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  1. [PAID] game music composer required

    Sounds like a good idea i write a lot of stuff for games so I can easily help you
  2. I wrote this for a small orchestra and its only about 4-5 mins long but I hope you enjoy. For more of my compositions see www.soundcloud.com/joeviola2
  3. The Dance

    I wrote most of this piece about a year ago, but I have arranged it for string quartet and modified it since. The Dance.mid To see more of my music visit www.soundcloud.com/joeviola2
  4. 1 instrument per person

    I don't have musescore 2 but I do have Sibelius 8. I could take VIOLA.
  5. Perhaps we could all work on a piece based on one theme, and we could all write different parts to it?
  6. "He's a Villain"

    Very solemn but dramatic
  7. Hi guys, my sibelius 7 program won't let me export my Sibelius file as an audio. What can I do?
  8. How do I get my music out there?

    Thanks this helps :)
  9. Hi guys Ive been composing since I was small but I've only just got serious about my compositions. I can read music and I use Sibelius 7 to write down my music. I'd really like to show the world my music and collaborate with others over the internet, but I'm not sure how. Any advice?
  10. Dēfîñe yourself passionately

    What is this?
  11. Collaborating On Film/game Music

    I've composed for some games before and I'm an amateur composer who just composes for fun
  12. Collaborating On Film/game Music

    But I don't live in SF Bay Area