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  1. I am releasing my first Ep of electronic music. Here is one of the seven tracks I produced. I've been working on these tracks for well over a year know and am glad to have finally decided to release them. Here is the third track of the 'Distance Ep' called 'Chanting Machine Guns'.Feedback is very welcome! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZigZ0oBPi0
  2. The classic tune 'Chelsea Bridge' on the piano with electronics.
  3. The chill bossa nova tune 'Once I Loved' with electronic and house sounds:
  4. Hey Ken320, thanks for sharing your thoughts!
  5. Angel Eyes is jazz tune from 1946. This is an piano impro around it with electronica. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLblgcD6uJ4
  6. Hia all, here is an electronic composition I produced. The text of Ernst Bloch, which I used here, explores a utopian world where a focused sense of hearing plays the key role. My music places this vision in a dystopian soundscape. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on it.
  7. Thanks dude! I have had another person say that some of it reminded them of Stravinsky. I wonder why...
  8. I am addicted to it. Plan you essay before you write it.
  9. Another link to the score: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/a56419_4fa50c9c02744e75b780ab739a2b0c4b.pdf
  10. Hi all, this is my orchstral piece. I hope you like it. Feedback is very welcome (Also on the video I made, accompanying the music). Score:
  11. @Willibald Thanks for the feedback! @LostSamurai Yes I posted a youtube link. If it does not work you can find the music by typing (Constant Goddard: Meditations of a weary mind II - Sepia Ensemble )into the youtube search bar.
  12. Here is the second part of the piece I sent a couple of weeks ago. Looking forward to feedback! (Description: I wrote two pieces for piano and a treble instrument around easter as a meditation exercise. The resulting music is what I have titled here as (meditation) I and II. In view of the project with the Sepia Ensemble, I decided to flesh out the music that I developed and arrange it for the instruments, which the ensemble offers. I left the piano and treble part untouched and only elaborated and amplified the fundamental ideas with the help of new instrumental parts.)
  13. Yes I am referring to that concert and The Idealist, the Jester and the Troll is my piece! I think the concert might be sold out though...
  14. I have found that writing string quartets hugely improved my compositional craft. This year I have written a large scale orchestral piece (which will be performed in Vienna in 3 weeks) and my workflow was increadibly fluid. I believe that writing for string quartets as well as for mixed ensembles helped me in attempting to write for larger forces. You can check out my most succesfull string quartet here:
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