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  1. Orchestral Tracks

    Ok, guys, thank you all for such a positive and inspiring feedbacks. @Marc O'Callaghan Thank you for pointing out correct names for the strings techniques markings and overall detailed feedback. It was tremolo at first, but I found out that legato is much more suitable. Unfortunately, I forgot to make changes in the score. About the mess with violins at m.25 - I actually thought that it would be hard for violin players to jump from that upper G down to that C on a G string, so I gave that part to 2nd Violins. But I might be just overcomplicating things and such a jump isn't that hard. Creating humorous track was exactly what I was planning when I was creating D 60 - I'm glad that I've managed to do it so you and @Ken320 actually noticed that. And yep, you are right about Hans Zimmer - his tracks inspired me for creating D 55. @Maarten Bauer Thanks for the advice, I will definitely do this. I'm also thinking of taking online courses in Berklee Universty. @LostSamurai I honestly never though that someone will react to my pieces in such a positive way. Thank you for inspiring me for doing more. @Adrian Quince Thank you for advising me a list of composers to listen. I'm listening to their pieces while writing this))). I'm glad you all enjoyed my compositions. Regards, Vova
  2. Orchestral Tracks

    Strange, can not open them either. I've attached scores here. Hope it will work
  3. Hello all, Just want to upload one of my first full orchestra works (I can not come up with idea how to call those pieces so it will be just demos). Not so far ago I realised that I want to become a soundtrack composer, so I started to self educating myself. I really want to know is this any good. Anyway, any kind of comments, feedback or suggestions will be appreciated. Regards, Vova