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  1. This is just wonderful. The progression, suspense, and intensity was a sonic thriller. The jazz to this is beautiful and I really dig I the use of apreggios here. I love nothing more than signature riffs and this piece is as original as they come.
  2. This is just an evolving theme I can't seem to get right, especially towards the end where the timpani comes in. I have just been fooling around with this for a while now and I'm lost haha it's a shame because I was really happy with the rest of it, although I would really like to replace the percussion with more classical style percussion as opposed to the hip hop kick high hat and snare already written.
  3. You should ignore me because a fundamental aspect you and your collective seem to have forgotten is reflection. Because something does not conform to your biases does not mean it is wrong.
  4. Your narrative is to attack others works with the underlying notion that it is riddled with flaws and that the author is not convincing enough to simply mean what he or she has composed? In what sense have you been deemed THE be all end all of theory and composition? You completely deflected my point and retreated general talking points. There is a difference between constructive criticism and destructive criticism. Nevertheless, "Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities. The latter cannot understand it when a mans does not submit to hereditary prejudices, but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence and fulfills his duty to express the results of his thought in clear form." Also being a self proclaimed guitarist, yourself, you should appreciate my work. All of my work is written in guitar on 6's 7's and 8 strings. You should know by the sheet music, which I doubt you've even looked at. Shall I put the tabliture up to test your skill-set?
  5. Im glad you all have some energy because it's more than I can say for your works. "Oh dear Harry, how wonderful was that movement?" Quite wonderful indeed," cheers, cheers." Eat a fat Richard
  6. The pseudo intellectualism here is astounding. Step outside of the norm for once. There's a lot of boring works on this forum, not going to lie. And if it can be improved in so many ways, you're entitled to do so. There seems to be a sense of supreme ideology here with little thought to the creator and the approach. @Ken320"Excuse me isn't that for us to write"? So you're saying that an artist can't love their work and be happy and enthusiastic with their own art? How dare you all. I'll challenge all of you to write an original piece, freestyle and not bound to any rule which you believe is absolute. Engage your creative mind and show me what you've got. And @Ken320 if you read my description I mentioned the velocity of the notes that will be changed to resemble real playing ability. And @LostSamurai I'm far from insecure about my work and creative ability. You dudes and dudettes need to stop hating. Dynamics are secondary to composition.
  7. We'll agree to disagree but what I've written is sonically sound. I see you have no works posted and are simply a commentator. You should try creative writing some time. Hope this helps.
  8. @Monarcheon that's quite the cliche response I was expecting from someone like yourself. I'm sorry it's not quite to your liking or adheres to so many rules as you would have liked but every note was intended as was every chord. If you can kindly provide me with an example of this cliched driving section, you mentioned I will consider your criticism. As I mentioned it was intended for two instruments. There are two pieces of sheet music in the attachment.
  9. @AgentAbacus thank you for having a listen. Yes, the rhythm is definitely driving in this particular piece and I think you will find this in all of my works. I'm a huge fan of the progressive styles of music that approach chord progressions and leads in general with rhythm in mind. This piece was actually on two pianos and after listening to your works, they've shed light on some possibilities for me to explore as far as interplay goes. And I'll keep your comments in mind, thank you for your feedback!
  10. You're pieces are very mathy, which is pleasant to me. I love the intricacies and how well the piano and cello play off of one another. Thematically, these pieces are particularly dark but playful. Your writing certainly has a some mystic. Very impressive work.
  11. This piece was originally written on my 6 string guitar in C#. I managed to get a nice sound out of the grand piano in Reason. I am still working on fixing the velocity to give the piano a more realistic and human feel. I love this though, it's fast, energetic, innovative and really a breath of fresh air to write.
  12. This is a piece I would really like to transpose with more strings and entire orchestra..but for now it remains written for 7 string guitars in B flat. Sheet music for each individual instrument is unfortunately in each single pdf. Sorry. Also, please forgive the midi sound haha. Feedback is much appreciated!Mark My Face.mp3
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