Form Up!

    Really cool! The low end sine sweep at 31 seconds sets up the groove coming in really well. And I really like the ostinato that starts popping up at 36 seconds. For not being a synth guy this is pretty solid. Nice job.
  15. JBegley

    Fire (Fire Fire)

    Thanks Hughes! That was exactly the sound I was going for,