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  1. Hello, I would like to share with you a short piece I composed about the train stations in my country. The first measure right hand is the melody used in the station to alert people that a train is arriving, so that's why it's about a train station I would aprecciate very much your feedback, dont stick too much with the "train station" theme, it's just to give a title to the music!
  2. Its very repetitive, and some parts are a little bad organized. But I like the harmonic construction
  3. Great technic, but I think the piece itself lacks from emotion and melodic lines. Its just arpeggios and random (?) harmonic progressions. But still very nice work, I think its missing somthing to be a enormous work!
  4. Actually measures 14-17 make sense to me as a transition moment to initiate the measure 18, but measure 13 just seems as not the best way to be written. Im not a pro in fact, Im just giving my opinion as a listener!
  5. Hello, This is my lattest piano work, composed in january. I wanted write an animated piece, inspired by popular music of Portugal, so it is very tonal probably one of the most tonal pieces I made. I would apreciate very much your feedback and I apologise for the lack of dynamics Thank you!
  6. Hello, First of all, this is indeed a very good work. Very deep melody, a well constructed harmonic progression. But I have to say that sometimes the music loses some clarity. I dont know if it was on purpose, so I would like to hear from you. I give you an example: measures 10-11 vs. 13 Best regards!
  7. This music genre is not my strong but I liked very much what I heard. The only not so good thing I have to say is that I can't relate to spring, probably it's just me, but I had to say it. I imagine spring as something more linear and filled with sound, and this music is very "broken" with a lot of stacatto, but its a matter of subjectivity. I really liked a lot, It reminds me of Shostakovich! Good work!
  8. Imagine that your favorite piece is a quartet/quintet, you can't conduct that!
  9. 1. Schubert 9th 2.Beethoven 7th 3.Beethoven 9th 4.Berwald 3rd 5.Beethoven 3rd 6.Beethoven 5th 7.Beethoven piano concerto 5 I would pay to conduct one of those
  10. I have listen over and over again my own piece and I dont really find any problem with those measures 23 and the recap. I'm going to try to explain to you why (Im not fluent in english). Measure 23 can't be a dominant function chord because I dont want a "easy" transition to the 24+ measures. About the recap, my works are inspired on mozart/beethoven classicism where the recaps where oftenly used, not only because they wanted to express something in particular, but mostly to create a structure that allows the music to travel to another place. That's what I wanted to do. Its a way to make me able to create a structured short duration music, and to me it sounds ok. I know I have to make music according to the listeners, but if I dont like it in the first place, what's the point? I never had composing classes so your professional criticism is very important to me, I may not change this particular piece but now I will take more care doing recaps and transitions. Best regards!
  11. I understand what you are saying, but I cant agree on you because of two aspects. First of all, it didn't bother me at all when I first listen it because it was really the way I wanted to sound. Secondly, the anxiety title does not refer entirely to the more animated middle section, but to the harmonic variations and extremelly anoying repetitions on different octaves like the final bars. That recap is just a musical technical I use to write my pieces with short duration, so It does not influentiates that much the anxiety theme.
  12. I have never thought about that! The fact that the recap is calm was suposedly to make a contrast with the acrobatic stuf before, but maybe I didn't express that contrast as I wanted to. I would not use arpeggio either because then I would have to rewrite 35 and 36 bar which I dont want to because they are supposed to be like that to create a more "classical" effect! I will certainly look at those bars and try to find an alternative! Thank you for your opinion! Best regards!
  13. You are right the 23 to 24 is a little too much, but I dont want to use G7 because it would be too classic, I will have to find another transition chord. The 24 compass is not playable because this music was not to be played. When I composed this piece I wasn´t expecting for someone to play because Im not a professional composer I didn't have composing classes either, so it was just a musical experiment. If someone ever wants to played it I will rearrange that part! Thank you a lot for your feedback, Best regards!
  14. Im sorry for the dynamics and the articulation. I have a very low quality writing program and if I write dynamics or articulations the midi file will decrease its quality and therefore a awfull create a even lower quality mp3. In my next piano works I will try to add dynamics! Thanks for your feedback!
  15. Actually I think the octaves at some point were exagerated, but good rhythm construction. I dont feel the melody travelling as much I think it should be but some chord progressions were very good, specially that part when the octaves stop. Good job and continue composing!
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