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  1. wow, this is amazing. I'm in class right now so I can't listen to the whole thing, but from what I've heard you obviously have a good sense of orchestration. the harmonies are also very nice.
  2. I've recently been working on an orchestra piece, and here is the finished product (first draft, at least). I know some of the transitions could be smoother, and I need to add most of the brass parts still. Any advice? https://musescore.com/randomperson555/stars
  3. Here's a quick challenge-- take a piece you've previously written, or maybe part of a piece you've never finished, that's in 4/4, 2/4, or similar time signature, and change it into a waltz. Make sure it has the same pulse and general feel as a waltz. This really helped me when I was stuck on one of my songs, since I got a new perspective of the piece.
  4. great job. This reminds me of Eric Whitacre. if you got anything less than 100% on this project I would be surprised.
  5. The beginning isn't working for me. The piano is too low. Maybe this is just my opinion, but I think it sounds a little harsh, like a young child walking up to a piano and banging on the keyboard. After getting past the beginning, I really enjoy this piece, especially the runs in 3:20 and then the return to the main theme. Good use of instrumentation. I think that with a few adjustments, like the others have already said, this could become a very good piece.
  6. clarinet (as long as it's in musescore 2, if not I can't)
  7. Instead of arranging a piece for a full band, I tried doing a slightly different style. Inspired by Adrian Quince, I had high woodwinds (oboe), low woodwinds (bassoon), saxophone, high brass (trumpet) and low brass (tuba). The ending still isn't completely final because I still am not sure what to do with it. Any feedback/suggestions? https://musescore.com/user/15379306/scores/3341871 small band piece.mid
  8. Okay, I know I've already posted, but I just got to the second movement, and it's beautiful! I do feel like the end of the second movement is a bit sudden. The third movement is well done, relating to the theme but not too similar. I feel like for such a triumphant beginning, the ending seems to be lacking emotion and excitement. I'm amazed by this piece and by how much thought and emotion you must have put into it. Well done!
  9. Nice job. I like the upbeat feeling you've given it, along with the running sixteenth notes under the melody. I feel like the piano part could be a little more complicate, since it feels more like accompaniment for a trio than a part of it. Overall this is a great piece. I think I would gladly pay for tickets to hear this in a concert. ;)
  10. Very nice. I like the melody and harmonies, as well as the overall feel of the piece. I think more dynamics would be nice. I feel like this is more of background music--something I would listen to while working on something else rather than going to a concert to listen to. Again, great job, it was very beautiful
  11. Overall this is a very well written piece. I like the melody and the variations that you use to keep the listener interested. Like other have mentioned, I would like to see more dynamics. The beginning is a little slow in my opinion, and could use a little more work on keeping the interest of the listener. Other than that, I think this is a great piece with lots of potential.
  12. overall this is a pretty good piece. I like your use of trills and the staccatos at the end. However, in some places it seems kind of as if you were typing random notes into a notation editor. Maybe mix up the rhythm a little? Most pieces of music start with a pattern, and as the piece goes on they adjust and modify the main melody or theme. I sense very little pattern in this piece, except for the note values and articulations. Play around with the melody a little more and make some adjustments, and I think this could end up being a very nice piece.
  13. thanks to people who've commented so far, and thanks for your advice. I know it's been mentioned that dynamics such as ffff are not commonly used. I'm aware of this, and the only reason I actually put the dynamics in was so I could hear which parts had the melody/harmony, etc.
  14. Wow. I don't know why no one else has liked this yet. I like the orchestration/instrumentation. I wouldn't exactly call it a waltz though....
  15. good job! What software/program do you use for the sound? It sounds amazing
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