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  1. TURN DOWN YOUR VOLUME Working on hooking my Roland LX-15e up to my computer to start recording! Be patient my friends! Also, any advice or thoughts are greatly appreciated!
  2. Thank you for your constructive criticism! I agree with you. I wrote this piece for colleagues at my school, so I was limited to an extent. Literally, ONE trumpet player in the classical department. I imagine fusing the 1st trombone part with the 2nd and adding a brand new 2nd trumpet part. Is the P12 you mentioned between the trumpet and 1st trombone at the end? If so, I believe I can fix that with adding the new trumpet part. I think the reason it may sound stoic is because of the MIDI audio; physically. It could also be the basic chord progressions; mentally. However, with a new trumpet part I can expose hidden melodies lying within the chords. I would like this piece, although it is short, to stand out on it's own. Something like Pomp & Circumstance.
  3. Just uploaded the edited version. Thanks for the help!
  4. The " / " key, right? It breaks the stem of the selected note off of the previous note. I might just change the notation back to 3 sets of 2 8th notes rather then 2 sets of 3 8th notes.
  5. @Samtaylor - Thank you for your feedback! I wrote this for some colleagues and can say that it was an issue for the trumpet player. The trumpeter was only in his 1st year of formal lessons, so that high A was a stretch. However, I have heard experienced trumpet players play in that range like it's nothing.
  6. @Mark101 - Thanks! I should be uploading a recording sometime this week. I can't stand listening to the MIDI butcher it. @Monarcheon - Thanks! I lurked around a little bit on the forums and come to find out that you are definitely a busy reviewer. With that said, I greatly appreciate your attention to detail and your knowledge. I fumbled around with different sequences and patterns with M. 25-27, but I was set on the dissonant resolution. The 6/8 time signature is a good recommendation, however, the only part of the piece I want to convey as 6/8 is the B section ( M.9 - M. 16). I tried using crossed staff notation in M. 22, but this would make the left hand's notes point down.
  7. Approbation - approval; commendation.
  8. Will be uploading an .mp3 of myself performing soon Sorry for the poor audio (TURN THE VOLUME DOWN)
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