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  1. Hi, I wrote this piece with an intention of taking just five simple notes (which are the first five notes of the lick by the way) and turn it into a memorable motif. Here is the result: I would appreciate any feedback, not only on the music but on the production part as well (eg. mixing). I'll attach a score on this post, just in case. Finally, there is another piece that I wrote recently and which I published in the "Large Ensemble" section. However, now I feel it might have been more appropriate to post it here. So, if you have time and you haven't seen that piece go check that out as well: https://www.youngcomposers.com/t39092/bloody-mercenaries-feedback-or-thoughts-on-my-piece/. I would appreciate it a lot. Again, I would really love to hear your thoughts!
  2. @sabiansoldier @Gustav Johnson Thanks for your feedback! I just wanted to address those neighbour tones. One of the ideas behind this track was to portray a morally ambiguous or morally gray person, thus the word "mercenaries" in the title. And one of the ways I decided to use to convey this impression was through contrasting minor and major chord tones. The harmony behind the melody B (1:05-1:40 and 2:50-3:25) is actually Am-D5-Am-F5-Am-E. Those power chords are used deliberately, because this way the melody is the only thing that defines if a chord is a major or minor one. And by switching it from major to minor and back I wanted to represent this sense of moral ambiguity. I'll attach an excerpt from Tenor and Bass parts from this composition to make my point clearer But anyway, I appreciate your criticism a lot! Just wanted to present my train of thought behind those chromatic neighbour tones.
  3. Hi, I am a self-taught composer who has been composing for 4,5 years and who has finally decided to show the music to the internet. I would love to get your feedback or any thoughts in general on my new piece called Bloody Mercenaries: 
  4. You see, this is where my lack of proper muscial education comes in. To begin with, I genuinely struggle when it comes to naming my own pieces: even when I have an outlined idea or a plot, like in this case. I decided to go for sonata since, when interpreted literally it "means a piece played as opposed to a cantata (Latin and Italian cantare, "to sing"), a piece sung", according to wikipedea at least. It is obviously not the best way to do any research, but that is what I went for. Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it!
  5. Hi everyone, I've been composing music for 3,5 years, but it was not until recently I decided to start uploading my music to the internet. I've never received any musical education, I had to educate myself. The first piece I decided to upload is the "Sonata for Viola and Orchestra". Please note, that even though it says sonata in the title, I wasn't sticking to any particular composition form. I would appreciate any feedback you can give me on both my orchestration and composition and your thoughts in general. For the story behind the piece, you can check the description of the video attached here. My idea behind this composition was as follows: The motif that represents life gets introduced in the first part of the composition in a major key (0:00-0:56). Then the piece switches to a minor key and a "loss" motif start playing by a solo viola, representing the losses during the war. After the second repetition of the motif (1:00-2:24), the life motif comes back now in a minor key representing that life has changed for the worse (2:24-3:15). The loss motif is then repeated again and the piece concludes on an unstable minor add9 chord to show the uncertainty of the situation (3:15-4:30). The piece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4jGyzvWlmY&lc=z221wrhqgxznjvopt04t1aokgbir4xpajzdb5agsljhlrk0h00410 The score is attached here Edit: Uploaded the piece here as well. For the history behind it, you should still check the link Edit 2: Replaced the previous pdf file with the new one, since I found some mistakes (had incorrect crescendo markings around bars 10-11)
  6. Ok, guys, thank you all for such a positive and inspiring feedbacks. @Marc O'Callaghan Thank you for pointing out correct names for the strings techniques markings and overall detailed feedback. It was tremolo at first, but I found out that legato is much more suitable. Unfortunately, I forgot to make changes in the score. About the mess with violins at m.25 - I actually thought that it would be hard for violin players to jump from that upper G down to that C on a G string, so I gave that part to 2nd Violins. But I might be just overcomplicating things and such a jump isn't that hard. Creating humorous track was exactly what I was planning when I was creating D 60 - I'm glad that I've managed to do it so you and @Ken320 actually noticed that. And yep, you are right about Hans Zimmer - his tracks inspired me for creating D 55. @Maarten Bauer Thanks for the advice, I will definitely do this. I'm also thinking of taking online courses in Berklee Universty. @LostSamurai I honestly never though that someone will react to my pieces in such a positive way. Thank you for inspiring me for doing more. @Adrian Quince Thank you for advising me a list of composers to listen. I'm listening to their pieces while writing this))). I'm glad you all enjoyed my compositions. Regards, Vova
  7. Strange, can not open them either. I've attached scores here. Hope it will work
  8. Hello all, Just want to upload one of my first full orchestra works (I can not come up with idea how to call those pieces so it will be just demos). Not so far ago I realised that I want to become a soundtrack composer, so I started to self educating myself. I really want to know is this any good. Anyway, any kind of comments, feedback or suggestions will be appreciated. Regards, Vova
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