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  1. FredericBernard

    Op. 0 No. - 2: "Piano Episode - Inside A Devastated Mind"

    Thanks for your honest criticism! Frankly, it's interesting to see in how much different the piece is appreciated by different people. Reasonably, as the nature of the piece is quite provoking - not to say it's meant to be anything "new" or "original". As for the title; I would (respectfully) disagree, as the composition is still a reflection of my inner thoughts, so could be described as an expressionistic improvisation - rather than a classical etude. Actually I wrote a lot of other piano works before, but just wanted to try out something more technically demanding. Nonetheless it still is just a little, experimental composition, spiced up with a pinch of Liszt-/Rachmaninoff-esque showmanship.
  2. Hey guys, I did some live recordings with the budapest scoring orchestra in 2015, here's my favorite one, "Spaghetti Con Brio", enjoy! : (mix by Greg Townley) They had just around 25 minutes to record that piece but pretty much nailed it (the runs in the middle part are ridiciously hard). Here's another one, I especially enjoyed the strong brass playing: (mix by Greg again, his work was amazing on this one) And then I did another shorter one, but in a moore cartoon style direction: (mixed by John Rodd) This one is the last work I did (new to come!) and is again kinda Disney, but a bit more heroic. Actually especially the first part is inspired quite a lot from John Ottman's Astroboy (fantastic score btw, check it out if you didn't yet). If you'd like to hear more, check out my other works. http://fredericbernardmusic.com/listen/ As I was asked by a lot of people; you can download pdf scores for all compositions here: http://fredericbernardmusic.com/pdf-scorestutorials/ As an introductory offer you can download the Mr. Alice and Spaghetti Con Brio full conductor scores for free (by just clicking on the download button) you name the price for the other two scores, starting at just 1 $. Feedback would be highly appreciated! :)
  3. Hey guys, check out my new piano solo composition: https://soundcloud.com/fredericbernard/op0-no-2-piano-episode-inside-a-devastated-mind A quite special work for me, as it's my first offical release of "serious music", which just covers solely the piano. The work is basically a mix-up of modernistic composition principles, which came up in the early 20th century. I was inspired by Rachmaninoff, George Antheil and Prokofiev, just to name a few further influences. Please enjoy! cheers! Frederic
  4. Hey fellow composer, I'd like to introduce myself; I'm Frederic Bernard a composer and orchestrator from Germany. I've just launched my homepage and finnished the writing on my very first orchestration tutorial. It's all about how to properly apply legato on all the different instruments. It can be downloaded here. ...listening samples (including some of my own live orchestra scores) are of course included, happy reading! :) cheers, Frederic